5 Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware ASIC Machines (2020 Rigs)

TOP 3 Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

TOP 3 Anonymous Cryptocurrencies
Last year Bitfury’s multidisciplinary Blockchain specialists announced the possibility of revealing the identities of more than 16% of all owners of Bitcoin addresses. Several years ago, a team of CryptoLux developers, having conducted a study of transaction privacy on the Bitcoin network, concluded that 60% of all addresses can be deanonymized. Summarizing all this, it’s worth highlighting three existing methods that can successfully deanonymize private transactions.


The easiest way to cluster (link Bitcoin addresses) is by analyzing transactional networks. In other words, this is a method that allows finding several inputs combined in one transaction. The second clustering method is “distribution analysis”. It allows calculation the percentage of cryptocurrency at the certain address that comes from another specific address and it becomes clear whether these addresses are connected by one direct transaction or a chain of transactions or not.

Graph analysis

It consists of quantitative and temporal analyzes. Quantitative analysis studies not certain transactions, but amounts. Time analysis tracks specific periods.

Memory Pool Method

When a transaction is made through the user’s wallet, the input nodes send information about the transaction to the Blockchain network. The purpose of this method is to identify the set of input nodes through the wallet and the user. In this case, the IP address of the client can be associated with its transactions. There are certain private cryptocurrency-leaders which are popular and trusted among users. Using one feature-privacy, they have different ways of functioning.

Basic principles of work: anonymous cryptocurrencies (Monero, Dash, Zcash)


The platform focuses on privacy and decentralization. The coin uses three levels of protection:
• Ring signatures, that hide the origin of the sender by mixing the user’s address with the addresses of other group members. • Ring confidential transactions, which hide the amount of the transaction. • Stealth addresses, that allow a user to hide the recipient’s address.
Such way guarantees the privacy of the sender and the recipient. Monero can be bought on Poloniex, Bitfinex, Livecoin, and Kraken crypto exchanges. It is possible to store Monero via an online wallet. More secure is its computer wallet. Due to its privacy, the popularity of the coin is expected to grow, so it makes sense to add a coin to an investment portfolio.
• Increased privacy. Cryptocurrency is suitable for those who are afraid of deanonymizing network transactions. • Unlimited and difficult mining. • It takes less time to find blocks. • Resistance to the centralization of mining capacities.
• Resources. All currency protection technologies require impressive machine performance for normal operation. The Monero block size is constantly growing, and this requires additional resources of network participants. • The popularity in the dark web leads to problems in working with regulatory authorities, exchanges often delist it. Speaking of reputation, Monero’s reputation is far from the best. The coin is often used on the dark web as payment for various illegal services. It happens to almost all crypto coins that provide privacy. • Large transaction sizes. Since Monero Blockchain is five times larger than the Bitcoin Blockchain in terms of one transaction. • Problems with scalability.


The Dash platform is a classic decentralized Blockchain-based payment system and the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency. It implements multi-off-chain money transfers without loss of reliability and overall security of the Blockchain. Its confidentiality is rather an additional option that can be used optionally. In the case of anonymity, it is possible to send a hidden transaction, but at a more expensive cost, which also requires additional time. Dash developed a hashing algorithm with eleven cryptographic functions-X 11 for the first time. The coin developers have released apps for other platforms. Today it is possible to use Dash for IOS, Zeal for Linux, LovelyDocs for Android and Velocity for Windows.
As well known, the CoinJoin is an anonymization method for crypto transactions, which is used by Dash as an improved version called the PrivateSend. Its mixing sessions are limited to 1,000 DASH for each session and will require multiple mixing sessions to anonymize a large amount of money.
• High transaction speed. It is achieved via InstantX technology, which enables the confirmation of operations in less than 4 seconds. • Law transaction fees. • Energy consumption. Unlike Monero, it does not require a lot of power or high commission costs.
• “Transparency” of the network. Without triggering the “mixing” mechanism, the directions of transactions and their balances are publicly visible to everyone. • Lack of proper cryptographic technologies that provide privacy, but can provide a sufficiently high level of protection. • Transaction visibility to the founders and the team.


An open-source decentralized cryptocurrency that provides users with maximum privacy. Zcash is the first private cryptocurrency, using cryptographic protocol zk-SNARKS, a zero-knowledge security layer. It allows users to make hidden and open transactions.
Mathematically guaranteed privacy is something cryptocurrency can not be proud of. This fact makes the currency specific. All Zcash coins are identical, it means that interchangeable coins do not contain information about past use created. In this regard, the connection of coins with their history on the Blockchain is broken, which makes them universal and identical to each other. Zcash blocks are generated 4 times faster than Bitcoin. The currency trades on Huobi, Bitfinex and Binance exchanges, and after purchase, it can be stored on the exchange’s internal wallet, as well as transferred to Jaxx, Cryptonator and Coinomi multi-currency wallets. Coins can also be stored on hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.
• Privacy. Since no information except the time stamp, is recorded in the Blockchain, transactions cannot be tracked, and the identity of the sender and recipient is almost impossible to establish. • Interchangeability. Due to interchangeability, all coins have a “clean” history. This means that it is practically impossible to determine which transactions coin was used. • Security. Lack of information about user keys, which protects user wallets and the network.Mining energy efficiency. Zcash mining hardware consumes less electricity than Bitcoin mining ASICs. • The difficulty of mining. Zcash is beneficial for those who want to get coins for block creation. Bitcoin mining becomes more and more complicated, so miners cannot earn enough money via their computers with high capacity.
• 6 users can decide to leave the transferred data completely open. • It takes a lot of calculations to complete a transaction. • Insecurity. There are fears that the system could be hacked, or users may accidentally open the data. • Legally ZCash is supported only by Linux, however, it provides users with wallets for other platforms: Jaxx, Ledger, Trezor, Trust, Zecwallet, Ibitcome, Exodus, Guarda, Coinomi, Cobowallet, and Bitgo.
Private cryptocurrencies are necessary for anyone who values the privacy and confidentiality of financial transactions. Privacy can generate more value, than danger, as Eric Hughes says: “Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn’t want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn’t want anybody to know. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world”.
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I'm trying to put together a list of what's coming out this year. Have this very simple list so far. Anyone care to add anything or suggest some better dates?

Latest News (most recent first) - Instant channels enable safe Lightning payments with unconfirmed funding Beta - Feb 10, 2019 - Voyager, New trading app from Uber & E-Trade execs announce launch date - Feb 9, 2019 - bumi/blockstream_satellite ruby gem for the Blockstream Satellite API - Feb 8, 2019 - New Zap Desktop 0.3.4 is out. New features, massive performance - Feb 8, 2019 - New release: @lightning desktop app v0.4.0-alpha - Feb 8, 2019 - valerio-vaccaro/Liquid-dashboard - Feb 7, 2019 - Japanese SBI Holdings will allow trading of coins - March 2019 - lnd v0.5.2-beta released - Feb 6, 2019 - Koala studios launches online LN gaming platform - Feb 6, 2019 - Independent Reserve has become the first #crypto exchange in Australia to be insured, with coverage underwritten by Lloyd's of London. - Feb 6, 2019 - Coinbase announces BTC support for their mobile (keep your own keys) wallet - Feb 6, 2019 - Blockstream published a new open source Proof of Reserves tool. - Feb 5, 2019 - RTL release v0.1.14-alpha - Feb 5, 2019 - dr-orlovsky/typhon-spec spec for new trestles side chain published - Feb 5, 2019 - Payment requests coming soon to BTCPay. - Feb 5th, 2019 - Kraken Acquires Futures Startup In Deal Worth At Least $100 Million - Feb 5th, 2019 - Next Blockchain cruise scheduled for June 9-13 - Feb 4, 2019 - Work on a GoTenna plugin to Electrum wallet in progress - Feb 4, 2019 - Bitcoin Candy Dispensers being open sourced - Feb 4, 2019 - New release of JoinMarket v0.5.3 - Feb 4, 2019 - Prime Trust won’t charge its clients to custody digital assets any longer. - Feb 4, 2019 - nodogsplash/nodogsplash wifi access using LN - Feb 3, 2019 - @tippin_me Receive tips using Lightning Network adds message feature - Feb 3, 2019 - Bitcoin-for-Taxes Bill in NH Unanimously Approved by House Subcommittee - Feb 3, 2019 - Full support for native segwit merged into bitcoinj - Feb 3, 2019 - Bitfury is partnering with financial services firm Final Frontier! - Feb 2, 2019 - Now you can open #LightningNetwork channels in @LightningJoule - Feb 2, 2019 - Integrating Blockstream’s Liquid payments on SideShift AI - Feb 1, 2019 - Wyoming legislature passes bill to recognize cryptocurrency as money - Feb 1, 2019 - Casa is open sourcing the code for the Casa Node - Feb 1, 2019 - Casa Browser Extension released - v0.5.2-beta-rc6 of lnd, full release getting very close now - Feb 1, 2019 - Tallycoin adds subscriptions and paywall features in bid to rival Patreon - Jan 31, 2019 - Static channel backup PR merged into LN - Jan 31, 2019 - The NYDFS grants another Bitlicense to ATM operator - Jan 31, 2019 - @pwuille currently proposing the “MiniScript” language to describe BTC output locking conditions for practical composition - Jan 31, 2019 - Fidelity is in the “final testing” phase for its new digital asset business - Jan 31, 2019 - Hardware wallet PR #109 just got merged so that @Trezor no longer requires user interaction for PIN - Jan 31, 2019 - CBOE, VanEck & SolidX filed a new & improved bitcoin ETF proposal. - Jan 31, 2019 - Casa Node code is now open sourced - Jan 31, 2019 - Next Bitoin halving in roughly 497 days - Jan 31, 2019 - BTCPay released - Jan 31, 2019 - @binance now lets users purchase cryptos using Visa and Mastercard credit. - Jan 31, 2019 - Bitfury to Launch Bitcoin Operations in Paraguay - Jan 31, 2019 - Coinbase introduces very generous affiliate program - Jan 30, 2019 - DOJO Trusted Node bitcoin full node. Coming Early 2019 - Jan 30, 2019 - FastBitcoins.com Enables Cash-for-Bitcoin Exchange Via the Lightning Network - Jan 30, 2019 - TD Ameritrade says clients want cryptocurrency investment options - company plans major announcement in 'first half of 2019' - Jan 30, 2019 - Storage component of Fidelity's @DigitalAssets live, with some assets under management, @nikhileshde - Jan 29, 2019 - lightning mainnet has reached 600 BTC capacity - Jan 29, 2019 - Drivechain shows picture of Grin side chain and suggests might be ready in 2 month - Jan 29, 2019 - Lightning labs iOS neutrino wallet in testing stage now - Jan 29, 2019 - Aliant offering cryptocurrency processing free-of-charge - Jan 29, 2019 - Chainstone’s Regulator product to manage assets on the way - Jan 29, 2019 - Fidelity Investments’ new crypto custody service may officially launch in March. - Jan 29, 2019 - Gemini's becomes FIRST crypto EXCHANGE and CUSTODIAN to complete a SOC 2 Review by Deloitte - Jan 29, 2019 - Iran has lifted the ban on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency - Jan 29, 2019 - Confidential Transactions being added into Litecoin announcement - Jan 28, 2019 - http://FastBitcoins.com Enables Cash-for-Bitcoin Exchange Via the Lightning Network - Jan 28, 2019 - Germany’s largest online food delivery platform now accepts btc - Jan 27, 2019 - Launching a Bitcoin Developers School in Switzerland - Jan 27, 2019 - RTL release v0.1.13-alpha Lightning Build repository released - Jan 27, 2019 - The first pay-per-page fantasy novel available to Lightning Network. - Jan 27, 2019 - Numerous tools become available to write messages transmitted with Blockstream Satellite - Jan 26, 2019; - BTCPay released - Jan 26,2019 - WordPress + WooCommerce + BTCPay Plugin is now live - Jan 25, 2019 - Juan Guaido has been promoting #Bitcoin since 2014 is new interim president of Venezuela - Jan 25, 2019 - Morgan Creek funds @RealBlocks - Jan 25, 2019 - Coinbase integrates TurboTax - Jan 25, 2019 - Robinhood received Bitlicense - Jan 25, 2019 - Anchor Labs launches custody - Jan 25, 2019 - NYSE Arca files w/ @BitwiseInvest for BTC ETF approval - Jan 25, 2019 - South Korea, Seoul, Busan & Jeju Island currently working to create pro crypto economic zones. - Jan 25, 2019 - valerio-vaccaro/Liquid-dashboard - Jan 25, 2019 - Bermuda to launch crypto friendly bank - Jan 25, 2019 - Mobile Bitcoin Wallet BRD Raises $15 Million, Plans for Expansion in Asia - Jan 25, 2019 - BullBitcoin rolling out alpha access of platform - Jan 25, 2019 - Electrum Wallet Release 3.3.3 - Jan 25, 2019 - Bitrefill, purchase Bitcoin and have it delivered directly over LN - Jan 25, 2019 - South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb looking to go public in USA - Jan 24, 2019 - Bitcoin Exchanges Don’t Need Money Transmitter Licenses in Pennsylvania - Jan 24, 2019 - US; New Hampshire Bill Aims to Legalize Bitcoin for State Payments in 2020 - Jan 24, 2019 - Robinhood, LibertyX Receive Licenses from New York Regulators - Jan 24, 2019 - Bakkt Bitcoin futures contract details released - Jan 24, 2019 - Blockstream CryptoFeed V3 now includes 30+ venues and 200M+ updates per day - Jan 24, 2019 - Binance Jersey – The Latest Binance European Exchange - Jan 2019
Commit Activity
Nodes and Market Dominance
ASIC Miners:
Will update this section when I hear new developments
Hardware wallets:
LN Apps:
LN Extensions / Launchers
LN Desktop wallets:
LN Mobile wallets:
LN Network:
LN Nodes:
LN Plugins:
LN Services:
Liquid Network
Please comment if you have any ideas on dates. Many of these dates are placeholders waiting for me to update. If you comment then I will update the post.
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Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Size, Share & Trend | Industry Analysis Report, 2023

Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Size, Share & Trend | Industry Analysis Report, 2023
Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market
The Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market report 2019 supplies a comprehensive and skilled study on the state of the worldwide industry together with sales forecast and landscape, and share 2023. This Bitcoin-Mining Machine report segmented the industry based on manufacturers(price, sales, revenue, and global market share), regions, type, and application.
Subsequently it studies the crucial global Bitcoin-Mining Machine region requirements, for example, price, profit, capacity, production, capacity use, distribution, demand and industry development speed, etc. This report presents a 360-degree overview of the competitive situation of the Global Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market.
Major key-companies of this report: Antminer, ASICrising GmbH, Bitmain Technologies Ltd., BIOSTAR Group, BitDragonfly, BitFury Group, DigBig, Ebang, Gridchip, BTCGARDEN, Butterfly Labs, Inc., Clam Ltd, CoinTerra, Inc., Black Arrow, Btc-Digger, Gridseed, HashFast Technologies, LLC, iCoinTech, Innosilicon, KnCMiner Sweden AB, Land Asic, LK Group, MegaBigPower, SFARDS, Spondoolies-Tech LTD, TMR
Access Exclusive Free Sample Report: https://www.acquiremarketresearch.com/sample-request/162573/
The report enlightens the clients with the unique industrial and government strategies required for the global market success. The Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market report introduced analysis, investment feasibility, and SWOT analysis. Besides, this intelligence study focuses o the latest events such as the technological developments and the product launches and their consequences on the Global Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market.
Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Based on Types: ETH Type, BTC Type
Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Based on Applications: Enterprise, Personal
Use Corporate ID to avail Discount on this Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market Report report: https://www.acquiremarketresearch.com/discount-request/162573/
Regional Analysis For Bitcoin-Mining Machine Market
North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia, and Italy) Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia) South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.) The Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa)
What Will You Find in the Report?
  1. An in-depth analysis of the Bitcoin-Mining Machine market across regions – North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central, and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.
  2. Market predictions by 2023 of the mentioned niches, sub-sections along with sections.
  3. Detailed Overview of Bitcoin-Mining Machine market will help deliver clients and businesses making strategies.
  4. How consumers (end-users) will reflect on the Bitcoin-Mining Machine industry during the forecast period
  5. Which region may tap the highest market share in the coming era?
  6. Emerging key segments and regions.
  7. Key business strategies by major market players and their key methods.
  8. Supply series trends mapping technological advances.
Get Full Report Description, TOC, Table of Figures, Chart, etc. @ https://www.acquiremarketresearch.com/industry-reports/bitcoin-mining-machine-market/162573/
The Bitcoin-Mining Machine market mentioned in the report has all the informative necessary details such as the economic tactics, product supply and demand, applications, future forecast, and growth and development factors mentioned in a positive outline. The topological bifurcations are also a market growth benefiter that the current Bitcoin-Mining Machine market plans to strategically use to gain dominance.
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In case you missed it: Major Crypto and Blockchain News from the week ending 12/14/2018

Developments in Financial Services

Regulatory Environment

General News

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Shower thought - Bitcoin miners that are in bed with Core will have an advanced notice of new POW algorithm so they can get a headstart after POW change

Miners that are laying in bed with Core currently are doing so because they want a headstart with the POW change that Core is threatening (attacking) the community with. This gives them an unfair advantage over other honest miners that are sticking with Nakamoto consensus (longest chain).
I wonder what all the miners who have millions of dollars sunk into mining rigs will do with their newly bricked machines? Core literally wants to destroy your millions invested into mining overnight. The only advantage I can think of where a miner who has millions invested who could lose it overnight would be a POW that they can game in advance so they can make boat loads more while everyone else is playing catchup.
Who makes sells/makes chips again? Isn't it Bitfury and Bitmain basically, the two top ASIC chip sellers?
EDIT: Now Core developer and Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell is saying they will change POW to only target SPECIFIC hardware (Bitmain!)
"may be possible to change POW in a way that blocks some hardware and not others.. thus minimizing the collateral damage." https://np.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/6172s3/peter_rizun_tells_miners_to_force_a_hard_fork_by/dfcac01/?context=3
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01-24 12:23 - 'I'm trying to put together a list of what's coming out this year. Have this very simple list so far. Anyone care to add anything or suggest some better dates?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/kolinHall removed from /r/Bitcoin within 7433-7443min

Latest News (most recent first)
ASIC Miners:
Will update this section when I hear new developments
Hardware wallets:
LN Apps:
LN Extensions / Launchers
LN Desktop wallets:
LN Mobile wallets:
LN Network:
LN Nodes:
LN Plugins:
LN Services:
Liquid Network
Please comment if you have any ideas on dates. Many of these dates are placeholders waiting for me to update. If you comment then I will update the post.
I'm trying to put together a list of what's coming out this year. Have this very simple list so far. Anyone care to add anything or suggest some better dates?
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Author: kolinHall
1: g*thub*com/mi*h**lsd*n*1/rp**light*ing-no*e-a**ible 2: 2019 - Proof-of-Reserves tool for Bitcoin github.com/stevenroose/reserves 3: A*azon.*om 4: github.c*m*mich*e*sd*nn1/r**-ligh*nin*-**d*-a*sible]*^1
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Buratino Blockchain Solutions: we have found new solutions to old problems

The market of the mining equipment continues to develop strenuously contrary to adverse conditions on the crypto exchanges. Technologies are constantly improving, increasing growth of mining profitability at the reduction of energy consumption and partly compensating negative dynamics of cryptocurrencies rates. However, it automatically increases the complexity of production of new digital coins that form request for creation of more powerful equipment.
Industry is constantly changing and miners need to be able to understand modern trends of the branch. Let’s discuss market tendencies, new technology solutions capability to affect the efficiency of this business, and how exactly our team is ready to help miners.
Mining market today Lets begin with the general review of the market, with emphasis on forecasts of the authoritative research companies. Analysts of the American consulting company Coherent Market Insights are convinced: in the medium term (5–10 years) mining will be profitable. Demand for the new equipment will remain high even during the crypto -markets depression.
According to the last forecast of the company, by 2025 mining industry will exceed the capitalization level of $16,3 billion. The indicator of cumulative average annual growth rate (CAGR), according to experts, will grow by 18,68% from 2017 to 2025.
At the time of posting, the greatest share of computing capacities has been concentrated in Asia. Experts from other large consulting company Technavio consider that the Pacific Rim will take 51% of the general growth of the industry in 2018–2022. Then the share of the Pacific Rim will be reduced below 50% level.
The cause is a hard governmental line of China in relation to crypto industry. It makes miners migrate to other countries of North and South America and Eastern Europe.
According to the Technavio, 33% of the market is now in the New World, but the share of the USA will grow, forcing out China. Coherent Market Insights experts are solidary with colleagues, and also give the future world leadership to North America.
Improvement of production technologies of cryptocurrencies and increase in productivity of the hardware remains a key tendency of the current market. Along with it large producers of microelectronics, such as Samsung and United Microelectronics Corporation are entering the market as suppliers of hi-tech accessories.
The large manufacturing companies (Bitmain Technologies, BitFury, Advanced Micro Devices, etc.) actively develop ASIC systems with bigger energy efficiency and the increased hashrate coefficients. It is important for providing the more effective mining. However alternation of generations in available lines of the equipment happens slowly that opens opportunities for new players, such as our company.
According to the Coinshares company, hashrate of the only one Bitcoin network grows by 300% annually, the efficiency of chips increases by 80%, and their cost falls on average on 50%. So the profitability of digital coins production grows even in conditions of crypto rate instability with the introduction of new technologies in ASIC-mining . 74% of the mining market is the share of ASIC of all configurations in 2017. It is expected that they will continue to dominate.
The process of improvement of the hardware leads to the growth of volumes of the mined coins. But the more is mined, the quicker the algorithm of generation of new blocks in the network complicates. As a result — miners need capacities to grow.
Escalating levels of complexity become nearly the main factor of mining equipment market growth in the medium term. For example, analysts of Technavio predict the increase in growth rates for 2018 by 9,04%.
Increase in productivity as natural selection To be a successful miner means always to work proactively. Anyone who first manages to use more productive mining systems also remains in a prize or at least in the market.
The Forbes.ru magazine describes how the market of a mining is affected by the generation of more productive machines. All of us remember the last year's agiotage around the first ASIC systems for Dash cryptocurrency. Before it was mined only on video cards and brought the monthly income of $1-1,5 thousand from one farm. New miner (DM11G from iBeLink, Antminer D3 from Bitmain and DR-100 from Pinidea) promised income from $5 thousand from each installation.
Those who the first have managed to connect ASIC to Dash network succeeded the most. Their monthly income has made about $6 thousand, but it was not for a long time. The rapid growth of the number of ASIC devices in the network has provoked the same fast increase in complexity of calculations.
Therefore the payback period of one ASIC system has increased from 3-4 to 12 months. As a result, by the end of 2017, the profitability of Dash mining has decreased almost by 3 times (in comparison with September of the same year). In completion to everything, the Dash rate has fallen off in spring 2018.
Production of cryptocurrency is favorable only to those who quickly reacts to the production of the new hardware. Only being guided by new generation equipment or modernizing old ones it is possible not to lose.
Recent leaders VS perspective beginners BitFury and Bitmain remain recognized leaders in the global market in summer 2018. BitFury generally specializes in providing mining decisions under specific projects. Bitmain, on the contrary, is guided by production and sale of the ready-made mining systems.
Today the market is rather highly consolidated and more than a half of all computing capacities belongs to largest companies. Nevertheless, Coherent Market Insights analysts consider that in the near future deconsolidation of branch due to the appearance of new players is expected.
This segment is also interesting to us. With the support of the community on ICO, we will be able to impose market competition to the acting leaders. Just because present devices have a number of problems which are still not solved by anyone except for us.
Support of the only one cryptocurrency, the impossibility of the partial modification, high noise level, high costs of cooling and a lot of things still. Everything remains unresolved.
We plan to put on the market the multi-mining system of the new generation Papa Carlo. The equipment surpasses competitors in all key indicators: energy efficiency, productivity, customizability, the number of coins, etc.
With our development, it will be not just ASIC anymore, but the first real multi-miner, allowing to get fifteen digital currencies on the most popular algorithms SHA-256 and SCRYPT.
It is difficult to overestimate the potential of such a product. Papa Carlo is capable to take the worthy place in the market of the CIS and the whole world. It is enough to compare our technological product to the acting leader of sales - Antminer s9, to estimate all range of advantages of Papa Carlo.
Compare several key indicators of Papa Carlo and Antminer s9:
hashrate of Papa Carlo – 26 Th/s, Antminer s9 – 13,5 Th/s; Papa Carlo processors – 10 nanometers, Antminer s9 – 16 nanometers; the number of Papa Carlo chips – 210, Antminer s9 – 189; energy efficiency of Papa Carlo – 0,065 J/Gh, Antminer s9 – 0,1 J/Gh; Papa Carlo noise level – 35-45 dB, Antminer s9 – 75-80 dB. Conclusion Papa Carlo is a high-performance equipment which can compete with leaders of the market. Our Buratino Blockchain Solutions company provides its development and service.
The issue of own token will allow attracting the capital for scaling of business and distribution our multi-miner. Everyone who wishes to receive exclusive privileges from the producer at a stage of the closed sales can join our tokensale.
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Want to invest in Bitcoin? Buy them, not mining rigs! Bitcoin mining has become a gamble.

Mining is becoming profitable only for the hardware manufacturers.
The demand for mining rigs remains frantic, despite that most current ASICs will not ROI once backorders are filled. It is a gamble whether or not your order will be fulfilled first, and even if you do ROI, you are most likely looking at a 10-20% profit over the course of 12 months.
Miners are trying to resell their miners for MORE than they paid for it AFTER mining on the machine for over a month.
Invest in Bitcoin directly. Buy and hold if you are looking for long term profit. Money is being pumped away from the Bitcoin economy and straight into the pockets of hardware manufacturers. This is truly a case where the shovel sellers are ripping off the prospectors.
I am a miner myself and the current state of mining is painful to bear.
Consider getting into Bitcoin in ways other than mining. I am not posting this for any personal gain, but because the community needs to WAKE UP and realize that BFL, Bitfury, Avalon etc are not free easy money. The low hanging fruit has been picked.
I wrote this quickly and this problem seems to be ignored on Reddit in hopes to insight discussion into a topic that I feel is being ignored in this subreddit.
Thanks for reading, StringTheory
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It's time we had a talk about mining and markets... and scams... and other nonesuch...

Hello Bitcoiners. My name is Joshua Unseth. I'm not an economist you've ever heard of. I'm not really anybody. But I've been doing this for a long time, and I keep seeing the same thing happen again and again and again with regard to new entrants into the Bitcoin space. So, I thought it might be time to sit down with me in front of the proverbial fireplace, and have a little talk about markets, mining and all other sundry topics.
Why you ask?
Very simple. I'm of the opinion that you ain't a Bitcoiner until you've been scammed. Everyone gets scammed. And almost always, it's a giant slap in the face reminding you of your hubris... and trust me, you are full of hubris. Before we start, let me give you an illustration that characterizes how the rest of this little article will go:
If you walked into a room with no prior experience and said that you were going to be the greatest basketball player of all time, everyone in that room would rightly laugh at you. Likewise, if you walk into Bitcoin and think that you will be a successful miner, don't be taken back when you get laughed at. Like everything that people develop expertise in, there are those whom are good at mining and there are those whom are bad at mining.
Before you begin down the long path of Eureka moments regarding Bitcoin, economies, the nature of money and everything else, let's get out of our system a few base rules that I think most of you will agree with: 1) deep markets are efficient, 2) scammers suck, 3) regulation is a bitch, 4) I'm an idiot... and so am you.
The most important of these assumptions is #1 and #4. If you want to understand why, I highly recommend you read my super boring blog post about why deep markets being efficient and you being an idiot are so important.
Here's the thing about mining. Everyone who comes to Bitcoin thinks that they have things figured out. You can buy this money-printing machine called an ASIC, and voila, you will have yourself some bitcoins. But that just ain't how it works. I know, I know, you've run the numbers. You know that the miner that you're buying will pay for itself in 3.46 months, and everything thereafter is ka-ching ka-ching profit baby. I know.
You're wrong. How do I know you're wrong? Well, it's very simple. I know you're wrong because deep markets are efficient. And while Bitcoin itself may be a woefully shallow market, mining is competitive. Very competitive. Very very hyper super competitive. And because of that, I know that you are wrong.
But how could that be? You've run the numbers? Why am I disagreeing with your math? It's math right? It can't lie...
No, math is math is math is math. The problem with new to Bitcoin people is that while math may be math, I know something that you don't know, and it's simply that the implications of something like markets being efficient is that in a world where there is a highly commoditized good or service, the profit of that good or service will move toward $0. That's right, $0. What's more, as people who actually have some specialized knowledge of that good or service begin providing service in the market, it's likely that profits for the average person who does not have knowledge will move to -$n. Moreover, if we believe in the fundamental rationality of humans, that they will act in their own economic interests, you have to consider the fact that the calculation you did to show these miners will pay back in under four months is the same calculation that these ASIC manufacturers are doing. Wait what? So the miner makers know that they are selling you an object that you will run for 6-8 months knowing that your pay-off is in 4 months? Really? You believe this?
Here's the thing, in a world where you pay $10k for a miner (let's go with base 10 because it's easy), and you will make all of that back in 4 months, that miner will make between $15k and $20k. So in a year, you will do something like double your money. This is the equivalent of earning something like 6%/month on the stock market. Earnings of this sort are impossible. Madoff was returning 15% or so each year. So those earnings are off the charts.
So here's the simple math behind mining. If a company is producing miners that can pay you back and then some at a rate of 6% per month, the very simple thing for them to do is go to raise funding. Showing those earnings to a VC or an Angel Fund would basically guarantee that you walk out the door with a check for like a $100 million. Here's the thing, while VC's or bankers are often referred to as smart money (though I hate to give them the satisfaction of the title), you and your stupid wallet are probably what are called dumb money. Smart money is the money of seasoned, researched, veterans of finance. Dumb money is the opposite. While it won't be the case 100% of the time, chances are if you are reading this at home in your undies, and are just shaking at the indignity of my characterizing you as probably dumb money, then you are almost certainly dumb money. Dumb money always thinks it's smart money. But, riddle me this very simple question: in a world where a company can nearly promise 6ish% risk-free returns per month, why is it that they are selling to the dumb money investors instead of the smart money investors? Maybe those returns aren't so risk-free. And if those returns aren't risk-free, show me where in your calculated returns you are accounting for that risk. Do you understand net present value? Are you accounting for the opportunity cost of not purchasing the miner and just buying bitcoin or maybe just buying broad-based, risk-mitigating ETFs? Do you have a good handle on where Bitcoin prices are going. If you're answer to these questions is yes, yes and yes, then you are lying to yourself. If your answer to these questions are no, yes, and yes, then you are lying to yourself. if you're answer to these questions are no, no, and yes, then you are lying to yourself. If you're answer to these questions respectively is anything but .*, .*, and no, then you are lying to yourself. You have no idea where prices are going, and neither do I. How do I know you know nothing about prices? Well, because markets are efficient. And while I'll acknowledge that BTC is a fairly shallow market, it is still the case that even in shallow markets prices are generally pretty indicative of what a thing is valued. It is to say, the price of Bitcoin right now has every inch of risk and outcome baked into the price. Unless you have special knowledge of Bitcoin and her players, you know nothing more than this very simple tautology: the price is the price.
So back to the question, why do miners sell equipment to dumb money instead of smart money?
The answer is very simple: mining manufacturers, cloud mining operations, people who are promising what amounts to risk free return, they are scamming you. If they think they can provide you with miners that will outperform your wildest expectations, I promise you, they are scamming themselves and also scamming you. And, to be honest, you're scamming yourself when you buy your miner. Why do I say that? Because if you actually believed you could earn an almost guaranteed 6% per month, then you would spend all of your money on all the miners, and you would go to the bank and get a loan, you'd get your parents to mortgage their house, and you would buy all the miners you could. You don't do that because your gut is telling you correctly that there is something wrong here. And before you get all huffy and tell me that a scam isn't a scam until it's revealed, there are some things that are so inordinately off-kilter, that you can know with (near) certainty before they plummet into the dark pit of irrelevancy. @ 6% per month, you're telling me that with an investment of $10k, you will make $320k (I'm not doing real math, just kind of winging it over here... it might be ever more, so if someone feels like coming up with the right number, I'll change tip you a few cents.) over the next 5 years. That just isn't reasonable. And if you think it is reasonable, you're greed is getting in the way of your brain.
So who should mine? People with a specialized knowledge of the Bitcoin mining space. BitFury is a great example of this. They make their own ASICs too. Why? Because they are trying to gain a competitive edge in an industry filled with very competent competition. To them, you are an irrelevant pissant. Who else should mine? People with a specialized need for virgin coins. When does it make sense to sell mining contracts? In the case that you are a large scale mining operation and you want to normalize costs such that your returns are less subject to the whims of randomness, you might want to sell contracts. How would you price those contracts? When you sell a contract like that as a big mining operation, you're externalizing the risk presented by the random swings of winning the hashing algo. To institutional miners, externalizing this risk is probably a smart business move. Very simply, they will calculate the Net Present value of having the money they would theoretically win through hashing over the course of the next 6 months or year or some other term, and they will sell contracts at a rate slightly below that to someone who is more desirous of taking on the risk. The gap between the NPV and the price of the contract is essentially a market-based insurance premium. It is the cost of risk-mitigation. So it begs the question (not in the philosophical sense), doesn't that mean that mining contracts - like those in cloud mining - are not scams? Good question. Well, here's the thing, you probably won't be offered contracts from institutional miners with good track records. Because just like there are people who are good at mining and people who are bad at it, there are people who are good at buying bundled risk and people that are bad at it. You, sir; yes you reading this article; you are bad at it. So don't do it. Why? Because markets are efficient, and you're an idiot.
So now that you've read this, go ahead, buy those miners, do your thing. But when you find out that I'm right and that you have been scammed, the only thing you will hear from me is "welcome to Bitcoin, you're finally part of the club."
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