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I've been sick for a few days and I'm a little fuzzy right now, so please forgive any typos and so forth. I find when I'm not feeling well and need to occupy my brain with something is the best time to ponder about big ideas and events and the meanings and possibilities thereof, and I actually have the time to put fingers to keys and try to make sense of such things with my typical walls of text. I'd like to address several things here, so let's get started.
First off, is a postmortem of the Wiki Month celebration for #GG's 5th anniversary. I'm proud to say that most of my "big ideas" have lead to success in one degree or another over the past half decade, but this was not one of them. Apart from our resident hero u/Mikisayaka33 and a few others, turnout for the #GG Wiki party was very small. This is mitigated by several factors including:
The deplatforming of 8chan and scattering of the #GG community there The split between KiA and KiA2 absorbing a ton of the Reddit community's creative energy The banning of Mombot and with her the last major central node in the old #GG Twitter network
With so much going on, I couldn't expect that many people were going to take a great deal of time to do the fiddly, exacting work needed to make good articles on a Wiki about troubles in the world of interactive Mongolian flipbook paintings. Nevertheless, good work has been done there. Hopefully it will continue to pay dividends.
Secondly, let's talk about 8chan. As many of you are doubtlessly aware, 8chan was taken offline by Cloudflare around August 10th, as we were in the middle of planning for #GG's anniversary events and shitposting away. Almost simultaneously, the Reddit community 8chan was shut down and a huge schism erupted here over the board staff's behavior, leading to the explosive growth of KiA2. In the month of August, almost on top of the 5th year anniversary, an entire #GG hub community found itself scattered to the wind and another fractured in half. Shortly thereafter, the last BIG #GG voice on social media was suspended. To top it all off 8chan's previous owner, Frederick (Hotwheels) Brennan, pulled a face-heel turn and went on a crusade against 8chan. He went so far as to team up with corrupt journalists on Twitter to put pressure on the site owners, to such an extent as to file paperwork to get the owner's citizenship requests revoked in the Philippines. He has alluded to using the substantial Bitcoin donations that 8chan users once contributed to him to pay for DDoS attacks on the site, threatened to write and release an open source flood script to keep it offline, completely reversed his stances on Internet censorship and free speech, and recently came out as a furry. It's been a rough four months for the goodguys. Maybe by design, as #GG as a whole seemed to suffer a "perfect storm" of events that disrupted us in ways very convenient for certain parties.
All that being said, 8chan is finally back online and recovering at its new address of 8kun.top. /gamergatehq/ has returned as well, addressed in the customary fashion. The site is working out a few minor bugs, but the communities are finally starting to recover, and the site now has its own in-house DDoS prevention software that is keeping the jackals mostly at bay. Our large communities survived in the interim by turning to the darknet as well as a self-healing clearnet Webring of "bunker" sites. The second largest of these bunkers is still online and holding a significant part of 8chan's old userbase, and it remains to be seen if they will be coming home or staying put. For #GG's part we should be recovered enough to get some things done within the coming weeks, probably after the Christmas Stalingrad season. Related to the subject of 8chan and #GG, I think its finally time for me to weigh in a bit on the KiA meta issues in a public manner. Lord knows I don't have to tell anybody here, mods or users, anything about the problems your board is facing. I have my private thoughts on that and I've made them known to the staff already. But what hasn't ever been addressed amounts to a pair of elephants in the room, and I would like to spare some oxygen to talk about them.
The first thing is a brief reminder of who your allies are. When #GamerGate kicked off, the pro-#GG side began as a huge coalition centered around three hubs: The imageboard community, KiA, and Twitter Front. Each served a different purpose: Small and classically nasty, 8chan did most of the planning and think-tank work, and had an informal network of people (including yours truly) carrying information back and forth between the three hubs and helping everyone coordinate. Huge and mild-mannered KiA could throw weight of numbers behind operations and served as a fantastic recruitment ground on the normie Internet. And chaotic Twitter could raise hell, apply social pressure, and grant massive public exposure to our efforts. A great system that we all collectively leveraged to great effect. There's just one problem: KiA seems to have forgotten who the 8chan hub is made up of. 8chan #GG was comprised of three factions. A hidden hub (/v/ #GG), a public "honeypot" hub (/gg/ - /gghq/), and the "Shekel Shoah" operation (/pol/).
Yes, THAT /pol/
Not to put too fine a point on it, but your allies in this thing from day one, including the minds behind Operation Disrespectful Nod, have been /pol/ in all their warts and triumphs, and to this day 8chan #GG remains a joint /pol/-/v/ project. How this was common knowledge in 2014-2015 and has somehow slipped beyond the veil of the obvious here beats me. You already know, in your heart of hearts, why I'm bringing this up. As a moderate lurker with intimate knowledge of the hub communities it has become quite apparent to me that the KiA of today has manifested something beyond the "agree to disagree" deference that signified that branch of the alliance for the first few years. There is a certain visible intolerance of "/pol/-types" on the part of both the mods and the community that has taken root here, that was not here in the first two or three years, and that is (at least in my opinion) fueling a good portion of your community fracture. /pol/, for their part, has never liked Reddit, but have always been happy to work together with this specific community in accomplishing a common goal. It is with high irony that I can state that they are more tolerant than you are, at this point. Those are sharp words, but they're sharp for the sake of honesty and not for the sake of insult. In the beginning we all set our political and cultural differences aside and became one community. Now something has elevated political differences in importance and we are fracturing as a result. From my experience, KiA2 resonates with more of the original "attitude" that once defined KiA. A certain moderated rowdiness and willingness to disregard our differences that I can't quite put to words. And yet it still feels like it is missing something from the absence of respectable viewpoints and personae that remain cloistered here. Pause and give that some thought if you will, before you read into the next paragraph.
Much has been said, including by myself, on the subject of "mission creep." We had no shortage of people pushing for #GG to be about more than just gaming media, even as far back as December of the first year. They were roundly, and loudly, and repeatedly, and rightly told to stuff it by the majority. To paraphrase IA in the Quinnspiracy videos, "if all of us together can't even clean up something as puny as the gaming media, what hope does anyone have of fixing the bigger issues?" Keep focus. Stay on target. Keep digging. Send those emails. And damn if we didn't! Millions in ad revenue up in flames, Gawker torpedoed, enough corporate fear and fury to deluge us in hitpieces and hate articles and we just surfed the wave higher as we watched them sink all the while. Any suggested diversion from that path immediately reeked of shill tactics. An underhanded effort to unfocus the autism laser. Indeed we had a traitor faction within our own ranks create and propagate the "ethics cuck" meme specifically to split our community and drive us toward politics and anti-SJW warfare instead of fighting our war in gaming. I personally fought alongside many others to put a stop to that. That happened in 2015! But whereas our victories are almost universally counted in what we have destroyed, not much gets said about the culture #GamerGate created.
Tech-savvy and Internet savvy meme connoisseurs Wide awake and aware of media propaganda and bias (redpilled) A developed taste for grassroots activism A developed hatred for censorship, whether in art or points of view
One quarter million people, with a reach of over three million. That's how big #GG was at our peak. Smaller forces have toppled governments. Now consider the state of the gaming media today, compared to pre-#GG. Yes, its still trash. But for years now the likes of Kotaku haven't dared to antagonize and demonize gamers the way they did to us in 2014. They learned a very painful lesson. Undisclosed conflicts of interest are much more rare now as well. While they're still pumping out "woke" garbage articles and clickbait, the original cassus belli of #GG has largely gone away since the fight was never about their generic quality but rather their brazen collusion to attack and silence gamer culture. Its only if you're holding out for vindication of #GG, an apology for their past behavior, or engaging (as in my case with Kuchera) a blood vendetta against the few remaining figures in our rogue's gallery that #GG's original conflict really has any gas left in it. We've been in "watchdog mode" for nearly four years, and there has been comparatively little to watch. That isn't a judgement, but I think its a valid (and somewhat welcome) observation. We have no realistic power to make the games media good, but we succeeded in hurting them as payback, and making them more ethical to prevent further big issues. For the main, basic, simplest goal that more or less everyone agreed with in 2014, #GamerGate has apparently won the war. Or at least reduced it to no more than an occasional mopping-up operation. Now all those SJW-aware, redpilled, Internet savvy gamers who hate media bias and censorship and have a taste for activism can just go home.
There is a fly in that ointment, however. Over the long course of #GG we learned something about our opponents in the media. Both in the games media that created the lies about us from whole cloth, and the mainstream media who happily backed their play to spin a narrative: We learned their motivations. Beginning with GamesJournoPros we learned that the major players and gatekeepers in the games media shared certain political sensibilities that justified everything they did. When they colluded behind closed doors, it was with other people who shared their political sensibilities. When they circled the wagons and defended each other from criticism, it was on the basis of their political sensibilities. When they lashed out at gamer culture it was to direct others who shared their political sensibilities to attack us. When we appealed to higher authorities we were denied on the basis of different political sensibilities. When our voices were censored from seemingly the entire Internet, it was on the basis of not having the right political sensibilities. When Wikileaks took notice of us, they warned us that the corruption and bias we were seeing was "mirrored at the very top." And for #GG's culture who is now aware and sensitive to the presence of media bias and corruption and who have knowledge of these motivations, we can now see those same political sensibilities driving enormous problems at every level of life from local politics to Hollywood to Presidential elections. And for people with a taste for activism, it is not something that can be dismissed as "not my problem" while still being true to yourself. There are four lights, afterall. With this state of affairs looming in the foreground, there is a very reasonable appeal in using the downtime resident in "watchdog mode" #GG to think and talk about the bigger problems stemming from the same sources, and perhaps eventually formulating some sort of activist solutions to improve the situation. In 2014, 2015, or in my opinion even 2016 I would argue that this would be "mission creep." Premature and dangerous with so much still up in the air. Today, five years hence and with so little on our plate, it now seems much more like a natural evolution of goals driven by the core culture of #GamerGate itself. The community is changing its goals because it has grown into change, and not because its hand is being forced or manipulated. Take a moment to reflect on this, and then consider the events and attitudes that split your community in light of it, and perhaps things will become more understandable without the animosity. Its better to have strange bedfellows than to fight alone.
Finally I would like to address something that I think is sorely needed. The few of you who know me personally know I already have more project irons in the fire than I can handle on a given day, so I'd like to pitch this as an idea to the more Reddit-savvy technical folks here. I call the concept "Salvation." Imagine a custom fork of Gab's open-source Dissenter application, but tailor-made for Reddit. Allowing anyone to comment and reply to any Reddit thread via a third party overlay that the Reddit admins have no power to enforce against.
Imagine it. You could post whatever you wanted "on Reddit" again. The use of such an app could be integrated into a board's culture. On the surface where normies lurk you would see only the clean, advertiser friendly milquetoast nonsense of the Reddit administrators. Yet then established members of the community could go beneath and say what they really think with no oversight from Reddit's admin staff. Real discussions and activism could happen again, using Reddits infrastructure to build and maintain communities, and yet placing the dedicated members beyond the reach of Reddits Byzantine TOS and redname whimsy. Free speech could be restored sitewide for the cost of a browser app and a sticky telling everyone where to find it.
Thank you as always for reading. Cheers, KiA.
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Rebellion is all about timing. Now is the perfect moment for XR to launch a #DebtStrikeForClimate.

The Internet is erupting with gallows humor as the stock market crumbles. The Doomer generation is at long last beginning to vent their righteous anger against the planet-eating Boomers. This is the perfect opportunity for XR to up the ante and call a #DebtStrikeForClimate.
I opened my phone and saw my 401k down 10%, bitcoin down 7%, texts saying I need to move out, 3 voicemails from debt collectors, negative bank account balance, and 0 matches on tinder.
Might throw my phone in the trash and cut up my credit cards.
Exploit this kind of sentiment! XR should loudly legitimize people defaulting on their debts. There will never be a better time to force a reduction of GHG than hitting the financial system when it's down. Strike now!
Jefferson called auspicious moments like this "precious occasions”:
Thus, although Marx and Engels hold that revolution cannot be “made” thanks to human will and action alone, it cannot become manifest without human will and action. With respect to the problem of the revolutionary subject, a similar interplay between history’s inaccessible movement and self-determined human agency is described by theorists concerned with the kairos, that is, the right moment or timing for radical change. Rousseau, for instance, argues that specific historical constellations (“crises”) are necessary for humans (here, a people) to successfully initiate revolutions (compare Rousseau, 2012 [1762]).
To paraphrase Paul Valéry: “The wind is rising! . . . We must try to live (by rebelling)!”
As the hourglass symbol reminds us, it's time.
You will regret it later if all you did at this critical juncture was get your tits out on Waterloo Bridge.
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CMV: 2014 was a horrible, no-good year

I maintain that 2014 was an unusually bad year, and a huge number of amazingly terrible events are concentrated in that year.
"CancelColbert" became a trending hashtag, thanks to Twitter activist Suey Park. The hashtag claimed that Stephen Colbert was racist for using "ching chong chinaman" as a part of his act, even though was obviously a joke meant to mock and satirize racists, not be one. The hashtag backfired and pretty much ruined Suey Park's life, as well as contributing to the over-sensitive social justice environment that most people agreed was terrible. But later it was announced that the humorous and successful Colbert Show would indeed be ending for unrelated reasons.
Russian invasion of Ukraine
In the first territorial conquest in Europe since World War II, in early 2014 Russia invaded and annexed the Crimea, and then went on to invade Ukraine. Obama didn't really stand up hard to Putin, he refused to even call it an invasion. The US and EU imposed some weak sanctions that didn't really do anything to move Putin.
MH370 disappearance
A large jet disappeared over Southeast Asia and no one has been able to find out. In addition to the loss of life, this was the start of a years long nightmare for the families of the victims, who have been tortured by endless inquiries and false hopes up to this day. It also resulted in a massive expenditure of resources in the search that ended up with nothing.
Rise of ISIS
No explanation needed. The rise of an explicitly theocratic, and totalitarian state in the Middle East that would result in a great deal more violence, including the beheading of journalists, happened this year. It extended the Syrian civil war and ended any hope of a legitimate opposition to Assad.
Newsweek Satoshi Nakamoto story
Newsweek published a story claiming to unmask the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, but this was proven to be false. All that was accomplished was an apparently unrelated man got a ton of unwanted worldwide attention, and the journalist's highest profile story of her career blew up, and millions of people were misled in the process.
Michael Brown shooting
An 18 year old African American man was shot to death by the police. This led to massive riots and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, which ended up with yet another person dead, a police officer's life was ruined. The entire community of Ferguson was heavily damaged in the resulting violence, and racial tension exploded across the country after this. Polls of how people view race relations, which had been steady for decades, suddenly took a nosedive and we are still in a period of negative race relations now.
MH17 shootdown
Some rebels supplied by the Russian government shot down MH17 - the same airline that suffered the MH370 disappearance. It's such a tragedy for the airline to lose two planes in one year, through no apparent fault of its own. The shooters will never be held responsible because the Russian government will protect them.
Ebola Virus Disease
Ebola is a horrible disease that makes you bleed from your pores until you die. But until 2014, it was thought to be confined to Central Africa and easily controllable to very small outbreaks. But that year there was a huge outbreak in West Africa that killed tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. They will be forgotten because they were born in a poor developing country. Also some of the brave doctors and nurses who went to help were at high risk and many of them got Ebola and died.
Murder of Felina
Felina was a twitter citizen activist who rallied her fellow Mexicans to report criminal activity in Mexico's drug war through tweets. In this year, the gangs somehow tracked her down, knocked on her door. They forced her to tweet out a picture of herself looking defeated, then later tweeted out a picture of her dead body from her account. The drug lords sent a message that they were king, and the drug war has been accelerating in Mexico ever since.
A massive controversy erupted online over games journalism, a seemingly obscure topic that nonetheless marked the beginning of the alt right. A lot of people like Milo Yiannopolis and Mike Cernovich first started getting really popular around this time. The alt right had its first big wins and basically took over the Internet. This was the beginning of today's online alt right and alt lite influence. It also resulted in a lot of people getting harassed and bullied online with no effective defense.
"A Rape on Campus"
Probably the worst piece of journalism of the decade. Sabrina Erdely and Rolling Stone published a liar's completely implausible account of being raped by a fraternity at UVA. After going massively viral, after a week or two the story turned out to be false, Rolling Stone didn't even verify basic facts or try to interview the accused. The fraternity was defamed, and real rape victims ever since then have had a harder time being believed. The story damaged Rolling Stone so bad, it contributed to the magazine's being sold off a couple years later.
Iggy Azalea called out for cultural appropriation
Iggy Azalea, a white Australian rapper, was called out for cultural appropriation, which is when a person of the wrong race uses the cultural symbols or clothing of another group. This is a completely stupid controversy since culture is by nature fluid and every race has borrowed and borrows from what other groups have made throughout history. Yet it has become something people bully each other over. Iggy was bullied out of the industry despite having some great songs and doing what she loved.
Republicans gain the Senate
Alright, if you're a Republican you probably don't consider this bad news, but if you're a centrist or a liberal it's definitely bad, since it means that the centrist judge Merrick Garland didn't get confirmed to the Supreme Court and now we will have 5-6 or more conservative judges on the court, completely wrecking its balance. Even if you're a conservative, the fact that the Republicans didn't even hold hearings on Garland's nomination was wrong.
Hillary Clinton decides to run for president
Apparently in December of this year is when Hillary Clinton decided to run for president. The Hillary Clinton campaign was one of the biggest disasters in history. She had to go through scandal after scandal, and the end result was two candidates that the majority of the country didn't like. We've been going into a more and more divisive political time ever since then.
In conclusion, 2014 was the worst year I'd say since 1997. Many negative events and/or trends started then, that are at the root of all our problems today. It's really remarkable how they all managed to happen in 2014. CMV.
This is a footnote from the CMV moderators. We'd like to remind you of a couple of things. Firstly, please read through our rules. If you see a comment that has broken one, it is more effective to report it than downvote it. Speaking of which, downvotes don't change views! Any questions or concerns? Feel free to message us. Happy CMVing!
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Block size limit debate history lesson

Pre 2013
Bitcoin users and developers have near universal agreement that the block size limit is a temporary feature must be raised and/or removed. Preparing for this hard fork is one of lead developer Gavin's top priorities.
MAX_BLOCK_SIZE has always been planned to increase as needed. That limitation should be ignored. theymos 17:15, 4 March 2011 (GMT)
What Theymos said. Increasing MAX_BLOCK_SIZE will be done when "lightweight, header-only" client mode is done. Until then, block size has to be kept under control.--Gavin Andresen 00:19, 5 March 2011 (GMT)
However development priorities are not very unified, as noted by one observer:
When I joined this forum I was completely wrong calling the Bitcoin core development team "Bitcoin bunker". Now that I understand the situation better I know that there's no single bunker. There are numerous one-or-two-person cubbyholes that may occasionally form the aliances to shoot at the occupant of another cubbyhole. The situation conforms better to the distributed paradigm inherent in the design of Bitcoin.
For the first time in Bitcoin's history, arguments begin to erupt regarding the desirability of increasing the block size limit.
Many of the proponents in favor of making the block size limit permanent are investors in competing currencies/payment systems and this fact was not lost on observers of the era and can easily be confirmed by viewing the profiles of the participants:
In May of 2013, Peter Todd funds the production of a propaganda video:
None of the claims in this video are true, but it is effective in creating drama. Tensions rise and development work grinds nearly to a halt due to infighting.
BTC market share is 95%.
In December, Gregory Maxwell begins to revive the idea of sidechains along with Adam Back, TheBlueMatt, and other individuals who will go on to form Blockstream.
They begin promoting sidechains as an alternative to Bitcoin scaling.
April 7: Unwilling to deal with the drama any further, Gavin steps down as lead developer. At the time the BTC market share is 90%.
Sidechain discussion is well underway, yet a few people still manage to speak up to point out that sidechains should not be treated as an alternative to scaling Bitcoin. You may notice some familiar posters in these threads:
In October, Blockstream.com publishes their sidechain whitepaper:
The response is underwhelming.
On November 17, Blockstream announces the securing of $21 million in seed funding.
BTC market share is 91%.
On June 22, Gavin Andresen proposes BIP101 to increase the block size limit as the conclusion of his work performed since stepping down as lead developer.
On August 6, Mike Hearn announces BitcoinXT, a full node implementation that includes BIP101.
Many Blockstream employees, including Adam Back, call this effort a "coup", a claim that can not be made without admitting they believe themselves to be the legitimate rulers of Bitcoin.
In October, Blockstream employee Pieter Wuille proposes "Segregated Witness":
This is the time period most Bitcoin users are familiar with, which really only represents the tail end of a five year long fight to prevent the planned block size limit increase.
The BTC market share has been steadily dropping since the anti-scaling propaganda began in late 2012/early 2013.
It currently stands at 66%.
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Tails of The Blender, the "All Bard" party, and how our all-'good' party became chaotic evil sky-pirates

As a bit of background, our DM decided he wanted to do a higher level campaign. He allowed us to each start with 1 rare and 1 uncommon magic item. He also decided that he wanted to DM an all-bard party (he may be a masochist). Thus begins the tale of murder and salsa.
Most of this happened several weeks ago, so I don't remember the details
Be me: Matthias Großendinger, AKA the gnome of variable height, and the sole designer, manufacturer and distributor of the World-famous miniature subacontrabass, as well as the head guild artisan of the Guild of Bass
Also be Level 10 chaotic good pure bard famous throughout the land
Be party: level 10 bard, level 10 bard, level 10 bard (some of them were multiclassing, but I wasn't really paying attention)
Party is mostly either chaotic or lawful good
The campaign starts with us meeting the king. He called us together to form the best band in the land. He wanted us to work our way to his brother, who was the duke of the neigboring kingdom
Apparently some shit was going on and he needed to speak to his brother about something, but the Duke was really suspicious and refused to meet
I'm doing my Bardly duty and not really paying attention, but he basically wanted us to gain the Duke's trust using the power of song (and maybe some magical suggestive lyrics)
Be newly formed band: Bongwater Revival.
But first, lemmetakeasidequest.gif
Some rebels in the capital city that want to stir up shit for some reason.
King wants us to 'take care' of them
We break into the manor that they are using as a base of operations
After taking significant damage clearing the first room, we decide to take a quick nap
Bard #2 casts Leomund's Tiny Hut, which protects us and allows us to take a short rest.
We song of rest circle-jerk to full HP with a short rest.
Moving on to the next room, we are fighting the head of the rebels.
And a animate suit of armor
And an elephant...
Be me, shitty player who doesn't really play spellcaster much
Going through me spells, figuring out which does the most damage.
Find 'Erupting Earth', which does 3d12 damage to everything within a 20-foot cube.
Except you add 1d12 for every level above 3rd
And thus begins the saga of The BlenderTM
Cast Blender at 5th level, targeting both the elephant and the boss
Elephant is all but dead, boss is bloodied by the time it is my turn again
Elephant and boss defeated, armor already dead, we can move on the the main quest
End of session
We start out by buying several wagons and forming a caravan, then we set out for the Duke.
On our way there we come across a rather large farming town
After we perform there, we meet with the mayor at a feast.
Apparently there are some monsters residing in a cave system connected to the old mine that are attacking the city.
We head to the house of an old farmer, the only person to have ever entered the cave and live.
He agrees to tell us everything he knows... under one condition
He wants to know if we are tough enough to survive
Be Bard #3, AKA knife bard. (He has a bag of holding full of 500 daggers)
He pulls out his magic flaming dagger
Wanna know how tough I am?
He stabs himself in the shoulder.
Takes like 20 damage
Farmer turns to the rest of us
"Well, you certainly are crazy, but are you tough enough to make it? If you can retrieve my axe from that tree, I'll tell you everything I know."
He throws his axe and sticks it into the top of a tree
Be Bard #4, AKA only player worse than me
Have dimensional door, don't use it.
Be Knife Bard
Have fly, don't use it.
Be me, roll dex to climb tree
Eventually make it to the top and try to pull out the axe
-1 strength
Tie rope to it instead and drop it down so party can help
He tells us what he knows, apparently there are some drow in the caves.
Having gained almost no useful knowledge, we head to the mine that leads to the cave.
We pass through a room full of poisonous mushrooms
2 members fail... 5 total damage
Party moves on
Enter huge cavern, nearly 300 feet in diameter
Half of the cavern is just a pit to nothingness
We all feel an 'evil vibe' coming from the bottom
There are a bunch of drow in the room
4 of them are standing within 20 feet of eachother
Cast Blender, Krewe de gras-ing two of them, leaving the other two nearly dead.
Combat is mostly uneventful, we kill all of the drow before any can run away
But now we feel rumbling throughout the cavern
I come up with a great plan: I'll fly up to the ceiling and cast blender on the roof of the cavern, causing over 3 million pounds of rock to fall on its head
Except it doesn't come from the pit, it comes from the middle of the ground
It's a gargantuan purple worm
It suprise attacks the party and then dives back into the earth
I ready an action: as soon as I see it again I'm going to blend it.
Most of the party is grouped up all together like a bunch of idiots
The worm comes out from beneath them, dealing massive damage
My readied action activates, and I cast 6th level blender on the worm... and my party
One of them goes down, two other are nearly dead
The ground by the cliff crumbles, taking out downed party member with it.
The worm did it I swear
A couple rounds pass and we kill it
We loot several tens of thousands gold worth of gems from in it, and prepare to rest for the night.
Before we can rest, a drow priestess approaches us and asks what happened
Knife bard decides to be diplomatic and try to be peaceful
We explain how we ventured into the cave hoping to speak to the drow about bringing peace between them and the village, but the purple worm attacked when we arrived cough ... and killed all of the drow in the cavern... those totally *aren't** stab wounds on your friends*
She buys it, and agrees to let us set up a meeting to negotiate peace.
End of session. Next session is a week later, and knife bard is busy, so we played as though his character was just unconscious
After we wake up from our rest, we notice that one of our members is still asleep.
After he still doesn't wake up, we make a litter and decide to exit the cavern
Somehow the entrance we came through collapsed
We move on deeper into the cavern searching for a way out
On the way we find a big guy completely covered in black armor tied up on an alter
Seems like a nice enough fellow, we untie him and invite him to join us in place of our fallen comrade
We have to go talk to their god if we want to take her sacrifice
Go into another giant cavern.
We're standing on a cliff about 20 feet wide. In front of us is a cliff, and 100 feet down is a huge pitch black lake.
This all looks pretty normal
We hear a voice in our heads promising us all of our wishes if we follow her
She's tells us that if we want to leave the cavern, we have to jump into the water
Yeah, that's not suspicious at all
Once again, nobody bothers to use their useful spells, like dimension door, fly, or jump
We the all of our rope together, and the black knight decides to try to jump to the shore
It's only 100 feet down and like 150 feet away.
He lands about 15 feet from the shore and his knees crumple, so he's prone in the water
A bunch of tentacles come out and start attacking him
They try to, at least
A couple rounds pass and bard #5 is blasting the aboleth with sacred flame
As a gnome, I way about 55 pounds - counting all of my equipment.
Black Night has gotten onto the shore and is bracing against the rope now
I hand the other end of the rope to bard #4 and zip line down to the shore
I land a couple feet from shore and take some hits, but pass all of my con saves so I don't have anything major happen
Having used most of my spell slots earlier, I decide to go whack it with my sword
Decent damage, but I have to make a con save
Roll pretty good, get a 5
"You find it getting harder and harder to breath, and your skin starts to feel itchy
Jump back into the water
Bard #4 tries to zip line down, but falls off about halfway across.
He gets cursed with fish skin too, but can still breath normally
Like the next round we kill the aboleth
Bard #5 ties the rope to knife board's body and ziplines down
Black knight decides to pull the body off of the 100 foot cliff, and through the 150 feet of lake.
By some miracle he is still alive by the time BK drags him to shore
I swim to shore and tell our cleric-bard (bard #5) that I have a disease and can't breath air
Casts dispel magic
15 minutes later and I'm magical again
Before we can make our plan, the drow priestess comes in onto the ledge.
Apparently it had tricked the drow into thinking it was their god.
We roll initiative and prepare for combat
I start swimming towards the base of the cliff
I'm still "cursed", so I can breath underwater and don't have to surface
Complete stealth mode engaged
IRL I start cackling like a madman with a crazy look in my eyes
The party realizes what's going on and the start laughing too
A second later the DM realizes what's about to happen and just sighs and facepalms as he accepts his fate
3 turns later and I get within range
Party is mostly okay, flying spiders have driven bard #5 into the water, and BK is running away like a Bitch
Knife Bard is somehow still alive, even though he is being eaten alive by flying spiders
I cast BlenderTM at 6th level
Out of nowhere, the cliff explodes around the priestess and her companions
I roll crazy well, 70 damage
Her thugs are vaporized into a fine red mist, and she is left at 1 HP, falling to her death
She casts levitate and floats down to the water safely ,then tries to swim away
I was prepared for her.
I cast vicious mockery
I ask her "What's the difference between a drow and salsa?
"Not much after they've been through The BlenderTM "
Black knight comes back to the group with his tail between his legs
Cleric Bard casts feign death on me and bard #4 to temporarily cancel the affects of our diseases.
They grab both of us and knife bard and start hiking towards the cave exit
After an hour they have just left the cave, and feign death wears off
BardCleric casts feign death on me, but is out of spell slots for bard #4
He can breath, he just takes damage from being really itchy
We make it back to town, and head to the local church
I can breath again, but we both are still fishskin cursed
They priests heal us, and to thank them I donate 33 platinum to the church
They about have a seizure from my generosity
We go tell the mayor that we took care of the drow
He is really fucking suprised, we took care of the problem that has been plaguing them for many years in like 6 hours
Gives us a kickass cornucopia that makes food and can cast hero's feast once a day
Also gives us a shitton of sweet midevil bitcoin
We're really fucking rich now
Bard #4 (who has just told us that he is a pirate?) decides to buy a ballistae and mount it on his wagon in the caravan
Black knight decides to use his money to buy an airship, but has to ask bard #5 for money
Bard #5 gives away all of his money
We are woken early the next morning by the sounds of the rest of the drow approaching with an army of giant spiders
We are fighting the giantest spider while the militia takes on the others
Bard #4 shoots the ballistae but misses
Bard #5 Uses Sacred Flame
I look at its eight spindly legs
"Lets see how well it can fight without legs"
Cast BlenderTM at the spider
Immobilized, we easily finish it off
We beat the rest of the army to oblivion
Tired of their shit, we go back to the cave (which happens to be the top layer of the underdark) and raid all of their shit... that is, we raid the entire upper underdark
End of session
We head out for the Duke's kingdom (We are now level 13)
The trip should take about 5 days
On the first day nothing happens
On the second day a storm begins to brew
The sky gets darker as the day goes on
A couple of hours later, we see an army appear over the horizon
It is the skeleton of bard #2 - who had sworn vengeance - leading an army of 1,000 skeletons
I cast my new 7th level teleportation spell and bring us to the city
We arrive without incident
Guards don't know what magic is, get pissed at us for teleporting
They let us into the city (because we hadn't done anything wrong)
But first, the pull me and BK aside and tell us not to cause any trouble
The entire city is massively racist
Oh, did I mention BK is riding a Nightmare?
Through the middle of a massive city
Where nobody really knows about magic
The guards tell him to get off, but he refuses
Meanwhile, I cast disguise self so I look like a dwarf. I still get glared at, so I change into a short human
Gaurds approach us
They want to arrest me for being a shapeshifter
I start casting disguise self every six seconds, making myself taller and shorter, as well as messing with my facial features. Because I have a magic hat that allows me to do this it doesn't take any spell slot
BK grabs me and uses his horse to enter the ethereal plane
Shortly later, wanted posters appear for the Black Night and the Gnome of Variable Height
Meanwhile, the rest of the party is at an inn getting information
Apparently there is a rebellion going on here led by a bunch of cultists
Knife Bard gets kicked out for trying to juggle his flaming knife
Once outside, he casts disguise self, and walks back in as Pastamania Hulk Hogan
Did I say chaotic good? I meant chaotic stupid.
Undercover agents at the inn go and arrest him
He uses dimension door to get away, and then undisguises
New wanted poster: Pastamania Hulk Hogan
BK and I have rejoined the party at the inn
The rebel base is set up right outside of town
I still think we should go speak to the duke, but the party decides to go undercover and sneak into the base
Pirate and Cleric bard climb onto black knight's horse, while knife bard and I disguise ourselves and we approach the rebel's gate
"Hi, can we join your cult?"
"Uhuuhhh, sure..."
Black Knight decides to exit the ethereal plane at this moment
Rebels blow there horns and start screaming that they are under attack
Cleric bard decides to be diplomatic
Wait, we just didn't want to be spotted heading towards the camp
We all get kicked out, but cleric bard manages to convince them that he is a cleric of Bane (The god they worship)
He is now locked into the rebel camp
The rest of the party (except for me) hops onto BK's horse and follow them while hidden in the ethereal plane
The cultists decide to tell the new guy everything, and give him a tour of the camp
They have an iron golem, but they need more magic people to awaken it, so they have some reinforcements coming later that day
They are planning on attacking the city tonight
Knife bard uses message to tell cleric bard that we are going to burn the place down
He manages to leave
As soon as we see he left, we start a brush fire about 60 feet away and Knife bard summons wind to whip the flames into a raging inferno
He lies down behind it and does nothing else for the entire encounter
I use BlenderTM and start tearing down walls and buildings
Black Knight polymorphs into a battle rink and starts trampling buildings and people
Pirate bard is riding the nightmare and shooting at the guards
Meanwhile, cleric bard is running towards the city to get help
We slaughter all of them and raze the fort
Cleric bard gets back just as we finish killing the ones who didn't burn alive
After that massive slaughter, Black Knight invites us all to join him in following the god of pain
WhyNot. ¯\(ツ)
We escape to the airship which had just arrived in town and flee the area
The remaining cultists try to attack the city but fail miserably
The Duke uses this as an excuse to declare war on the king
Meanwhile, we have become sky murder hobos.
Cleric bard's old character is now leading a quest to capture us, so his player has to make a new one
The party decided to measure how badly we screwed over the DM's plans by using the Henderson scale.
The Henderson Scale of Plot Derailment is the standard way to measure how badly we fucked everything up. It goes from -1 (The party finishes the campaign in exactly the way the DM planned) to 2 in intervals of .25
We agree that we have reached a 1.75 on the scale, meaning that we have caused the entire plot and any subplots to be derailed. "It has ruined the game, and likely caused the GM to begin seizing, attempt to strangle the perpetrator, laugh uncontrollably, or just sit there in shock."
It's funny how accurate the scale is, as the DM had reacted on most of those ways
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Looking at starting on some small kit any help

I'm currently running bitminter and only getting around 19Mhps. So I was looking at investing in 2 of these -
Would it be worth a try? And is there any way to get a better rate on my GPU? It's a GeForce GTX 650.
Any help would be great as I've very little knowledge in this area but I'm reading up on the wiki pages over the next few days.
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Season 1 of Gators in the Wild!

Someone mentioned that we should start collecting these, as they have brought great joy to many a Ghazian.
Pilot: Kiwikku goes to bitcoin
E1: drascoll99 parties with the anarcho_capitalists (aired: 09/24/14)
E2: Gamers of the world unite! (socialism) (aired: 10/16/14)
E3: Face front, true believers! (marvel) (aired: 10/22/14)
E4: "I'm battling feminazis!" (justneckbeardthings) (aired: 11/15/14)
E5: Sweden is not amused (aired: 11/16/14)
E6: Clinical dissection of a gator (programming) (aired: 11/16/14)
E7: sciencegod goes to gramma's house (aired: 11/17/14)
E8: Taste the rainbow! (aired: 11/21/14)
E8: MrCrocodog goes to hailcorporate (aired: 12/03/14)
E9: Crossover episode with SubredditDrama (aired: 12/03/14)
E10: Atheism is having none of your bullshit (aired: 12/04/14)
14 hour movie adaption: The Wikipedia talk page
Wikipedia II: The Enwikining, starring RGlouster and Dave Dial (merging 'cultural marxism' with 'frankfurt school')
What other episodes are missing? The incursions in to rpg/boardgames appear to have been deleted. I haven't included non-reddit events, but wonder if choice gems should be recorded.
EDIT: added the sweden episode. EDIT2: added the payload from government_shill and air dates. EDIT3: added cultural marxism wikitalk. EDIT4: Found the lost socialism episode. thanks for the gold!
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[Friday, 12. October]

World News

Turkey has audio and video evidence showing that Saudi agents tortured & killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Turkey
Link | Comments
Richard Branson halts $1B project with Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi disappearance
Link | Comments
In major shift, the U.S. says it won’t ban Canadian pot workers
Link | Comments

All news, US and international.

Uber CEO pulls out of Saudi conference after journalist's disappearance
Link | Comments
A bitcoin miner has been sent to prison for stealing electricity from trains
Link | Comments
Facebook has lost 30% of its value since July
Link | Comments


Cancer is so expensive to treat that 42% of patients deplete their entire life's assets to afford treatment within the first 2 years, according to a new study. Patients faced higher likelihood of asset depletion with worsening cancer, continuing treatment, and increasing age.
Link30509-6/fulltext) | Comments
A new study finds that bacteria develop antibiotic resistance up to 100,000 times faster when exposed to the world's most widely used herbicides, Roundup (glyphosate) and Kamba (dicamba) and antibiotics compared to without the herbicide.
Link | Comments
In a study of identical twins, the child who experienced harsher behavior and less parental warmth was more aggressive, and exhibited more callous-unemotional traits.
Link | Comments


Former Reddit product head Dan McComas: 'I Fundamentally Believe That My Time at Reddit Made the World a Worse Place'
Link | Comments
45 Out of 50 Electronics Companies Illegally Void Warranties After Independent Repair, Sting Operation Finds - New research showed that 90 percent of contacted companies told customers that repairing their own device would void the warranty; that's illegal under federal law.
Link | Comments
Pro-privacy search engine DuckDuckGo hits 30M daily searches, up 50% in a year
Link | Comments

Sadly, this is not the Onion.

North Jersey Man Has Eaten Pizza Every Day For 40 Years
Link | Comments
The Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is so grim, extras were reportedly forced to pee on subway tracks
Link | Comments
Woman Nabs Coveted Job Of Russian Town’s Cat Chief
Link | Comments

Ask Reddit...

What is a great YouTube channel to binge watch?
Deaf people of Reddit. What are some things you thought were silent, but later found out they weren’t?
Couples of reddit, what sex toy/equipment drastically improved your sex life and was worth the buy?


The more you get paid, the less likely turning something off and on again will resolve the issue.
Boss wants us to do maintenance to our workstations afterhours
So, I guess I'm a sysadmin now?

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL beginner help
Is it okay to Defrag a Primary Key index?
SSMS 17.9 just going so slow -- suggestions?


What kind of free online tool would be helpful to you?
Send-Balloon: A function to send a balloon notification to another computer
Verb for function containing a Pester test

Functional 3D Printing

Made a bigger dimmer slider for my light switch and printed a missing screw
Link | Comments
Designed and printed a ventilation system for my enclosure.
Link | Comments
3D printed Angles for a shelf

Data Is Beautiful

Animating the Mercator projection to the true size of each country in relation to all the others. [OC]
Link | Comments
[OC] US Electric Vehicle Market Share Crosses 3% For The First Time
Link | Comments
2 Years since we started talking [OC]
Link | Comments

Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL Only 10 Scouts earned the Invention merit badge, which required obtaining a patent for an invention. It was discontinued in 1915, and is the most rare badge.
Link | Comments
TIL Ludger Sylbaris, a man thrown into solitary confinement after a bar brawl, survived one of the biggest volcanic eruption of the 20th century because his cell was bombproof and poorly ventilated. He became one of only three known survivors of the event, and his prison cell still stands today.
Link | Comments
TIL that there is a very rare and special type of gemstone that can only be found and formed in fossils of extinct species of cephalopods over the process of hundreds of millions of years. The most expensive opal in the world is one of these being an opalized fossil valued at over $1,000,000.
Link | Comments

So many books, so little time

Incarcerated Pennsylvanians now have to pay $150 to read. We should all be outraged.
Link | Comments
Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was hugely inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby
Link | Comments
For those of you looking to become more well-rounded readers, edX is currently offering a free course on Masterpieces of World Literature

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

My grandfather at an army base (early 1950s) in his own triple exposure self-portrait
Link | Comments
David Bowie on The Tonight Show, 1993
Link | Comments
Jane Goodall c. 1960s
Link | Comments


Here's an A319 next to a B777
Link | Comments
Feeding the Bear
Link | Comments
Never before used center pedestal of an A321NEO
Link | Comments

Reddit Pics

Proud moment for me: My movie comes out in theaters today. I spent every day since I was 12 waiting for today. Thank you Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas for taking a chance on me.
Link | Comments
Best picture I've ever taken of my doggo
Link | Comments
Australian Mum uses body to shield Baby during hailstorm
Link | Comments

.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Boston Dynamics robot doing parkour
Link | Comments
Barbeque down by the river
Link | Comments
Concealed carry.
Link | Comments

A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

I don't think I'll need a paternity test
Link | Comments
Meet Bridget, she is 13 and adorable.
Link | Comments
Here he comes
Link | Comments
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"Until the bitcoin community admits that it's got political problems rather than technical problems; their trapped." - Vinay Gupta

Some great discussion in his video, and he closes with the quote above. Considering this was filmed before the whole blocksize debate erupted I find it incredibly insightful.
While I'm for an increase in the block size, the political problems that have come up are much more important to solve. Political "consensus", as it relates to Bitcoin, has broad and varying meaning to different members of the community.
It would be great if we came out of this with a process that allows for inclusive progress rather then circular debate and fragmentation.
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Why Bitcoin Mining Review & Tips New FusionSilicon X1 (12.96Gh/s) ✅ Checking Miner Status and Setup Mining Pool Time Traveler From 2033 Gives Timeline of Future Events ...

Bitcoin History Wikipedia - Bitcoin Block Erupters Bitcoin History Wikipedia Best Bitcoin Exchange Companies Instantly Buy Bitcoin Online I'm currently running bfg miner and of all my block erupters are displaying stats except 4 of them. jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users news-AskReddit-funny-pics-todayilearned-worldnews-aww-gaming-Jokes-tifu-Showerthoughts-videos-personalfinance-gifs-mildlyinteresting-explainlikeimfive -movies-science-IAmA-OldSchoolCool-LifeProTips-TwoXChromosomes ... How can I use the USB block erupters to mine Namecoin? Ask Question Asked 6 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 5k times 1. 1. Since the block erupter is useless to mine for Bitcoin now. From what I understand the only other two options would be is to mine Namecoin or Devcoin since they use SHA256 encryption. But how can I mine these? Would cgminer work? or is there ... I am looking to buy some block eruptors with bitcoin. Anyone know a good, reliable source? Edit: Not looking for blades. Just looking for the... Bitcoin Block Erupters - Bitcoin Pool Account Bitcoin Block Erupters Bitcoin Graphics Stock Market How To Get Bitcoin With Prepaid Card

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Why Bitcoin Mining

To read more with regards to bitcoin paper wallet, check out internet site below: http://www.cryptocoinwalletcards.com/ Tags: asic bitcoin miner, asic bitcoi... We at ApexTV were recently sent an email containing this audio file. It tells the story of a man claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2033. In the re... bitcoin asic mining erupters bitcoin mining free gpu bitcoin mining farm asic asic bitcoin mining hardware for sale bitcoin mining asic vs fpga asic bitcoin mining hardware from bitmain mining ... For tutoring please call 856.777.0840 I am a registered nurse who helps nursing students pass their NCLEX. I have been a nurse since 1997. I have worked in a lot of nursing fields and I truly love ...