What is the Intrinsic Value of Bitcoin? - Chris DeRose

About to go live: "What is Counterparty Cash? w/ Julian Smith" - Bitcoin Uncensored - Chris DeRose show.

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About to go live: "What is Counterparty Cash? w/ Julian Smith" - Bitcoin Uncensored - Chris DeRose show.

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Where does Chris DeRose get those hats? (alternate title: "Counterparty does Calculations?")

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We are the Counterparty Foundation Community Director candidates. AMA!

About Counterparty Foundation
The Counterparty Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the Counterparty protocol and its products, educating the community on the Counterparty technology, driving global Counterparty awareness, and ensuring Counterparty remains a successful and growing financial platform.
The Foundation is governed by five directors, one Founding Director, Robby Dermody, and four Community Directors.
About the Counterparty Foundation 2016 Election
On April 19th last year, the Counterparty community elected three Counterparty Foundation community directors9 to help shape the direction of the Counterparty project and grow the community around it. Candidates with most votes from the community were Devon Weller, Robert Ross and Chris Derose.
With the term of one year coming to an end, the Foundation is running new elections with nine candidates competing for the four director seats.
Users who want to give their votes to one or more candidates may do so by broadcasting a message with the following parameters:
text = XCPELECTION2016 + Candidate Number value = votes 
Candidate numbers used as the broadcast parameter:
1 - Krassimir Stoynov 2 - Jeremy Johnson aka "J-Dog" 3 - Trevor Altpeter 4 - Matt Young 5 - JP Janssen 6 - Adam B. Levine 7 - Haixiong Ouyang 8 - Dan Anderson 9 - Koji Higashi
More about the election and voting - https://counterpartytalk.org/t/ann-starting-the-foundation-election-2016-voting-period/2006
Voting will be held till block #409774 with the up-to-date scoreboard being published on blockscan - http://blockscan.com/vote/XCPELECTION2016.
About the Candidates
Krassimir Stoynov - IT specialist with ten years work experience in major international banks – Société Générale, Citibank and Emporiki Bank. Krassimir started to work with Bitcoin at the beginning of 2014. If elected for the community director position, he will focus his efforts on introducing new users to Counterparty, participating in discussions in the Counterparty Slack channel and presenting the Counterparty marketplace to companies which are interested in implementing the platform in the real business
Jeremy Johnson - In late 2014 Jeremy decided to start up a company with the mission of making the Counterparty platform easier to understand and use for new users. CoinDaddy.io launched in March 2015 and offers the following services : * Asset Registration Service2 (no XCP needed) * Asset Enhancement Service * Broadcast Enhancement Service * Asset TransfeEscrow Service * Asset Vending Machine Service
In addition to the above paid services, he has been a big supporter of Counterparty and run a number of Counterparty related services which are hosted at no cost to the community including: * Public blockchain viewer and APIs (counterpartychain.io) * Public counterwallet server (counterwallet.coindaddy.io) * Public development servers (counterparty/counterblock) * Public whois service (whois.coindaddy.io1)
Trevor Altpeter - a long time XCP investor and one of the largest Counterparty asset creators. If elected as Community Director Trevor promises to: * Create a written bi-weekly update of XCP related news * Be professional while representing the Counterparty community * Actively work to bring positive exposure to Counterparty
Matt Young - volunteered full-time for Counterparty when the project was in its infancy and has been around ever since. If elected, Matt promises to provide information to new and existing users that inquire about the project in all of the major communication channels. He is a mod on Reddit, an admin on the Facebook page and active in the Skype and Slack chats as well as on BitcoinTalk.
JP Janssen - active in the community since the very beginning, and this February his project CounterTools1 won the 1st prize in the Devparty contest. JP is determined to stay active in the community and volunteer on offering support in the forums/Slack. He'd also like to contribute with documentation and code that can assist 3rd parties to build projects on Counterparty.
Adam B. Levine - founder of Let's Talk Bitcoin and CEO of Tokenly.. Adam’s priorities regarding Counterparty are that it is: * Managed with a long term point of view * Stable, Tested and Safe * Grows to take advantage of emerging opportunities as they become apparent * represented by professional, respectful individuals
Haixiong Ouyang - an ios development engineer with seven years work experience in the field of mobile development. In 2014, he developed CounterpartyApp. If elected, he will focus his efforts in: * Introducing new users to Counterparty In China. * Bring the latest news about Counterparty to the Chinese community. * building up the chinese community, speaking about counterparty at events.
Dan Anderson - Bitcoiner / Podcaster / XCPDex.com
Koji Higashi - Co-founder of IndieSquare, a provider of mobile token wallet for both iOS and Android. (wallet.indiesquare.me) He is also involved in Spells of Genesis, a mobile game that integrates Counterparty to represent game items on the blockchain. If elected, Koji will: * Advocate for non-financial use cases of Counterparty * Represent the Asian community and encourage more diversity and global reach
The AMA will start at 1PM ET. Ask us anything!
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Meanwhile over at Counterparty the Devs are busy adding features to Bitcoin - And like "NOW" ....

rubensayshi [10:39 PM] there's a bunch of big projects using counterparty tokens for serious business, in production
afaik that's more than ethereum has, and for good reason, ethereum hadn't even reached their production ready release yet and are still working on a switch of their consensus algorithm cuz PoW isn't safe enough for them with the current hash rate
excluding the DAO insanity xD
the EVM on counterparty will actually work with the existing CP assets, so it's far from seperate. this is actually and advantage because for ethereum contracts to work with a different token then eth it needs to be coded into the contract or if multiple contracts want to be interoperable they need to agree on a standardized contract for the tokens (afaik).
CP already has a standard in place on how everyone should/could be dealing with tokens because we already have the base layer of assets
also if you read around the Symbiont chats enough you should have picked up that they no longer want to be tied to counterparty and visa versa and instead only want to be seen as individuals who work on an open source project.
first last [10:59 PM] Does counterparty has any actual competent project leaders that commit 100% of their productive time to research and development of counterparty itself (not the projects that use counterparty created tokens)? If not and the project operates on some bounty programs, than I consider this project close to dead.
Harri [11:31 PM] first last, Etherem is sand box for Bitcoin
first last [11:41 PM] The counterparty token does not reflect the potential value something that counterparty supposdly should offer to the market. There are only two reasons to explain this: 1. The market is stupid, doesn't understand why counterparty backed by the security of bitcoin blockchain should have value. 2. The market isn't stupid and it sees what is going on, lack of commitment, founders moved to other projects. Which one is true. This is what I'm trying to understand here.
rubensayshi [11:43 PM] both?
Robby Dermody [11:47 PM] regarding commitment, we (I, the board, and several other devs) are in the process of revitalizing the project. I won’t try to convince you on what that means — I think the results will speak for themselves a few months down the road. your #1 is largely the case I think because we’ve done a poor job raising awareness of the project (which works well, today, unlike many other projects). that is under change as well (just last week we put together our outreach team and had our first meeting a few days ago). so I won’t make a bunch of empty promises, but things are definitely headed in the right direction
rubensayshi [11:48 PM] tbh the current protocol has enough features and is stable. if you need tokens on a secure chain then the current version of CP without any development is probably sufficient for a project to use it and never need much change to it?
EVM enables advanced features to be added loosely for people who want it to enhance their current tokens. other people who just want smart contracts but on the bitcoin blockchain.
Harri [11:48 PM] sounds like both are/have been situation, but mean that if it can solve then counterparty is good investment/not even near dead?
rubensayshi [11:49 PM] I agree with Robby that I think counterparty has drifted to the back of peoples mind too much and they now look to do simple token things on ethereum I hate people calling counterparty a good investment, it's a good protocol / product to use if you need tokens.
I don't care about it being an investment or not. and you're guaranteed that it will be there as long as bitcoin and remains secure even if usage would decline instead of grow, if you use counterparty for having a secure decentralized token protocol you won't really care because it's stable and will keep all its properties as long as bitcoin doesn't die.
Harri [11:53 PM] for me it is investment because it is only reason why i have come for cryptos and for counterparty, so used that word. I havent any skills to code etc. Maybe someday hope to start some project around Counterparty or make last one ready if that is someday possible with Counterparty, but its not atm thing for me. but yes it is good protocol / product :slightly_smiling_face: and now things have go much more forward than what was situation few months ago and that is great.
rubensayshi [11:57 PM] also the EVM enables us to loosely add more features through smart contracts, things as complex as the DEX could probably be added as a (big) smart contract. and because the underlying token layer provides a standard for everyone it's easy to have interoperability.
though as we've already seen with the first big smart contract last week, the DAO, it can contain bugs and then it's immutable lol
Robby Dermody [12:01 AM] also on the dev front, I’m in the process of updating and streamlining the toolset — for instance yesterday I took counterblock to python3, in the next few days I’m revamping the build system to be much easier to use and more useful, then I’m going to be revamping the documentation organization and working with others to make better getting started resources for both users and devs.
Counterwallet is in the process of getting much needed updates and improvements — we’ve recently ordered the tasks to work on, and are starting to knock those down P2SH support and some other updates will be hitting develop here in the next few days, and ( @rubensayshi can correct me if I’m off) should hopefully be able to go live on mainnet in 4-6 weeks time
the outreach group will be working to help get this news out there, and raise awareness of CP through our connections with several journalists. it’s run by myself, Trevor, David Allen (who has done this same thing for Gems, LTB, etc) and Matt Young. most of the team has solid marketing and PR-type experience (and we’re open to 1 or 2 more additional members) we’ll be releasing an update shortly with all of this information
first last [12:31 AM] Thanks for answering, Some questions about the potential of counterparty. I see 3 major potential use cases for counterparty. Prediction markets, DEX, IOT. All of them demand some kind of lighting implantation in order to offer high speeds and maintain some decentralization. Will/can Lighting network be used by counterparty? Also what are your thoughts about rejection of counterparty by some of the bitcoin core devs, calling the transaction as spam? Will counterparty have to move to a sidechain? If so, it will probably be less secure. Are there any plans to get the core devs of bitcoin on board with counterparty, as they probably see the potential of ethereum. If ethereum surpasses the market cap of bitcoin than bitcoin will become irrelevant even as a store of value. At least with counterparty bitcoin has a use case, with ethereum bitcoin has no value.
Robby Dermody [12:36 AM] Regarding lightning, @rubensayshi can provide more info here, but AFAIK some CP support should be possible (if @rubensayshi doesn't, I will be looking into it/doing that implementation after this tools work)... Here is some work storj did recently around CP and micropayment channels: https://github.com/f483/picopayments the upcoming p2sh support makes that possible
GitHub F483/picopayments picopayments - Counterparty micropayment channels
F483 [12:36 AM] still doing not done yet
the main probem with counterparty is it doesnt support multiple inputs/outputs in a single tx so two way channels as wcith lighting are not possible, however two unidirectional channles are possible
Robby Dermody [12:38 AM] The rejection from core devs is old news. That was the case in early 2014, (and is still the case with a few, probably). Everyone will have the opinions on embedded consensus, bit CP I think has shown a lot of value to Bitcoin, and we intend to show more. Also, there is really no risk on any kind of censorship of Bitcoin tx... That ship has sailed
(Last I heard, Chris DeRose was even working on lukejr coming around :smile:)
F483 [12:40 AM] @robbyd: I would gladly work with you guys on getting picopayemnts more tightly integrated into counterparty
Robby Dermody [12:40 AM] @f483: we can address that limitation, especially if it impedes lightning network dev
a first step would be removing that limitation
currenly I am implementing this protocol design https://github.com/F483/picopayments#protocol
GitHub F483/picopayments picopayments - Counterparty micropayment channels
Robby Dermody [12:42 AM] @counterpartybitcoin: cp will not have to move to a side chain... That's a big value to it... It runs on Bitcoin mainnet. That won't/shouldn't change in the future, although that's not to say that it couldn't run on a side chain as well possibly, in the future
F483 [12:44 AM] with multiple inpuits and outputs lighting network should be able to be implemented with a design similar to https://github.com/Storj/storjspec/blob/mastestorjlib/micropayments.md#bidirectional-trustless-micropayent-channels
GitHub Storj/storjspec storjspec - Storj protorcol specification and compatibility tests.
im not sure if the whitepaper of lightning network is now updated to use the new opcodes
Robby Dermody [12:48 AM] @f483: would you possibly be open to working on a PR to add multi input/output support to cp-lib? I'd or @rubensayshi would be happy to go over the relevant internals with you, if so
F483 [12:48 AM] im not sure if I have the time for that I currently work full time with storj
rubensayshi [12:48 AM] I've taken a few hours in the past to see how doable it wouldbe though on protocol level it shouldn't be hard the codebase is very biased towards single input / single output
F483 [12:49 AM] helping with micropayments would work as our intrests overlap, but im not sure if going further would be viable for us. i mostly code in the trenches and such decisions are made highr up ...
Robby Dermody [12:50 AM] @rubensayshi: agreed about the single input/output bias...
rubensayshi [12:51 AM] though it's probably the 1 feature that would be at the top of my list cause it enables atomic swaps with a specific person, atm only the DEX enables atomic swaps
F483 [12:51 AM] has the p2sh PR found its way into the main repo yet, or whats the eta on it? yeah I would say its high prio, atomic swapts are pretty nice
rubensayshi [12:52 AM] I rebased it yday
F483 [12:53 AM] nice
rubensayshi [12:53 AM] we gotta make a plan on how to release it testnet first and then mainnet etc
Robby Dermody [12:55 AM] I was planning on merging it into develop this week (everyone feel free to run through the diff again)....the mainnet block is way off in the PR... We can run it on testnet, then at some point (a few weeks, once we get some more validation??), set the mainnet release block and do a new release of the software? (edited)
F483 [12:59 AM] I can checkout your PR later and run my tests with it, see if its still ok
Robby Dermody [12:59 AM] Optimally, I'd like to get the p2sh support in counterwallet ASAP, and reach out to the community to mess around with p2sh multisig via cw... We'd get the best testing, realistically (in addition to the devs mucking with it)
F483 [12:59 AM] ^ this
rubensayshi [1:00 AM] tbh we maybe should reach out to some people who are in production and discuss their testing strategy, because it looks to me like many people either aren't testing or testing on mainnet judging by the activity on testnet.
I think the EVM safeguard discussion is also boiling down to this
F483 [1:01 AM] yeah sometimes I feel only my transactions are on testnet ...
Harri [1:32 AM] sounds pretty good Robby and Ruben, nice work
F483 [1:55 AM] @robbyd: @rubensayshi if we want micropayments to be included in the api I can change the picopayments api to be better suit for that and submit it as a PR instead of being a stand alone project. from there we could evlove it into a more lightning network like protocol once cp supports the needed features
rubensayshi [1:57 AM] atm my focus is mostly on the EVM, but I do think that it would be really nice of we could have an easy way for people to do payment channels with CP and if we have it build into cp-lib then we could also consider it the defacto standard and add support for it to counterwallet
F483 [1:58 AM] I think that would also be in our intrest, as more users = more bugs found/squashed etc
and it is general purpose and in now way limited to storj I think keeping it in picopayments is good for now until I have implemented. Then when it works move it over in a way that makes sense I think I need some basic additional calls that are not exposed (get utxos for address, get rawtx for txit) but I may be able to work around that, not sure yet. (edited)
Robby Dermody [2:30 AM] @f483: that sounds good to me. I would like for your work to see wider use in counterparty-lib if it’s possible… CP really needs this functionality and it makes sense to pull from something already working, especially since that is written in python as well (given the normal caveats about the code styles matching (aiming towards pep8), unit tests, etc …but all of that is rather simple…)
F483 [2:31 AM] yes I agree, I code python 2/3 code and am using pycoin internally to parse/sign etc I try to get 100% coverage and my build fails on lacking pep8 currently no auto travis builds though as I need a local branch for p2sh and a local bitcoind client but as soon as p2sh makes it to the public dev servers I will use them for unit tests
Robby Dermody [3:00 AM] pep8 is rather easy with autopep8 (to at least take care of all the annoying whitespace issues)
Robby Dermody [4:04 AM] ​regarding P2SH:​ p2sh will be merged to develop in a few days and after a few weeks of testing in develop it will go live on mainnet. feature live on mainnet: we’re aiming at 4-6 weeks.
F483 [4:12 AM] I think I should also have working micropayments by then and can start working on a PR for cp-lib, good timing!
rubensayshi [4:15 AM] yea, after the EVM I really want to do auto formatting on the whole codebase to make everything pep8 but it ruins the git history a lot cuz our codebase is pretty ... meh so need a moment when there's not too many outstanding branches open
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Jeffrey Robinson Bitcoin interview by Chris DeRose Bitcoin: The Future of Money and Finance At IT Paloooza 2014 Transmission 40 - Chris DeRose, Counterparty, Meta Coins, Blockchains, Smart Contracts CounterParty and the Asset Revolution with Chris DeRose at Coins in the Kingdom 2014 CryptoScam #1 - Bitcoin (w/ Chris DeRose)

Chris DeRose is the Counterparty Community Director and a writer at American Banker. DeRose’s articles at American Banker highlight Bitcoin’s advantages over private blockchains, and how Bitcoin and blockchain technology is set to change finance. Quotes. On alternate blockchains: This Bitcoin network effect shows no signs of slowing down. But if the last six years has shown us anything in ... In Transmission #40, Chris DeRose, Community Director of the Counterparty Foundation shares his opinion on Bitcoin 2.0 Bitcoin evangelist, public speaker, and Community Director of the Counterparty Foundation.I'm a lead organizer of the South Florida Bitcoin group, a lecturer, and the proud owner of two amazing cats.I'm a journalist, a Youtuber, and accomplished software developer.This site is snapshot of what's going on in my life, and a scratchpad for ideas. Chris Derose here, Community Director of the Counterparty Foundation and today we had a question from Bart Kent. Hi, Bart. Thanks for the question. Bart Kent wants to know, "Is there an increased risk of attack on bitcoin by adding high valued assets through systems like Counterparty or Coinprism?" So, it's a great question. It's actually one of the longstanding questions we've had in this ... The answer, says Counterparty community director Chris DeRose, may very well turn out to be "No one". Technology Bitcoin and Public Blockchains Will Power the Smart Contracts Revolution. Chris ...

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Jeffrey Robinson Bitcoin interview by Chris DeRose

Where have we been with Bitcoin, and where does our future lie? What efficiency will smart contracts and tokenized value offer us, and how will that change society. In this video, I introduce the ... CounterParty and the Asset Revolution with Chris DeRose at Coins in the Kingdom 2014 - Duration: 28:48. Bitcoin Florida Recommended for you. 28:48. Pratt Live! A ... Chris DeRose discusses the many uses of Counterparty assets, business models, and programming options in front of a live audience at the Coins in the Kingdom conference on October 5th, 2014. In this video, Chris DeRose gives a refresh on the classic "What is Bitcoin" talk, with added info about the 2.0 technologies, and the commodity value of Bitcoin. This talk was for an audience at ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue