Announcing /r/finansial - the personal finance subreddit for the Indonesian market

Welcome to /finansial, a subreddit for news/discussions/questions about finance relevant to Indonesia. Content can be in English or Bahasa Indonesia, or gado-gado is a-OK as well.
I decided to start this up because of the recent discussions on the topics of personal finance in the past few weels. Basically sama dengan /IndoFinance yg udah deserted, but with more robust moderation, and hopefully keep it alive and thriving. Like /IndoFinance, this subreddit was created in the spirit of /personalfinance, but with content applicable to Indonesian finance.
As far as content policy is concerned, I'll be mostly leaving it to the community and the moderators to decide, tapi personally, gw prefer to keep the topics seluas mungking, asalkan bisa relevan to someone's financial situation.

Base Rule

Usual rules applies. Rule of thumb:


As mentioned before, gw prefer keep topic luas, asalkan relevan dgn finance, its OK. For example, these topics, be it discussion, news, questions are OK, and encouraged:
The following topics are not outright banned, but will be put under extra scrutiny, so make sure to tread carefully. Mods will be locking/removing the thread if it goes out of line.
These topics are no-no.
The rules aren't set in stone, and will definitely evolve as the community grows. Enforcement will also be a matter of the mods' guts feeling and human judgement. Deal with it.
So thats pretty much the idea of a subreddit I have in mind. Let me know what you think.
This is my first subreddit, still figuring things out. How to style the subreddits, setting up flairs, etc. Any help/suggestion is welcomed.
This being a new subreddit, bakalan perlu bantuan kalian semua to keep this alive. Gw start subreddit ini jg mostly karna selfish reason gw mau pny resources2 personal finance yang berkualitas & applicable to myself. If the above description of a subredit sounds interesting to you, please, post a question, share your knowledge, share a news. Mari ramaikan subreddit ini.
To get the ball rolling, berhubung gw sendiri belum lama ini ada buka rekening, I'll start with the low-hanging fruit of covering /indonesia's precious banking product, Jenius.
Also, mod recruitment is on as well. Please apply.
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