Bitcoins Mining - so geht's - CHIP

Could a Dell PowerEdge 1850 Server Advanced rack do any sort of mining? /r/Bitcoin

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A short clip of one of my server racks of 10 rigs, 4 gpu's each mining bitcoins. Been running this for almost 2 years now!

A short clip of one of my server racks of 10 rigs, 4 gpu's each mining bitcoins. Been running this for almost 2 years now! submitted by Internet151 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Personal use rack space options?

Are there any decently priced options for me if i wanted to rent a 1u space at any particular data center? I really just want to be able to access my server without my kids messing with it/wife unplugging it accidentally anymore. Cant find much online regarding this but i have a feeling my terminology isn't up to speed to yield any decent results. Thanks ahead of time!
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Walmart Bait & switch

Walmart is selling this case:
The model number however is for the cpu fan that they shipped me. They're claiming it's Rosewill and sent me over to them. Still trying to get my case though. The ad is still up listing a case, so YMMV.
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We're springing into a new season, and with it, a chance to be made a millionaire! Comment to enter! [Drawing Thread #40]

March onwards!

Updates (all of which are edited in):
These retrievals will start at 3:45 UTC, 4:00 UTC, and 4:30 UTC respectively.
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In Case You Missed It:
What is this, anyway?
Three years ago, a Redditor posted an idea in /Showerthoughts that speculated the fact, if a million people picked a certain Redditor and all donated just $1, they would have the power to make someone a millionaire.
This subreddit is an embodiment of that showerthought, and the monthly drawings are the attempts to make it happen.
We need your help to keep this running, which amounts to only $1 a month to make someone's day. In the long term, that’s $120 every decade, which is much more affordable than other expenses. How does it work? Below, you will find an explanation on entering, rules to keep in mind, the selection, and other important things to note.
How to enter:
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Important Rules:
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  • Your account must be older than 30 days with some amount of activity. Throwaway accounts with very minimal activity will also not be eligible. This is to prevent multiple entries from the same person.
How will the winner be picked and how can you donate?
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  • Method's TL;DR: Your number is assigned by sorting the comments by old, resulting in the first commenter being 1. The list of comments will be publicly released for the community to verify per their own accord. The subreddit then waits for a randomly generated block (a string of numbers) from Bitcoin's blockchain, after a preselected date and time, and calculates the winner using a formula described in the posts mentioned above.
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  • The Draw is held at 16:00 UTC the Sunday after comments have been downloaded, unless stated otherwise. Using the Bitcoin blockchain, the third block yet to be mined will be used to select a winner.
  • The user who created the winning comment will be informed of their luck and will provide any information necessary for their chosen payment methods (mods will help set this up if needed).
  • The generous Reddit community donates to this lucky person, hopefully making some worthy soul a millionaire! A donation table will be stickied to the winner’s post, giving users the freedom in how they donate.
  • The lucky Redditor follows up with a thank you within the next days, revealing to the community exactly how much was raised and thanking their generosity.
  • Take the time you have available now to setup your PayPal, Square Cash, and Google Wallet account, and/or cryptocurrency wallets. (Note: Some services may not be available depending on where you reside.)
  • To buy any cryptocurrencies, you may use Coinbase for purchases using your bank account.
  • To store cryptocurrencies, there are many accessible wallets, and if you win, you will be guided on which ones to download. For Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, it’s recommended to use the Electrum and Electron Cash wallet for Mac, Linux, and PC.
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Remember, this is about generosity, making history, and coming together to make someone's life better. It takes three minutes to donate a bit to the winner, whether you're well off and want to donate a couple bucks, or going through tough times and can only donate a few pennies. Every cent counts.
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If a lone $1 can get you seeds (I'm running out of ideas), imagine the possibilities with $1,000,000. You can rake, bake, or skate freely (there aren't many stand-out features in March)!
One million dollars can help give relief to some debts. Spread the word: have your friends and family comment, post the link to your friendly-neighborhood social media network, and share it to anyone interested.
Let's spring up/grow a millionaire!
Pollen has fallen.
Here comes a sneeze and a wheeze.
The winner's calling.
Edits are for reclarification and updates.
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Server chassis for a gaming rig?

Does anyone know of a server chassis that is 4u and can take regular hardware (including 2.5in drives)? I really want to take my current pc and put it into a server chassis that I can rack mount with my other gear.
Everything I’m finding is either meant for bitcoin mining (no hdd mounts) or only has mounts for full size 3.5in hdds.
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Electroneum Blockchain Upgrade FAQ

Q: What is a Moderated Blockchain?
A: Electroneum’s new Moderated Blockchain (a type of permissioned blockchain that is at the qualitative level of IBM’s Hyperledger or Facebook’s announced Libra open ledger network) that has been uniquely and cleverly developed to provide Electroneum with a minimal but sufficient level of interference. This will allow the highly skilled engineering staff to supervise the distributed ledger which is maintained by a list of trusted validators. And this allows the tech team to detect anomalies or irregularities that could come from hackers attempting to breach our security, and immediately stop them preventing a double-spend or 51% attack. Because Electroneum controls the list of trusted validators, this empowers them to guarantee, and that is similar to IBM’s hyper ledger or that of Facebook’s Libra blockchain.
Q: Why did you move to a Moderated Blockchain?
A: To improve the functionality of Electroneum at the exchanges, allowing them to confirm deposit transactions faster and to protect the network from 51% attacks, and also Electroneum can decide to where the block rewards are rerouted ensuring that they are used to help improve the lives of the poorer in underdeveloped countries.
Q: What is the role of blockchain in a permissioned network?
A: It is essentially an immutable history of financial transactions. Electroneum’s Moderated Blockchain, which is a type of permissioned blockchain, unlike other decentralised cryptocurrency networks, can guarantee a tamper-proof system of transactional records.
Q: What motivation would someone have to trade on a permissioned blockchain when their transaction could get rolled back, or worse still, never get confirmed?
A: With Electroneum’s new Moderated Blockchain reorganisations can still occur but never will an irregular transaction actually be fully confirmed and then overwritten.
Q: Is there any risk of manipulation with a moderated blockchain?
A: There is a risk of manipulation if an authenticator key is leaked. However, the extent would be negligible and therefore not affect users, exchanges or miners. We developed a system to closely monitor the behaviour of both the network and miners to ensure any foul play is immediately crushed.
Q: How is Electroneum’s Moderated Blockchain different to other decentralised blockchains?
A: We have the authority to decide who mines the blocks and therefore, we can increase the likelihood that they are trusted validators.
Q: Why doesn’t Electroneum move to a fully centralised blockchain?
A: Our unique and cleverly created Moderated Blockchain is meant to have minimal interference to remove the risks and add protection whilst remaining decentralised to the point wherein the unlikely event that a meteor was to wipe out all of the Electroneum staff out of the face of the Earth by a meteor, ETN would not cease to exist. This because those nodes currently mining our blockchain or anybody else for that fact could swap out the codes and fork the network to take over control and guarantee the permanence of the cryptocurrency thus shielding our users from losses.
Q: What is Proof of Responsibility or PoR?
A: Proof of Responsibility, or PoR for short, is a new mining paradigm which obligates the miners to two primary responsibilities which are: 1) Maintain the integrity of the payment network, and 2) Spend the block rewards they receive responsibly to help poor people in line with Electroneum’s humanitarian agenda.
Q: How does PoR compare to PoW or Proof of Work?
A: PoR saves a lot of time and energy compared to PoW because instead of working with block validators overtime to prove or not that they’re reliable miners, we save time and potential adverse issues by hand-picking the miners ourselves.
Q: What is a 51% attack?
A: It is when someone takes over 50% control of the hashing power of a cryptocurrency. Hackers usually use this to benefit themselves with double spends, which is a hard loss for the exchanges as well as users in many cases.
Q: What IS an example of a 51% attack?
A: You may know 51% attacks better from both Bitcoin Cash in 2018 and Ethereum Classic in 2019, where hackers acquired more than 50 percent of the hashing power on those networks and getting away with a significant loot.
Q: What is hashing power?
A: This is the rate with which the mining rigs solve mathematical problems.
Q: Why doesn’t Electroneum require large amounts of hashing power anymore?
A: The Electroneum network difficulty automatically adjusts to maintain the target block time of two minutes. Regardless of the magnitude of the hashing power in Electroneum’s network will be kept to a two-minute target block time.
Q: Is Electroneum now insusceptible to a 51% attack?
A: We’re no longer susceptible to a 51% attack – making us one of the most secure blockchains in existence today.
Q: What if someone hack one authenticated miner?
A: In the unlikely event that hackers were to succeed in breaching the security of an authenticated miner, the authentication key of that miner would not be accessible to the hacker in itself because of the unique way our blockchain team has come up to shield it from being discovered. The hacker, therefore, would not be able to affect the network because they would be unable to mine sequential blocks. And because of the uniqueness of the Moderated Blockchain, our moderating network layer would immediately detect the breach and rescind the rights of that miner.
Q: What if two or more hacks?
A: If one hack is highly unlikely due to two security breaches being necessary, two hacks are exponentially harder to achieve. But if it were to happen, the keys they may have stolen limit the hash rate of the miner. This means that if somebody were to take the code and run it on the highest-powered mining machine, it would still produce the same hash rate as it would in the lowest powered mining rig making it impossible for them to control over 50% of the network’s hash rate because of the way our Moderated Blockchain is set up. This also ensures the NGOs can run an Electroneum mining node on hardware with which their tech teams are familiar.
Q: How do you judge how responsible the miners are?
A: We look at how many blocks they are mining compared to how many blocks they are expected to mine going by the hashing power allotted to them.
Q: What happens after a mining node has been shut off?
A: Simply, it stops mining and needs to be restarted and then retype or re-enter the authentication key.
Q: Who are the miners?
A: We have chosen vocational NGOs as trusted mining partners who are also trustworthy organisations. We have done due diligence to ensure they are transparent, honest, and aligned with our vision to work within the developing world. We have made sure that they also want to accompany us in our goal to expand our Gig Fair project, which is aimed at helping provide people in the poorest regions of the world with an income opportunity and the opportunity to attain skills and means to generate an income that will empower them to live better. The NGOs that we’ve selected are trusted brands that have proven track records in helping people. Cryptocurrency is at its early stages and is met with skepticism by many people and entities around the world as well as in the developing world. So, our mission is to educate these NGOs about cryptocurrency so that they can, in turn, convey the message of the benefits of crypto, particularly ETN, to people in the developing world and make them feel more confident to use crypto, which ultimately will help spur crypto’s mass adoption.
Q: Why are these NGOs anonymous (initially)?
A: Because they themselves have decided to remain anonymous over concerns of how cryptocurrency could reflect on their organisations.
Q: What do NGOs do for the project?
A: They validate the blocks and rewarded for this and take the proceeds to help people?
Q: Where are the NGO’s and Charities located?
A: For now, locations of the NGOs are being kept undisclosed for security reasons until they themselves decide they if they want to make public that information.
Q: Five million ETN or about $22,500 at the then valuation was paid out daily before. How much is being paid out now?
A: Because the block rewards have been reduced by a whopping 75% creating scarcity which is a good thing to extend longevity, currently just over 1.2 million ETN or about $5,300 is being paid out in block rewards.
Q: Can we see who is mining and how much they are mining?
A: The block rewards will still be visible on the blockchain explorer and those with sufficient technical knowledge will be able to see the different miners signing blocks with different mining keys. But Electroneum is not forcing the NGOs to reveal their identities because they are still going through a learning curve and when they understand crypto and experience the benefits first-hand, they will more than likely reveal themselves.
Q: Where are their mining rigs stored?
A: We have suggested that mining rigs be run in the cloud to ensure uptime; however, ultimately, it is up to the NGOs themselves decide where their equipment is hosted. It is essential to point out that we have reduced energy and hash rates by a millionfold as such a standard rack-mounted server that you would find in any business today is sufficient to run an Electroneum mining node.
Q: Who setup their mining rigs?
A: At this stage, all mining rigs have been set up by the Electroneum team as this is the first foray for NGOs into the cryptocurrency mining space.
Q: Who is managing their mining rigs?
A: The mining rigs are self-sufficient and need very little if any, technical support, however, a moderator layer monitors the new Moderated Blockchain to ensure the mining rigs are online and benefit the network. If we were to detect a mining rig going offline, we would inform the NGO and provide assistance where required.
Q: How will NGOs use their ETN (from mining blocks)?
A: The NGOs, initially, almost certainly convert the ETN to USD or other currencies because they have always used fiat to deliver their donations and assistance because that is what they are used to doing. Once they see the benefits and value of ETN they may start using it on the ground to amongst the people they help. We have deliberately targeted NGOs that are in regions that were we are imminent to enable airtime top-ups directly with ETN from within the Electroneum mobile app.
Q: How will this initiative affect corporate partnerships moving forward?
A: Because the network is more secure, Electroneum as a platform will be more attractive as a platform in the eyes of potential partners.
Q: How will it help to grow our on-the-ground initiatives?
A: The NGO’s we’re working with will be in the regions we’re targeting on the ground. So, this will be contributing to the eco-system, the NGO’s will be able to spend their ETN on education through the Gig Economy too.
Q: Can new NGOs apply to mine?
A: I If you know or are an NGO that focuses on vocational training and education, and that it is within the developing world, then we would love to hear from you via our community forum.
Q: How will the 75% reduction in the block reward benefit the community?
A: Reducing the block rewards means ETN ‘s expands the longevity of the coin by making ETN scarcer and thus lengthening the duration of the emission of coins.
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In a world where technology rules with an iron fist, a group of rebels use phone apps to cast spells and weave enchantments into megaphones, motorcycles, and electric guitars. Magepunk is the future.

Cyber punk by way of the council of elrond. I really don't think this one came out great. It's...okay. I would probably skip it unless you really want to see lord of the rings re-imagined as cyberpunk.
Art banged on the door and pulled his hood up against the rain and spysats.”Lomir,” he whispered. The concealment spell spread out around them to infect every digital eye in a block. It would only last a minute; the enemy was stronger than ever, but it should be enough.
He spoke to the man next to him. “Okay Fred, everything is going to be okay now. These are the best magi in the world, if anybody can help us it’s them.”
The man next to him huddled in his coat. They both had brown hair, but where Art was tall, broad, and lean, with grey eyes, fitting for an ex-Army ranger, Fred was short with brown eyes and shaggy hair.
A thin woman with long dark hair opened the door a crack. “Were you followed?” she hissed.
Art shook his head. “No, I took precautions El. I’ve got a concealment spell up but I think they know we’re in the area.” His eyes went wide as he felt some of the cameras start to come back online. “Shit. I think the Eye is looking for us. The spell is failing. Let us in!”
El jerked the door open and waved them in before slamming it shut. She snapped off a single hair from her head and wrapped the doorknob, and whispered “findele.” The hair dissolved in to a mass of nanites that set about reinforcing the door.
El turned back around to face them. She was pretty but could have been any age from a rough 25 to a well preserved 50. “That should hold them for a while. With any luck they’ll just think it was a random outage.” She examined Fred. “So. You’re supposed to save us all.”
Fred shuffled his feet. “I guess. I don’t really understand everything, but Art found me. Said I needed to take this to Oculus headquarters to destroy it.” Fred pulled a ring out of his pocket and held it up.
El stared. She started to reach out to examine it but caught herself in time and pulled back. “ just hold on to that.” She brushed past them to move down the hall. “Come on, you’re the last ones to arrive. We have a war council to attend.”
She led them down a dark hallway. “Cala.” The old LED lights along the hallway glowed gently to life, still good after all these years. They came out in a large room, lined with monitors and humming server racks, with a large table in the center. There were 4 other people already sitting around it.
“Okay, so this is everyone. That’s Legs,” she pointed to a tall lanky blonde man, who nodded, “Grim,” a shorter man, about Freds height, with a bushy beard, wearing a lot of leather, “Barry,” he was a bit shorter than Art but had the same coloring, “And Gramps,” and old man with a scraggly beard, holding a staff, he was wearing grey robes.
“I told you my name is Linus,” he snapped.
“And I told you that we aren’t using our real names. This council is warded and air gapped but we can’t take chances. Gramps.”
He grumbled and crossed his arms.
El gestured to the table. “Go ahead and take a seat. Coffee?” Everyone nodded. “Tulu yullas,” she said in a clear voice. Fred could hear a coffee maker hum to life and saw a small drone zip over to it with a tray. “Coffee should be around shortly, everyone. Now, Gramps,” she smirked as she said it, “I think it would be best if you told us what you found.”
Gramps grumbled and stood up. “Very well. It started a month ago when I went to meet with one of my contacts, Sarah. Known her for years. I wanted to discuss recent movements Oculus has been making. Buying up opposition, squashing dissident stories. They haven’t put out a new product in years, ever since Google crushed them in the AR wars, but there was rumbling that something big was going to happen soon. Sarah said she had information on it.”
Gramps took a cup of coffee from the drone and took a sip. “She was at least telling the truth about that. I told her that the ring,” he nodded to Fred, “had turned up again like a bad penny and was making its way around the world. She seemed pretty shocked by that, and insisted that we secure it. We quarrelled over it, I wanted it to be destroyed, she said I was being a fool. I said that with this we could destroy oculus forever, but she just wanted the power.”
Gramps sighed. “I trusted her, so I didn’t have any firewalls up. She finally told me that she had joined forces with Oculus, and wanted to know if I would join her. I laughed in her face. That’s when she triggered her binding. Burnt out almost everything I had on me all at once, including my phone,” he threw a burnt piece of plastic on the table, “supposed to be military grade but the battery blew out immediately. Blew out my ID, my rings, everything. Then she triggered another app, the walls of a cage shot up around me. I was stuck and she knew it. She told me I would have plenty of time to think about it and left.”
Gramps grinned. “But all her fancy apps failed to account for my walking stick here.” He picked it up. “Had a backup ID and com ring deep in a secret compartment, wrapped in a faraday cage. Took me a while to get it wired up to the aether, but once I did, I was able to make contact with a friend of mine, he was able to get me out. Came here soon as I was able.”
Fred raised his hand. El smiled at that. “You don’t have to do that here, Fred. You have a question?”
Fred nodded. “But what’s so special about this ring, anyway? It’s just a ring.”
El shook her head. “Unfortunately, it’s not just a ring. It’s a biometric lock that gives you access to all of their bitcoin deposits. It has the original passcode that all of their accounting was based on. If you were to take that to their headquarters, you would have complete control over their company. You could do whatever you wanted with it, burn it to the ground, control it, sell it, anything. And there’s nothing they could do to stop you. They will do literally anything to get a hold of it.”
“But why me?”
“That’s an incredible coincidence. According to my scrying, well, you remember your Uncle Bill?” Fred nodded. “He was their CFO since the beginning. Crypto wasn’t as popular then and people were still worried about security, so he went to the main server of the company and had it create a ring. That ring. It contains the password to give you access to all of their crypto accounts, and you can only access it if you have the right biohash. His biohash, as it turns out. And you happen - by some one in a billion chance - to share the right markers with him. Given enough time, any of us in this room could fake it. But you can just use it outright.” El nodded to Gramps. “Thank you, Gramps, please take a seat. Barry, I believe you were next?”
Barry stood up and nodded to Art. “Some of you I’ve met before, some I haven’t, but I’m Barry. Me and my brother Frank, we’re heirs to one of the Google fortunes. And we’ve been digging.”
“I remember the technomage wars, a lot of us do, and I know that the official history is that the remnants of the Fang alliance - after Facebook was crushed - was able to defeat oculus and kill their chance at recovery, but I’m here to tell you that just isn’t true. It was largely a draw, until Oculus just withdrew. They stopped fighting everywhere, ended all their rituals, and went back in to research and development mode. And look around you. They might have officially ‘lost,’ but Oculus still makes the best haptics around. That’s why they are still the most popular, even years after they stopped producing anything new.”
“My brother, Frank, he’s the oldest, so he gets a chance to play with the newest technology. He showed me this new piece that lets you hack in your dreams. You know how fast dream time is, well, the response time on this lets you pass through firewalls like they aren’t even there. So, one night, he took me scrying with him. We decided to go for oculus headquarters. We thought they were dead. We were wrong.”
“It was six of us. Frank was having a party and everyone wanted to try out the newest scrying method, so we went under and followed him over the aether into the oculus servers. Like I said, we thought they were dead, but what we saw there...massive databases chugging away, servers running at peak capacity, security like nothing I’ve ever seen. We had to hide from bot patrols every five minutes. I wanted to leave but Frank wanted to keep looking, so we went deeper in to the racks. That was a mistake.”
“They shouldn’t have been able to find us, but, well, someone was dropping packets. One of the bots was able to spot his tracks and start running us down. Frank heard the alarm going off before any of us. He told us to run, to get back to the party. We did, but not everyone made it.”
Barry slumped forward. “Frank and I, we’re the best. We’ve been hacking since we were old enough to punch a keyboard. We made it out. But the rest of them weren’t so lucky. The bots caught them, and...this is the part I don’t understand, they killed them. Not in the aether, in the real. Every other person in our party had seizures and died right there. We knew right then that we had to do something. Once I heard that the ring was back in play, well, I knew I needed to come here and talk it out with El. Frank stayed behind. He’s fighting them every night in his dreams, trying to slow down whatever they’re doing, but he needs help. We all do.” Barry sat down heavily and stared at his coffee. “You got any whiskey for this?”
Grim grunted and pulled a flask out of his vest. “Take it, lad.” He slid it across the table. Barry raised it back to Grim in a toast, then uncapped it and filled up his coffee cup with it.
Grim stood up. “Might as well go next. Go by Grim.” He had a scottish accent. “I’m not famous like some of ye, but I’m one of the best damn app programmers in the world. Runs in the family. My father, he wrote the very first micropayment app. We have a reputation. You need something new built? You come to the Grim family. We can build anything.”
“So we weren’t all that surprised when a representative from Oculus came by a few weeks ago. Really slimy shite, hands like he’d never woven a script in his life. He said he wanted something new. Something like the world had never seen. He said he couldn’t offer us the details until we signed, but he promised to make it worth our while. And then, he pulled out a ring, like that one,” he nodded to Fred, who shoved the hand inside his pocket, “and told us that it was a biometric lock, keyed to one of the outstanding Oculus crypto fortunes. The exact numbers had been lost, but it was worth a fortune. And they would key it to us, as long as we agreed to work with them.”
“Well, my father thanked him for his time and told him we would be in touch, and then showed him the door. He told me ‘Laddie, I don’t care what they wanted us to build, that price was too much.’ We sat up late that night, drinking whiskey, and we couldn’t figure out what they might want so badly. Or for that matter, how in the world oculus had that much money to throw at us. It was wrong. And then we talked about the Fang war, when huge swaths of people could be cut off at a moment's notice as the aether buckled under the traffic. He told me ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen, lad, but it’s bad. I can feel it in me bones.’ He said he knew you, El, from way back, said you would have some insight as to what’s going on. I can tell you, after hearing all these stories, I’m starting to think my da was right.” Grim sat back down. Everyone looked at Legs. He lifted his eyebrows. “Oh, me?” He had an english accent. He smiled at Grim. “I think his father’s correct. And there’s no way I’m going to let my man go into that kind of danger alone.”
Grim blushed. “No need to bring up our personal life, Legs. I’m happy to have you along.” Legs leaned over and ruffled his hair. Grim tried to sink into the chair.
El smiled. “I can respect that, Legs. I believe that with this new information, I finally understand what is going on there.” She stood. “Barry was correct when he said that Oculus chose to lose the Fang war. I believe, after hearing your stories, I know why. What I know for sure is that on the day the turned inward, their head of engineering died. He was trying out a new haptic protocol. His death sounds very much like what your friends experienced, Barry. They have been snapping up all the best magi in the world, which is obviously why they came for you Gramps, and you, Grim. They are weaving something dark in there. Let me show you something.” She raised her voice. “Tul!”
A wheeled cage came rolling in on it’s own. Inside was a man that was all skin and bones. He flinched from the light and cowered in his cage.
El sighed. “This...WAS...Gary. He was an associate of mine, but he was doing something very similar to your friends, Barry. He was trying out a new haptic that gave him unprecedented response time, because it operated on a different part of the brain. He was using it just like you, to explore the oculus servers. But maybe because they didn’t perceive him as a threat, they didn’t kill him. They enslaved him. When we took off the haptics, he started attacking everyone. It took eight of us to seal him in this cage. His mind is gone. I’ve communed with him, I’ve dived deep into his mind, but it’s gone. The only desire left is to kill for oculus. Make no mistake, if I were to let him out of this cage he would do his best to kill all of us. Vanya.” The cage rolled back into the shadows.
“I believe this is what they are working towards. This is why their security is so tight, why their servers run day and night creating terrible engines, why the corrupted Sarah. Their plan is to deploy this evil thing to every Oculus haptic out there and create an army of slaves. They will take over the world without firing a shot. The only good news is that since they are still recruiting, they have not completed the project. We still have time to bring them down. With that ring, Fred, we can go to the center of their headquarters, and destroy all their power. We can transfer away all of their savings and leave them with nothing, and they will collapse.” She turned her gaze to the rest of the table. “But he cannot go alone. Who will go with him?”
Art was the first one to stand. “I’m just a grunt, but,” he pulled out the monomolecular blade on his back, “you have my sword.”
Barry stood up. “And my code.”
Grim stood up and pounded his fist on the table. “And my apps!”
Legs and Gramps also nodded. El smiled. “Good. Then we have a fellowship.”
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Computer Cases for 6+ GPUs?

Planning a new fan-cooled 3D rendering workstation. I liked Entagma's build, but its already outdated with the new AMDs coming out in November with 128 PCIe lanes (PCIE 4.0). So ideally, the build can have the option to expand beyond 4 gpus using riser cards to split x16 pci slots into 2 pci x8... potentially 6-10 gpu's.
Most cases can only handle 4 double-wide GPUs (rtx 2070). Are the bitcoin mining cases ok for 3D Rendering and fan cooling? I've seen a brand called Hydra III that looks promising. I don't want to buy a huge bulky rack just to use a rackmount style case. Or do you recommend another case?
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I tried to mine some Bitcoins and I think I might have unglued the fabric of the universe.

A little help?
I’m a research assistant working at a science facility in China. We’ve got one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. We had to power it down a few months back to do some upgrades, and we’ve got a skeleton crew until it’s all done. Last night, my friend Chen and I were the only ones on the overnight shift. The majority of the hardware was up and running and we were supposed to be stress testing the nodes.
We had software we were required to run, but I had the bright idea to mine Bitcoins to test it instead. God knows those calculations can stress your hardware.
It didn’t take much convincing to get Chen on board with the idea. If we could make a little extra money on the side from our endeavor, it was that much better. Besides, we could run the regular software after.
Chen downloaded the blockchain, installed everything, and we started processing. Lo and behold, BTC fractions started rolling in. It was way faster than either of us had expected. After an hour, we’d made a couple hundred USD. This supercomputer is something else. Adiabatic quantum emulation, baby. Not quite full QC, but close enough where it matters. When the upgrades go public, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
All that said...I think we fucked something up.
We were well on our way to our first thousand USD when Chen noticed one of the temperature gauges on a series of node clusters had reached a critical level. Now, each node is set to shut down automatically if anything is running in a manner that might damage the hardware. When stress testing, it’s expected that temperatures will get high enough to cause warnings.
The weird thing was, the warning wasn’t because the temperature was too high. It was too low.
We both looked at the screen with a good deal of confusion. All the nodes were pegging near their maximum temperatures except a cluster in the very rear corner of the football-field-sized room.
“Are those nodes on?” I asked Chen.
He nodded. “Yeah, they’re doing just as much work as all the other ones. They should be hot.”
“Maybe the gauges are fucked?”
“Maybe. I’ll go take a look.”
Chen grabbed a walkie-talkie and started the long walk from the office to the far-end of the supercomputer room.
I watched the screen readouts with interest. The temperature in that area kept dropping. Another few degrees and the nodes would power down.
“It’s fuckin freezing in here,” Chen complained over the walkie-talkie.
“You worked in a datacenter for six years, retard,” I replied. “You know it’s supposed to be cold.”
“I know, dick. But this is different. Like I think something’s really wrong. There’s frost on the floor.”
I took another look at the readouts. Despite the supercomputer operating at 99.997% capacity, all the temperature gauges had started to drop. A flash of red showed up on screen. The first nodes to be affected by the cold had shut down.
“Keung, you need to come in here,” Chen said.
“Why, what’s up?”
“Just come see. And shut down the mining for a minute.” Chen paused. “And bring your jacket.”
I gazed lustfully at the BTC readout. $2443 already. I sighed and hit pause. I went to grab my jacket and decided against it. I wanted to call Chen a pussy for being cold.
After three steps into the supercomputer room, I realized Chen was not a pussy. Or that we both were pussies. Either way, it was fucking freezing in there.
“Holy shit!” Chen yelled.
I broke into a jog and met him on the far end of the cavernous room.
“What?” I asked. I shivered and balled my fists under my armpits.
Chen pointed. I followed his finger with my eyes and squinted to see better in the dimness. It took a second, but then I saw it. Hugging the wall around the corner from a server rack was...well...a hole.
“What the fuck?” I muttered. I took a step closer. The cold was borderline unbearable. It was definitely coming from the bizarre opening. Frigid wind washed over us and forced us to step back.
On the other side of the hole, there was gray, stony ground and pitch black sky dotted with stars.
“What did we just do?” Chen asked.
“Did we cause this to happen?” I replied. “Like what the fuck is going on?”
The hole was closing. I think Chen was about to respond, but before he could, some...thing... emerged from the hole.
We both shrieked and leapt back. Chen fell into the back of one of the racks and I heard a piece of equipment snap. I didn’t care about that. My eyes were trained on whatever had just come out.
It was dull red and shaped like, oh hell, I don’t know, a mix between a pineapple and a crocodile with eye stalks all over its back.
Chen and I, our breaths held, tried to back away to avoid its attention. The creature’s eye stalks waved around in the air, as if trying to figure out what had happened. Behind it, the hole closed.
I grabbed the back of Chen’s shirt and pulled him to his feet. The thing’s stalks fixated on us. We stopped moving. It took a few steps in our direction on its six, pointy legs. Then it leapt forward. Onto Chen.
Chen made a sound I’d only previously associated with cats fighting for their lives. He grasped the dog-sized thing and pushed it away. It crashed into a rack of machines.
I pulled Chen away and we ran as fast as we could back to the control room. Despite my terror-induced tunnel vision, I didn’t fail to notice another hole in supercomputer room. This time in the ceiling. And another one of those things was coming out of it.
Once we were out, we had no idea what to do. Chen wanted to call the head of the supercomputing project but I talked him out of it. That guy had connections to the Party and, technically, the whole project is a government-run operation. We’d be fucked beyond fucked.
I helped bandage Chen’s wounds. Every so often, we’d catch a glimpse of one of the creatures in the monitors overlooking the supercomputer room.
After a discussion, Chen and I left without telling anyone what we'd done. We didn’t go home because we knew people would be looking for us as soon as they discovered what had happened. We got in his car and drove for hours.
Now we’re sitting in an internet cafe. The scratches on his hands and arms aren’t closing up. They’re getting puffy and itchy. He just told me he thinks he felt something move under his skin.
Our phones wouldn’t stop ringing before I pulled out the SIMs and flushed them. Now we’re stuck here and we don’t know what to do. To say I’m concerned is a bit of an understatement. I’d really love some advice.
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My Beginnings


My Current Rack Setup

So, this is the first time I've ever done a post like this to homelab and I wanted to give as much detail as possible.
For this, i'm going to work my way left to right, top to bottom.
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Computer Cases for 6-10 GPUs - Recommendations?

Planning a new fan-cooled 3D Rendering workstation. Most cases can only handle 4 double-wide GPUs. (rtx 2080). Are the bitcoin mining cases ok for 3D Rendering and fan cooling? I've seen a brand called Hydra III that looks promising. I don't want to buy a huge bulky rack just to use a rackmount style case..
note: I'm planning my build around the new AMD threadripper 3.0 coming out in November + new mobo with pcie 4.0. Supposed to have 128 pcie lanes, double the current x399 mobos now.
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Computer Cases for 6-10 GPUs - Recommendations?

Planning a new 3d rendering workstation. Most cases can only handle 4 double-wide GPUs. Are the bitcoin mining cases ok for rendering and fan cooling? I've seen a brand called Hydra III that looks promising. I don't want to buy a huge bulky rack just to use a rackmount style case..
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The importance of being mindful of security at all times - nearly everyone is one breach away from total disaster

This is a long one - TL;DR at the end!

If you haven't heard yet: BlankMediaGames, makers of Town of Salem, have been breached which resulted in almost 8 million accounts being leaked. For most people, the first reaction is "lol so what it's just a game, why should I really care?" and that is the wrong way to look at it. I'd like to explain why everyone should always care whenever they are part of a breach. I'd also like to talk about some ways game developers - whether they work solo or on a team - can take easy steps to help protect themselves and their customers/players.
First I'd like to state that there is no practical way to achieve 100% solid security to guarantee you'll never be breached or part of a breach. The goal here will be to get as close as possible, or comfortable, so that you can rest easy knowing you can deal with problems when they occur (not if, when).

Why You Should Care About Breaches

The sad reality is most people re-use the same password everywhere. Your email account, your bank account, your steam account, your reddit account, random forums and game websites - you get the idea. If you haven't pieced it together yet the implication is that if anyone gets your one password you use everywhere, it's game over for you - they now own all of your accounts (whether or not they know it yet). Keep in mind that your email account is basically the holy grail of passwords to have. Most websites handle password changes/resets through your email; thus anyone who can login to your email account can get access to pretty much any of your accounts anywhere. Game over, you lose.

But wait, why would anyone want to use my password? I'm nobody!

It doesn't matter, the bad guys sell this information to other bad guys. Bots are used to make as much use of these passwords as possible. If they can get into your bank they might try money transfers. If they get into your Amazon account they might spin up $80,000 worth of servers to mine Bitcoin (or whatever coin is popular at the time). They don't care who you are; it's all automated.
By the way, according to this post (which looks believable enough to be real) this is pretty much how they got into the BMG servers initially. They checked for usernames/emails of admins on the BMG website(s) in previous breach dumps (of which there are many) and found at least one that used the same password on other sites - for their admin account!
If you want to see how many of your accounts are already breached check out Have I Been Pwned - I recommend registering all of your email addresses as well so you get notified of future breaches. This is how I found out about the Town of Salem breach, myself.

How You Can Protect Yourself

Before I go into all the steps you can (and should) take to protect yourself I should note that security is in a constant tug of war with convenience. What this means is that the more security measures you apply the more inconvenienced you become for many tasks. It's up to you to decide how much is too much either way.
First of all I strongly recommend registering your email(s) on - this is especially important if your email address is associated to important things like AWS, Steam developer account, bank accounts, social media, etc. You want to know ASAP when an account of yours is compromised so you can take steps to prevent or undo damage. Note that the bad guys have a head start on this!


You probably need to have better password hygiene. If you don't already, you need to make sure every account you have uses a different, unique, secure password. You should change these passwords at least once a year. Depending on how many accounts you have and how good your memory is, this is your first big security vs convenience trade-off battle. That's easily solved, though, by using a password manager. You can find a list of password managers on Wikipedia here or you can search around for some comparison articles.
Some notable choices to consider:
Regardless of which one you choose, any of them is 100x better than not using one at all.

Multi-Factor Authentication / Two-Factor Authentication (aka MFA / 2FA)

The problem with all these passwords is that someone can still use them if they are found in a breach. Your passwords are only as strong as the website you use them on. In the case of the BMG breach mentioned above - all passwords were stored in an ancient format which has been insecure for years. It's likely that every single password in the breach can be reversed/cracked, or already have been. The next step you need to take is to make it harder for someone else to login with your password. This is done using Multi-Factor Authentication (or Two-Factor Authentication).
Unfortunately not every website/service supports MFA/2FA, but you should still use it on every single one that does support it. You can check which sites support MFA/2FA here or dig around in account options on any particular site. You should setup MFA/2FA on your email account ASAP! If it's not supported, you need to switch to a provider that does support it. This is more important than your bank account! All of the big email providers support it: GMail,, Yahoo Mail, etc.
The type of MFA/2FA you use depends on what is supported by each site/service, but there is a common approach that is compatible on many of them. Most of them involve phone apps because a phone is the most common and convenient "thing you have" that bad guys (or anyone, really) can't access easily. Time-based One-time Password or TOTP is probably the most commonly used method because it's easy to implement and can be used with many different apps. Google Authenticator was the first popular one, but it has some limitations which continue the security vs convenience battle - namely that getting a new phone is a super huge chore (no backup/restore option - you have to disable and setup each site all over again). Many alternatives support cloud backup which is really convenient, though obviously less secure by some measure.
Notable choices to consider:
Some sites/services use their own app, like Blizzard ( and Steam, and don't allow you to use other ones. You will probably have a few apps on your phone when all your accounts are setup, but it's worth it. You'll definitely want to enable it on your password manager as well if you chose a cloud-based one.
Don't forget to save backup codes in an actual secure location! If you lose your backup codes and your auth app/physical key you will be locked out of accounts. It's really not fun recovering in that situation. Most recommendations are to print them and put in a fireproof safe, but using some other secure encrypted storage is fine.
There is such a thing as bad MFA/2FA! However, anything is at least better than nothing. A lot of places still use SMS (text messaging) or e-mail for their MFA/2FA implementation. The e-mail one has the most obvious flaw: If someone gets into your email account they have defeated that security measure. The SMS flaws are less obvious and much less likely to affect you, but still a risk: SMS is trivial to intercept (capture data over the air (literally), clone your SIM card data, and some other methods). Still, if you're not a person of interest already, it's still better than nothing.

What Does This Have To Do With GameDev?

Yeah, I do know which subreddit I'm posting in! Here's the section that gets more into things specific to game development (or software development in general).

Secure Your Code

Securing your code actually has multiple meanings here: Securing access to your code, and ensuring your code itself is secure against exploitation. Let's start with access since that's the easier topic to cover!
If you're not already using some form of Source Control Management (SCM) you really need to get on board! I'm not going to go in depth on that as it's a whole other topic to itself, but I'll assume you are using Git or Mercurial (hg) already and hosting it on one of these sites (or a similar one):
First, ensure that you have locked down who can access this code already. If you are using private repositories you need to make sure that the only people who have access are the people who need access (i.e. yourself and your team). Second, everyone should have strong passwords and MFA/2FA enabled on their accounts. If 1 person on the team does not follow good security practices it puts your whole project at risk! So make sure everyone on the team is following along. You can also look into tools to do some auditing and even automate it so that if anyone's account becomes less secure over time (say they turned off MFA one day) they would automatically lose their access.
Additionally you should never commit secrets (passwords, API keys, tokens, social security numbers, etc) to your code repository. Probably 90% of cases where people have their AWS/Google Cloud/Azure accounts compromised and racking up huge bills for bitcoin mining is due to having their passwords/keys stored in their git repo. They either accidentally made it public or someone got access to the private repo through a compromised account. Never store sensitive information in your code repository!
Next topic: Securing your code from vulnerabilities. This one is harder to talk about for game dev as most engines/frameworks are not as susceptible (for lack of a better word) to these situations as others. In a nutshell, you need to keep track of the following:
A lot of these things cannot be solved automatically, unfortunately, but some of it can. If you are using Javascript for your game you likely will be using packages from npm - luckily they (recently) added security auditing for packages. For other languages you can look at tools like Snyk or some other alternatives to audit the libraries you use in your project. Unfortunately none that I know of are aimed at game dev in particular, but it's still important to use these tools when you can. In general, be aware of all of your code dependencies and what impact they can have on your game or your customers if there are security bugs. Impact can range from "can cheat in multiplayer" to "can get IP addresses of all players in the world" or even "can get all information I ever put on my server", etc.
In general you'll want to look into Secure Software Development Lifecycle (commonly SDLC) practices. Microsoft has some information on how they do it.

Secure Your Computer

I'm not going to go in depth on this one because at this point everyone should have a handle on this; if not there are limitless articles, blogs, and videos about the how/what/why. In summary: Keep everything updated, and don't open suspicious links.

Secure Your Website

I will have to add more to this later probably, but again there are tons of good articles, blogs, and videos on these topics. Hopefully the information in this section is enough to get you on the right track - if not feel free to ask for more info. Lots of guides can be found on Digital Ocean's site and they are relevant even if you don't use DO for your servers.
A lot of this will apply to your game servers as well - really any kind of server you expect to setup.

That's it, for now

I ran out of steam while typing this all up after a couple hours, but I may revisit it later to add more info. Feel free to ask any questions about any of these topics and I'll do my best to answer them all.

TL;DR (y u words so much??)

... in general... in general... in general... I sure wrote those 2 words a lot.

Why Should I Trust This Post?

Hopefully I have provided enough information and good links in this post that you can trust the contents to be accurate (or mostly accurate). There is certainly enough information to do some searches on your own to find out how right or wrong I might be about these things.
If you want my appeal to authority answer: I've been working at a major (network/computer) security company for almost 7 years as a software developer, and I've had to put up with pretty much every inconvenience brought on by security. I've also witnessed the aftermath of nearly every type of security failure covered in this post, via customers and the industry at large. None of the links I used are related to my employer or its products.
Edit: Fixed some typos and added some more links
More edit: added a few more points and links
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Total noob looking for purchasing advice

Hi guys,
I just recently joined this subreddit and i've been loving it so far! It's a really nice group of people it seems. It's the perfect place for me as I have been debating about my new upgrades in my office for a while.
Currently, I have a desktop PC that's running Plex with 6 x 8 TB drives. It's my daily driver. Intel 8700K with 32GB of ram.
I also have a mining rig which has 6 1070's that are watercooled. They are currently just venting into my office and its hot AF!
I want to move those two computers into rackmount cases, as well as purchase a dedicated server for running plex through Unraid.

So this means I am looking at getting the following:
I am located in Prague, CZ & I don't know the local areas for these things, but first if you guys have recommendations on the above I would greatly appreciate it.
Maybe just even a suggestion on where to look.
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Beginners Guide

Many people have tried at making beginners guides, and many of them try to tell you how to play an FPS game. Which some people need, but most don’t. I’ll go over three main categories of interest which are: Looting, shooting, trading.


Looting is one of the most important aspects of the game first, I’ll go over basic hotkeys. Alt + Left Click: Quick Equip ^ Instantly equips selected item Ctrl + Left Click: Quick pickup ^ Instantly picks up selected item Hover Over Item + Delete: Quick discard ^ Instantly discards selected item Every single one of these keys can be polarizing in practice. Looting quickly is super important, as it makes noise, and every second spent looking in a container and making noise is another second that you can’t hear or see any players or scavs looking to wring your neck.
I will now talk about general locations and important keys. If you’ve played for more than 30 seconds you probably know about labs. The lab is a place where these aimbot scavs with gear just as good as any decked player roam about looking to kill some baby boys. There are a few tactics you can use against these guys to get stacked.
Incremental Lean: Alt + A/D ^ Used to peak scavs around the corner Sidestep: Alt + Q/E ^ Raider scavs can’t see you when you do this (it says it’s been patched but it hasn’t) Blind fire: Alt + W/S ^ Really useful when used properly, used to peek scavs around corners while not even being in danger
Now, I’ll talk about what the Lab has going as loot you can pick up. The best places to go for a beginner are:
Server Room: Tons of 10k-60k RUB attachments you can pick up (Silencers and sniper scopes are very profitable) Possible LED-X spawn, LED-X’s are worth about 1m RUB (there is a spawn by the printer located on the far left of the computer desk) also, in server room, you’ll find your first lab key if you’re lucky, don’t sell the first one you get, they go for about 80k RUB, but your early runs to the lab will be solely to go to this key location, the key is for the weapons testing room on the main floor of the lab. The key spawns on the wet bar countertop in the server room office. Other than that, there isn’t too much loot in server room, besides the gun box that’s right by the door. Possible to get an AS VAL or VSS in there, maybe even something better if you’re lucky, it’s always worth a check.
Golden Dome: The golden dome spawns a LED-X and some other little valuables worth some decent shekels. It’s hard to miss, it’s located in the medical area in the bottom floor, if you know where weapons testing is, it’s the opposite side of that same main area. I advise looting server room office over this place but it’s alright.
Weapons testing: Spawns about the same loot as server office + one item box and a gun rack that can have up to 3 high value weapons (full decked M4’s etc) many people write off weapons testing but you can get anywhere from 30k-400k RUB. Honestly, it’s worth checking on any run.
Arsenal Key: The arsenal is a nice place to go even if you don’t have the insanely rare and overpriced arsenal security key. There’s a green box in the office area before arsenal and inside of arsenal tons of expensive attachments and ammo spawn
I’m not going to talk about any of the garbage keys or arsenal security because of how expensive that key is
If you’re gonna axe run or go low gear, there’s no better place than labs, that’s backed up by the millions in my stash from doing that so many times.
Now I’ll talk about my favorite map, Shoreline.
Shoreline is a hard map to play and is really confusing early on. It’s a massive map with multiple different “biomes” and the flow of the map doesn’t make much sense at first. As a newer player, you’ll probably find yourself getting shot from nowhere every five seconds. It can be frustrating and frankly really hard to get the hang of. The player spawns aren’t far from eachother, and the loot doesn’t seem worth.
This is because you don’t know the map yet. First you need to get used to the open-ness of parts of the map and realize that you can traverse the map without going in the open.
That’s just half of it though, next you need keys. The keys you’re looking for are the “San.” Keys and you should keep your eyes out for those and after you’ve amassed a couple of them you should head out for the health resort. The health resort is the central part of the map.
Here are the best “San.” keys you’re looking for: 216, 218, 220-222, 226, 306, 308
Every one of these keys has at least 1 rare item spawn and 2-5 gun boxes + rare gun spawns in a lot of these rooms (M1A, M4, etc)
Factory and Woods don’t really need much of an explanation, there are 3 keys for factory and 2 keys in woods
Factory: Factory Key- Opens a small room with a gun spawn (pretty much useless)
Pumping Station- Opens another useless room, could be good for ambushing players coming out from the tunnels below or the two spawns near the pumping station
Admin Key- Opens an optional extract
Woods: ZB-014- Opens a small bunker with an extract and a little tiny bit of loot
Yotota- totally useless Key, Opens a car door with little to no loot in it
Next is customs, I don’t run customs much and I don’t advise it for new players unless you’re there to kill scavs, I’ll list the hot places to kill scavs:
Construction- plenty of scavs here, go wild
Dorms- Couple of scavs here and there, plenty of keys that go to doors with some goodies, I’ll list those keys soon
Bus Station- 2-3 scavs here might as well go there
Old gas- 2-5 scavs here nice little loot inside the gas station too
Keys for customs that are super nice, I’ll start with three story dorms, then 2 story, then Miscellaneous customs keys:
Three story dorms:


So many people say marked key sucks and that it’s near worthless, this is so wrong, plenty of high value guns found in here MP7’s, VAL’s, M4’s you can find some nice trading items and there is always a stack of 20k-50k RUB
218: Very common weapon spawn, totally worth looting
303: Green crate and weapon spawn this is a nice little loot spot too
Two story dorms: Dorm Gaurds Desk: I love this room, two ammo crates, weapon box, weapon rack, and a key box that can spawn almost any key in the game (key for this room very commonly spawns on the dead scav in two story’s first floor bathroom so check there every raid if you can)
Room 114: Safe, PC, medical crate, nice little goodie room (key spawns in the trunk of a car near UN checkpoint)
Now I’ll go onto Interchange and where the best loot is and how you should go about navigating it.
First I’m gonna say, I don’t advise running interchange honestly, the keys for the good looting locations are super rare and often very expensive, and also, you’ll most likely die over and over and over again until you finally figure interchange out.
Register Keys: There are 3 keys for the three main stores that open up the massive line of registers in front of the three main department stores, they are, the OLI register key, IDEA register key, and Goshan register key. I don’t bother with these but if you have the will power to stand and loot registers for 30 minutes you can net a sweet 100k-145k RUB
KIBA 1 and 2 keys: These are both crazy expensive if you’re new to the game, so I don’t recommend trying to buy these or get the loot from this place. You have to have both keys to enter the actual KIBA area. KIBA 1 opens 1 door KIBA 2 opens the other. KIBA 1 is lootable, but KIBA 2 is a quest reward from gunsmith part 11 from mechanic. Inside KIBA, there are so many good things that it’s hard to write this Key off. Many rare items spawns, you can find bitcoins, Tetriz, so many good things in there. Multiple weapons spawns and tons of high value lootable attachments.
That concludes the Looting section, the next two are super short because they’re both very basic and won’t be too in depth.


In this section, I’ll explain the basics of combat and how I maximize the amount of gunfights I win and the profit I turn.
Tip number 1, no “mid-gear” runs. So many players early on want to take in middle tier gear, as in, maybe a ZHUK press and an unmodded sks or unmodded AK, these are the least profitable runs, bringing this gear is going to make killing players who bring low gear seem like overkill and give almost no profit. This is the worst situation you can be in. It’ll make killing geared players slightly easier, but still, if not every single thing works perfect for you in a situation you’ll probably get rocked by any geared guy.
Tip 2, bring friends. This is super important early game, 5 guys shooting is much stronger than 1. If you don’t already have a team to roll with try here
Tip 3, memorize the map and how you can use it to your advantage
Tip 4, bring grenades!! Nades are super useful, even if they don’t hit their target they can still do damage or flush somebody out of a position, they’re essential
Tip 5, learn how to mod your guns and get familiar with them.
That concludes most of my tips for combat, there’s not much to learn besides just getting experience anyways.


Honestly, since the flea markets release, there’s no real need to stress over trader levels, I keep mine at 2-3 but I advise doing all of the quests and getting traders to high levels. I’m mainly going to talk about benchmarks and good things to go after early game.
I advise going straight for level 2 prapor which isn’t that hard, I know how bad it is to sell items to him because the prices are so low, but you’re going to want to sell stuff to him for a while until you’re at your money spent for lvl 2,
once you’ve gotten Praporto level 2, go level up ragman as high as you can possibly get him. I recommend this because armor is so expensive on the flea market, don’t worry about mechanic, mods are cheap.
Skier deals in more “high end merchandise” after you have ragman at lvl 2-3 and prapor level 2-3, gear should be pretty cheap and easy to come by, so you should be able to get skiers tasks done quick and easy.
By the time you start to level up Peacekeeper, you should have all traders level 3 and you have to have friend to the west completed, after you have peacekeeper level 3, go for therapist, you’ll lose a lot of skier reputation that you’re going to have to quest for, so be ready for that.
This concludes my guide, thank you all for listening to my ideas, see you in tarkov!
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The Power Supply is dead, Long Live the Power Supply!

The Power Supply is dead, Long Live the Power Supply!
My Corsair AX760 power supply has been a real trooper, but it has finally died enough to be put to rest. I initially bought it to run a bitcoin GPU mining rig 24/7 in my basement. It faithfully powered 4 overvolted and overclocked Radeon GPUs for almost two years before I sold the parts off. However, the PSU did not come out unscathed. After about a year I was noticing the PSU was running pretty how and I just thought the fan was not moving enough air so I removed the built-in fan and replaced it with a higher CFM one that was plugged into the motherboard to run at 80% all the time. This helped for a while, but one day the system randomly turned off and when I went to check on it I smelled the magic smoke. I disassembled the system and found that the 2 modular power ports and cables going to the 2 higher powered GPUs (5760s I think??) were melted. I ripped the destroyed pci-e cables out of the PSU and grabbed some of the extras that were still in the box and plugged them into unused modular ports on the PSU. It looked like the plastic around the connectors had gotten too hot and melted, but nothing looked damaged on the PSU side (aside from the plastic being melted and broken) I tested the PSU on a spare motherboard I had sitting around and the system fired up just fine. Going back to the mining rig I tried to determine what caused the overdraw of power. The GPUs were overvolted and overclocked, but the system was only drawing about 600w total, with the CPU drawing about 20w. I dropped the voltage and clocks slightly on the GPUs that melted the connectors, but also decided to test the outlet the rig was plugged in to. Somehow the outlet was wired in reverse, with the hot side going to neutral in the outlet and vise-versa. I was not sure how the PSU was even able to operate with the outlet being wired backwards, but I fixed that and the PSU ran fine for another year until I dismantled the whole thing.

Then I got into homelabbing. I built my first whitebox server, which is still serving me well to this day (dual xeon 2670 cpus on a supermicro jbod board in a rosewill rackmount case) and used my trusty AX760 for the power source. Everything was fine until Tuesday of last week. I started getting random reboots (emails about unexpected shutdowns while at work) and decided to take a look at the system during the long labor day weekend. I cracked open the server Friday night immediately after 5 shutdowns occurred in rapid succession, even before the system fully rebooted. I should have turned the server off on Tuesday, but all of my documents are on it that I was using. Anyway, when I walked over to my rack I could immediately smell burning plastic/solder and flipped the PSU switch off. Once I pulled the system out of the rack and removed the PSU I could tell that it had melted at the modular connectors again. My system uses 2 EPS12v CPU cables and both were melted at the modular connector. Now, my server does video encoding for me and when that is running it usually draws around 500 watts, which just like my mining rig does not seem like a lot for a 760w PSU and the encoding only runs for maybe 4 hours a day most days.
Although the PSU still has 2 unmelted modular ports that I could plug new EPS12V cables into I decided it is not worth risking damage to the system now that I have (4) 8tb hard drives. Back when I initially built my server I only had a couple hundred gigs worth of files and I always planned to replaced the PSU at some point, I just let it go too long. So now, I present my new PSU, a Corsair RM1000x! I have also backordered another EPS12v cable for it so that I can finally plug my PSU into the optional power connector on my motherboard, which may be part of the reason the CPU cables overdrew and melted? I am really not sure.

I took this time to finally tidy up the cables in the server that were the way of the airflow, as well as adding a second fan to the "main" CPU which has always run 10c hotter than the other CPU. I also double-sided tapped a spare 120mm fan onto the new PSU since it does not see a 500w load as enough to turn its own fan on, but I needed extra exhaust cfm.
Poor PSU :(
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The underground business of selling Minecraft accounts and how I grew in it (Long Post)

What is value? How is it determined? What gives something value over the internet
Value, according to the English Dictionary:
  1. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. "your support is of great value"
  2. a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life. "they internalize their parents' rules and values" "society's values are passed on to us as children"
What I am about to tell you could possibly be illegal, I know that the selling of accounts on certain platforms breaks EULA or terms of service.
The truth is, value is determined by people not by price. It is a made up concept that can date back to thousands of years ago. Believe it or not, supply and demand determines value. An example of this can be, I have a bracelet, that I view to be very valuable. The reinforcing fact that leads me to believe it has value is because it has diamonds on it, which are considered to be very scarce.
You're probably wondering how does money flow through the internet? Well despite the fact we live in a informational technological age. Concepts that have been around since early 2000's such as Paypal, Ebay, and Skrill have been helping money flow virtually. As of 2018, we now have concepts and apps such as Crypto, Venmo, Cashapp, Stripe, and Square. All of these concepts have helped boosted internet trading market demand through the roof. It's amazing how far the internet has gotten us. Enough of this, let's get into my story.
It all started when I grew a liking to selling things. I sold candy at my high school (2015) and racked in a good $60 a day while learning in classes. The connection came from my family's cornerstore, which they grew close to the whole sellers around the area. I was getting these bars 1/4th price of retail. Good money to me, since I was only 15. This only lasted for about a year until the school principal caught me and confiscated my work. I had to move my hustle somewhere else. I usually saved up money to buy shoes, Air Jordan's mainly, but that's for another story.
At the time, I played lots of Minecraft with friends. I was on a popular server called Hypixel, where you could invite players into your party. I built a reputation on that server for being a quite decent player. This means I was good at combat and mini-games. One particular day, I was in a party with a friend of mine who invited someone with the username "Super" and "1y" to the party. I saw these usernames and thought, "god damn". That's badass. I was completely struck in awe that a username could be so clean. How does someone get a username like this? Most likely they’ve gotten it when the game first came out. Hence the name “OG” (Original)
Why does a username like this have value? People like the cleanness and owning it represents a high social level or high status. It's attention grabbing. That's the truth.
After a few minutes of convo, he told me to go to the Main Minecraft Trading Site which I will not disclose. This was a third party site meaning it wasn't owned by Mojang. It was legit the wild west. Scams were so common. I setup my own paypal, and paid my pops cash to get money into my paypal account. I copped my first OG, "Pimp" for around $60 in early 2016. Expensive at the time. This was my first act towards an actual business in this game. About a month later, I found someone on the market who would be willing to trade the username "Cash" for "Pimp". We conducted the trade however a few weeks later, I lost possession to the account and found out I've been scammed. He pulled the account. This was my first encounter with a internet scammer.
How did he do this? Well when you change the email on an account, an email gets sent to your previous email just in case a "hacker" steals your Minecraft account and changes the email on your account. In that email is a "dispute link" which expires in 30 days but can be usable anytime. When this link is clicked, you pretty much get your account back. He did that, I felt like shit.
February 2016, My friend "Super" ended up giving me the account "Cobra" which was insane at the time. Worth about $150. Everyday, after school, I played for around 6-7 hours. I built a good name for myself on the marketplace by interacting with other people and playing with them on Hypixel. I created a guild named Royalty Gang, this was the first ever guild/team that consisted of OG Minecraft names. We later on changed our name to OG nation and our guild grew to around 100+ members. This way of networking became amazing but toxic. We had a skype group which pretty much consisted of it's own marketplace. I gave Cobra back to Super and he got the new name "Love". Ended up buying Harm off of him which was worth $200 at the time. I also ended up buying Hawkeye and Wart for $100 from the owner of Hulk who later exit scammed the marketplace for $300. June 2016, about a few months in, I still had lots of money saved up but I decided to take my game up. There was word that a real OG player who had auto-claimed over 1000 OG names when Minecraft first came out was trying to get rid of his accounts. He owned over 50% of the market supply. He went by the name of WaterSpice. I got Sharp, Honor, Heal, gz, Omega, Fable, Steak, and Sneak off of him for a bulk price of around $1200. This was a huge transaction for a 15 year old like myself. But I had the capital saved up from selling “Harm” for $350 ($150 profit), candy at school (around $50 a day), and Hawkeye and Wart ($200). I placed all of these accounts, except Sharp, on the marketplace immediately and started to get offers. I made a profit of around $450-500. I continued to play daily and build a name for myself. November 2016, I later sold Sharp for $450 profit to a marketplace user when the value of MC accounts risen.
My $1,900 MC account: Before I get into this, I got to explain the value of minecraft capes. Capes are usually only obtained by going to a special Minecon event or given out by Minecraft Developers themselves. That being, out of all the 20 million minecraft accounts, this was one of the 20 accounts. The Cobalt cape. This cape was only given to the winners of a tournament of another game that Mojang created called Cobalt. The guy who won the tournament didn’t even play Minecraft much. I got in contact with him around December 2018 and bought his account for $200. Which was a complete steal. I later sold the account for $550 in Jan 2017. By this time, I quit playing. I didn’t come back until mid August 2018 when I found out the Cobalt cape account I sold apparently got locked and value of MC accounts were 3 times from what they were before. I came back, got the Cobalt cape account back for free since I knew info on it that others did not. 3 days after I got the account I sold it for $1,500 in Bitcoin.
Why did I include so many particular events in my story? Because these key events shaped me into who I am now and how I do my business. I feel as if it's important that really take into account these events and try to get the best meaning out of them.
All in all, I probably made a 2-3 thousand dollars from just being in this game. So many young people, like myself, nowadays are doing not only internet making money techniques but learning networking techniques using the internet like CS:GO skin trading, Fortnite Account selling (Which I will share about my experience on this later) , Clash of Clans account, and the most notorious Social Media OG's. This is only the story of myself, there are so many others who I bet have had a larger run than me. Young people are teaching themselves newer ways to make money and i'm all for it. Let's keep this money flowing! However, hope ya enjoyed! Ask any questions, I will be glad to answer.
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Suspected pyramid scheme USI-Tech is launching their own ICO - With no whitepaper released until 500 Million tokens are sold

USI-Tech, a pyramid scheme similar to BitConnect, are launching their own ICO called USI Tech Coin (UTC) with NO whitepaper and NO information about what the token even does. Their current distribution method prices the tokens at anywhere from 50c each for the lowest contribution level, to 3c each for people contributing over $50,000. They claim they will release their whitepaper when they sell 500 MILLION tokens, which is anywhere from $15,000,000 (If all contributors were to contribute over $50,000) to $250,000,000 (If all contributors were to contribute the minimum amount) .
Some other things this company has been caught out doing include:
Basically, this company is full of shit and what they're doing makes me fucking sick.
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How To Keep Your PC Safe From The Bitcoin Mining Frenzy?

How To Keep Your PC Safe From The Bitcoin Mining Frenzy?
Whether it be the California Gold Rush, the deep 250-mile run of gold discovered in South Africa or the Great Australian Gold Rush, few events have driven so many fortune-seeking prospectors throughout history to mine for riches more than the allure of gold. You may have missed some of the most famous gold rushes in history but the past year has shown the world a new type of gold rush, defined by the digital world we live in today. It is not gold that is magnetizing so many people to become miners, but cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The tools required for this modern day mining rush is not a shovel and gold pan however. The tools of the trade time include a rack of servers, or if you don’t have the money to invest in pricey infrastructure, a few lines of malicious code will do the trick as well.

The Cryptocurrency Craze

Cryptocurrency is all the rage today as people lay down money in crypto exchanges to secure a wallet to purchase bitcoins and other high valued cryptocurrencies. With such huge speculative fluctuations in pricing for these digital coins, the less risker way to play this new craze is in mining. Miners use computer-processing power to create the digital currency. Mining today requires far more robust systems than were required a couple of years ago due to the surge in popularity of these currencies. In exchange for creating and managing the ledgers, miners get a share of the cryptocurrencies they mine.
While a gold rush type of mania attracts many enterprising and fortune-seeking individuals, it also attracts sinister individuals as well who look to use more dubious means to obtain their fortunes. The hash rate requirements for crypto mining requires a great deal of processing power and electricity to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. This of course requires significant CAPEX to fund the necessary high-end processors and infrastructure. As a result, some unscrupulous individuals have found ways to use the CPU power of unsuspecting users. While a single client device has nowhere near the capacity to mine cryptocurrency by itself, the collective effort of millions of devices can. Hackers who control these zombie armies of miners are ringing in the profits.
One sinister method of acquiring miners involves cryptocurrency mining malware. Once a device is infected with this malicious code, it begins using the CPU and memory resources of its hardware host to help collectively mine a designated cryptocurrency. This type of malware first appeared years ago when bitcoin came into fruition, but phased out once the hash requirements exceeded the capabilities of consumer-based CPUs. Thanks to the proliferation of an ever-growing number of cyber currencies, this menace is exponentially growing once again along with the value of the involved digital coins. In addition, many criminals involved in ransomware last year are now transitioning to crypto-mining malware as the money is more predictable and steady.

Types of Crypto-Mining Threats

An IBM security team reports that cryptocurrency mining attacks have increased by over 600% this year while Kaspersky Lab reports to have found the mining menace on 1.6 million client computers. One example of malware is Adylkuzz, which has been one of the biggest menaces of 2017. It actually infects PCs in the same manner as the WannaCry virus, using an exploit found in the Server Message Block protocol. Unlike WannaCry however, it does not require any manual interaction to infect the system.
While some crypto-mining attacks are delivered through traditional means such as email embedded links and attachments, other strains are deployed through the means of cryptojacking. Many of these menaces are planted on popular websites by hackers in order to infect unsuspecting visitors. Just last month, hackers managed to run ads on YouTube that consumed the CPU power and electricity of visitors. However, some website companies are knowingly participating in cryptojacking as a revenue source for their websites. With the growing popularity of popup ad blockers, ad revenues are shrinking and some companies are turning to cryptojacking as a more dependable revenue source.
  • #1 Coinhive – Coinhive is one of the original crypto-mining forms of malware to appear and is designed to perform online mining of Monero cryptocurrency when a user visits a web page without the user’s approval. The malware implants JavaScript code to manage the infected device’s computational resources to min the coins.
  • #3 Cryptoloot- Crypto-Miner is a competitor of Coinhive and is attempting to overtake it through lower commission rates. Like Coinhive it also consumers the CPU of infected devices.
Coinhive alone has infected some 500 million computers. It is estimated that 55% of businesses worldwide are affected by the attacks. Just last month, users began complaining cryptocurrency mining code in the ads that have been displayed to them by YouTube.

How to Detect and Stop Crypto-Mining Malware

Crypto-mining malware dramatically affects the performance of your machines and in some documented cases have damaged the infected device. Symptoms of an infection include:
  • Over usage of your CPU
  • Overheating
  • Measurable levels of slowdown and sluggishness
The best way to determine if a Windows device is infected is to analyze your CPU and memory resource performance levels in Task Manager. Any sustained CPU level above 70% would strongly indicate an infection. If your device is infected, you will need the aid of an up-to-date antivirus application. Privacy is also always an issue you want to take care of and knowing the 2018 cyber security trends and predictions should be of interest.
There are some basic measures to keep your computer safe from crypto-mining related threats.
First off, protect your web browser:
  • Enable popup blockers in your browser and consider a pop-ad blocker extension
  • Disable JavaScript in the Edge or Internet Explorer Browser
  • Firefox users can use JavaScript-blocking extensions such as NoScript
  • Chrome users can use the minerBlock Chrome extension
One of the best things you can do to combat all threats including crypto mining is to keep your devices up to day with regular patching. You should also avoid freeware websites that can automatically download unwanted applications. Some type of endpoint security protection is also imperative. As long as crypto-currencies continue to offer big returns, these types of threats will continue advance and proliferate.
submitted by hopkinsallie to VPNSecurity [link] [comments] | Veteran GPT site since 2016 | High Payouts | Trusted by 300k+ users!

Hey y’all, I am an administrator of the site and I am here to talk to you guys and gals about the site. While admittedly, I am affiliated with the site, I will try my best to remain objective and fair-minded. Although I am an administrator, I am still an active user, and a community top earner.
EarnCoins is a GPT site that has been around for quite awhile, and has been going through various changes and updates quite recently, which makes me think it might just be worthwhile for you to check out! (non ref) (personal ref link) (formerly known as CSGO-coins) has been around for about 3 years now, and the community at large has earned almost $170,000 in total. I personally believe we have a relatively fair payout for offers completed, of which I've seen some of the highest paying ones out there, and a very fast and professional staff team that I am very proud of.
Why EarnCoins?
↪ Large variety of payout methods: 1) Choose from multiple virtual item marketplaces for virtual in-game items, such as Opskins/Bitskins/CSGOShop (10 cent minimum cashout for virtual items) 2) Crypto Currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC. 3) Paypal withdrawals 4) Steam Game Keys (Choose a game, select a random one, or enter a raffle) 5) Amazon Gift Cards ↪ Instant withdrawal available for for more experienced and trusted users, speedy manual delivery on all orders nonetheless ↪ In any case help is needed or whenever you have questions, our live and private support chat is here for you ↪ Public onsite chat ↪ Some of the highest paying offers ↪ Monthly rewards for the top three users with the most coins grossed. ↪ Chat ranks, emotes, and commands ↪ Log in with the method of your choice! Use: facebook, google, steam, twitter, twitch, and/or discord ↪ Infinite opportunities to earn free coins provided by the site ↪ Frequent on-site giveaways ↪ On-site and downloadable crypto-mining solutions: Either mine with our java web browser miner OR off-site with your GPU. ↪ User to User betting “1v1s” (coinflip) ↪ Free coins via "bonus codes" that are given out on our social medias (only usable after 100 coins earned) ↪ Active community discord server for support-related questions, hosting/announcing giveaways, and aswell a occasional events throughout the year where members get to play online games with the staff.
Offer Walls Available
✓ Adgate Media ✓ Adscend Media ✓ Offertoro ✓ Peanut Labs ✓ Personaly ✓ SaySo Rewards ✓ Super Rewards ✓ TrialPay ✓ More TV Time ✓ Hideout.TV ✓ Smores.TV ✓ VideoLab ✓ And more to come
Some things that may deter people from the site may include:
↪ 1150 coins = 1 USD, not 1000 like most of what other sites would use. ↪ Choosing a referrer happens upon sign-up only, therefore no post-signup special code to enter or anything. ↪ Bitcoins isn't always profitable, as cryptocurrencies fluctuate in value. ↪ The instant payout perk takes a bit of time to acquire. ↪ The minimum withdrawal for PayPal sits at $2.50. ↪ PayPal withdrawals are sent as a business transaction, resulting in a minor fee. (2-4% depending on location) ↪ Strict one-account-per-household policy, multiple accounts and VPN use are obviously forbidden. ↪ Some payout options may be out of stock, resulting in a delay
In conclusion, EarnCoins is a viable beermoney site that I would love for you to check out. Feel free to leave me questions, ideas, suggestions, and or critiques in the comments below, as we strive to better ourselves by listening to the community's feedback. Also feel free to add your referral links below guys!
Thanks for taking your time to read this, as a reward for reading all the way to the bottom we’ve prepared a bonus code: "prodigy" once you've racked up your first 100 coins
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When people ask why Bitcoin or crypto in general has value, what do you say? Trying to establish a template reply

I see this asked all the time and when I actually try to answer it, I sort of have to rack my brain and realize I do not fully understand the system myself. Someone asked this recently and this is my reply, maybe some of you can help add to it and correct what I got wrong. I want to give people the least technical explanation as possible
Someone asked why they can't just start their own coin called CCoin and why it can't catch up to the same value as BTC, like what makes BTC so special or unique if they can just copy the code and launch their own altcoin, this is my reply to them -
"That is the point of a cryptocurrency, it is a trustless, decentralized ledger that anyone can use. Peer to peer, borderless, trustless and secured by the most advanced cryptographic encryption known to mankind at the moment. Your money in a bank is not really backed by anything either, it is value on a central ledger depending on which bank you have it in. Instead of keeping this value in the hands of 1 company, every single peer and computer that connects to the Bitcoin network aka Blockchain has this same copy on their computer as well. When a change happens, it happens on every single persons computer. In order for this to work, you have to solve one of the biggest problems in financial and banking history - the double spend dilema. 2 people withdrawing money from 1 account at the same exact time. A central authority or bank will prevent this from happening because of the nature of the closed system.
What is amazing about bitcoin/blockchain is that it solves this same double spend problem through the use of the peer to peer distributed ledger. Mining code and hardware scans every input and output across every single node/computer and through very advanced math and cryptography, blocks that attempt to double spend will not be accepted into the general ledger everyone sees and they will be orphaned blocks that never make it to the actual blockchain and thus making those attempted double spend transactions dead on the spot and abanonded.
This whole system is run by people using mining software and hardware. In order to verify every block you need to run code and this way the blockchain is secured literally every millisecond and has 10 years of transaction history that cannot be altered, hacked, adjusted, manipulated, etc.
In order for people to be willing to run this software and hardware running these computations there has to be a financial incentive. Bitcoin IS the financial incentive/reward for spending time and money running the hardware to do these millisecond to millisecond block verifications. Once a transaction is entered into the history, it continues to be validated for its lifetime in the blockchain.
This becomes very intricate and demand more and more computing power. As more and more people start mining, the difficulty of verifying a block increases and adjusts the reward of bitcoin as well. This is all prebuilt into the system itself and it is completely open source. If you want to see how it works and how it adjusts reward based on number of miners and their computing power (hashrate) please read the bitcoin whitepaper here
It is completely open source and therefore developers all over the world can verify there are no backdoors or any sneaky code that can ever be altered or manipulated at a future date. It is basically set in stone. THe reason if you started your own coin AKA CCoin it would not have value because it does not have the legacy, time, transaction history and insane network of computers that have been working together and growing in hardware power in 2009.
This system is very complicated and simple at the same time and I wish I could explain it better, but just trust the fact that it has been operating with no issue, hacks, stolen or manipulated ledger values (bitcoins) ever since its inception in 2008. The code and system is ROCK SOLID and the result of 1,000s if not millions of people working together without any central authority, figurehead, exact plan or schedule. The computing network alone that is currently mining and verifying bitcoin is larger and worth more in hardware dollars alone than all of google, microsoft, apple, whoever else servers/computing power COMBINED.
That is why Bitcoin has value, is a revolutionary tech, and will create trusteless, secure, immutable peer to peer systems not just for money but all financial accountability, government accountability, voting, etc.
Please take the time to further educate yourself and don't listen to these old banksters and financial experts. They are like the horse and buggy crowd that said people will never drive cars, they are noisy, loud , can kill people and the entire country is never going to build enough roads to support an automobile infrastructure."
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How to Hack bitcoin server mining app - YouTube OVERCLOCKED BITCOIN SERVER Rack Good Way To Make Money ... Cryptocurrency Mining with SERVER Power Suppiles - YouTube Building a Mining Rig into a Rosewill RSV-L4000C Server ... Cara hack server bitcoin miner 2019 tanpa root

However, to assemble everything you need for a mining rig in one place, you need a mining rack. Simply put, for building a mining rig, the first thing you need is a mining rack. What is a Mining Rack? Mining racks are extremely powerful computers capable of mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Zcash, and Ethereum. It can be either a dedicated ... There are Server Racks which seem to be able to run completly on their own and then there are those blade servers which rely on a Blade Center. If i am correct so far, i would try to get the Standalone Server Racks and maybe get a Frame for those later on. And why the fuck do they have at least 2 times 2k W they usually have 2 Xeons which has around 90 Watt TDP if i get rid ... USB Bitcoin mining was only profitable when Bitcoin was in its early years. If you just want bitcoins then invest in serious mining hardware or just buy bitcoins. Halong Mining. The world of crypto was in disbelief when Halong Mining, a new ASIC startup, announced their brand new Dragonmint T16. Halong claimed it to be the most powerful – and efficient – Bitcoin mining ASIC on the market ... Rosewill 4U Server Chassis/Server Case/Rackmount Case, Metal Rack Mount Computer Case Support with 15 Bays & 7 Fans Pre-Installed (RSV-L4500) 4.3 out of 5 stars 823. $181.49 $ 181. 49. FREE Shipping. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Mailiya 6-Pack PCIe Dual Chip PCI-E 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card w/ 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable & 6 Pin PCI-E to SATA Power Cable - GPU Riser Adapter ... Bitcoin Mining verbraucht viel Strom. Bei hohen Stromkosten lohnt sich das Mining oftmals nicht. Um Bitcoin Mining zu betreiben, müssen Sie einem Miningpool beitreten, was zusätzliche Kosten verursacht. Für das Mining benötigen Sie entsprechende Hardware. Auch hier kommen Kosten auf Sie zu. Je nachdem, wie leistungsfähig Ihr Bitcoin Miner sein soll, zahlen Sie bis zu 2.000 Euro. Es ist ...

[index] [30875] [38584] [11220] [9705] [36062] [28508] [11057] [27698] [42004] [25999]

How to Hack bitcoin server mining app - YouTube

I have a follow up video coming soon to walk you through migrating my rig to 1400w server PSUs! In this video I walk you through a real general computer data... This was super fun to do and I 100% condone switching to these crypto mining server cases. I have yet to figure out which server rack I may get but when that... BIG CASH BITCOIN SERVER ROOM! - Gmod DarkRP LIFE #41 (Buying Bitcoin Server Racks) I built a base hold all the overclocked bitcoins server racks in, my plan ... In Gmod Darkrp life I decide to build a brand new base as well as do bitcoin miners. this Bitcoin Miner is a big server rack with loads of servers is it a go... Do subscribe and share