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Trading Insights From Monetary Sector Analyst

Trading Insights From Monetary Sector Analyst
Dear InvestoAnalyst,
Thank you for taking the time to read this important wealth management notice in time.
This year Bitcoin made 10 years on January and Ethereum made 5 years on July 22, and they're likely to stay for decades ahead.
In 2017 John McAfee gained an amazing popularity among the crypto-trading community on twitter. Once per week he would tweet a "Coin of the week" message that would make skyrocket, most often double, the price of the coin the very same hour due to algorithms parsing the tweet for the coin name and buying. Here are some links to the hype created by this influencer yesterday: link1 link2 link3 link4 link5.
After the December 2017 peak, @ $20,000 for BTCUSD and @ $1,385 for ETHUSD, cryptos have been correcting througout 2018 reaching bottoms @ $3,300 (-70%) for BTSUSD and @ $82 for ETHUSD (-93%). These are just mild corrections if we take into account that both of these instruments started out @ less than $0.5. These price movements look volatile, and they are in appearance. To the experienced trader prices just work logarithmically. For example for ETHUSD ln(82)/ln(1385)=0.6 (~0.618) and so on. This price target analysis works also for extensions fairly accurate.
During the current year 2019 the price has recovered, more than quadrupling for both currencies, reaching $13000 for BTCUSD and $360 for ETHUSD. This was typically a mild rebound followed by a first wave that was finished by the end of June. July, August and September have been downward months (corrective wave 2).
Yesterday, as of September 30th BTCUSD and ETHUSD have just reached a low. Why? One week ago the two aforementioned instruments tumbled 20-25% and have remained at this low level for a week. This drop allowed them to break trimester lows triggering massive stop-loss selling orders from over-leveraged speculators, thus (1) providing cheap prices to smart money and (2) removing future selling pressure during the uptrend because everyone who wanted to sell probably sold on new lows. Apart from the internet hype of influencers promoting Bitcoin these are other premonitory news of the Great Monetary crash:
Bitcoin Price as of September 29th 2019, Prelude of the uptrend
  • The Fed has been forced to silently inject more than $100 Billion in the money market in order to keep the rate within the target range and provide short-term liquidity. This was not happening since January 2015, and since September 2017 the Fed was actually reducing its balance sheet.
  • The Lebanese Pound has been devaluated from LBP1500/$ to LBP1600/$. This is clearly the result of delaying a long going Ponzi scheme of even double digit interest rates when the country is not generating any profitable surplus. As soon as a crisis is triggered the richest 1% will withdraw their 10-15% of total deposits and international liquidity won't be as available as usually, hence I expect to see further devaluations.
  • The Reserve Bank of India has been forced to limit daily withdrawals of cash to 1,000 rupees and then to 10,000 for large bank PMC. This policy caused more than 5% of the deposits to be withdrawn at an alarming rate. We can fairly call this the first run-on-bank of the Tumbling 20's
Note that the Fed bypassing the need of a lender and pumping liquidity worked in 2008 because no other alternative money was available. Gold can be put forward, and indeed it nearly tripled between November 2008 and September 2011, though gold logistics can't compare to instantaneous electronic units of account. But this time is different as Bitcoin and Ethereum are key monetary alternatives with a more secure system and a transparent monetary policy.
In less than a year Occupy Wall Street and alike movements will take up and this time they'll be massively moving their funds from banks to cryptos that have been tested as alternative monetary system. Politics will change. John McAfee is running for President of the United States and even though he'll probably won't spend as much as Trump he'll be making noise. Crypto insiders are realizing how easy it is to defend a fair idea compared to how difficult is it to hide the banking scam, and the only refrain is people's comfort zone, as well as misdirected financial trust toward banks and bank-owned medias of communication.
Other intermarket and technical confirmations to previous statements are:
  • Gold breaking out 5-years resistance impulsively
  • Silver having drawn a perfect, technical analysis hand-book, compound fulcrum pattern.
  • S&P500 having drawn very brief wave A (from 2932 to 2304 ~20% decline) during the fall 2018, wave B is well underway and is expected to finish before February 2020, starting a long an prolonged decline towards under 50% from current levels.
Other fundamental and psychological confirmations to above statements are:
  • Bitcoin halvening that reminds people of the limited amount to 21 Million Bitcoins (more demand) and halves Bitcoin inflation (less supply)
  • Ethereum 2.0 Sharding (an Ethereum update to increase scalability) that will allow investors to stake money and earn nominal ~10% per year (real yield could be triple digits) compared to nominal 0-10% in banks that results in negative figures real yield.
  • Banking unit of account debasement to flood tumbling markets, liquidity trap.
I have written a whole website of the 2020 Crisis and how Bitcoin and Ethereum can relief the subsequent Tumbling 20's economic slump. Though it does not include most up-to-date sentiment analysis presented in this letter, reading my website will put you in track to understand most news regarding these subjects, in particular the spirit with which they were written.
Feel free to get in touch.
All the best,
Cyril Attie Contact at 
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1,5x scaling and autodesk fusion 360

i5 4,4ghz quadcore , 8gb ram, gt 1030
hidpi 4kscreen landscape, second screen portrait high format
currently on win 10:
inkscape, gimp, win32diskimager, putty, vnc client, notepad++, transmission torrent, autodesk fusion 360, brave browser
i use 3d connexion space navigator in gimp, inkscape and fusion 360. but there is a linux driver for this...
second monitor is used for picoreplayer or volumio webinterface, but also watchin onchainfx, or tradingview charts
i have good knowledge in raspbian and did some experimenting with tails, bunsenlabs and ubuntu mate
want 1,5x scaling for hidpi screen, no scaling for portrait high format second screen (768x1366 oslt)
prefer dark themes, modes and styles
plans for future: vm with tor network, bitcoin core and lightning network full node
really like xfce , looking at dots theme esp
1,5x scaling for hidpi screen
potrait mode second screen
autodesk fusion 360 (vm, wine, browser?)
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Short Term Short - Long Term Long- Monday ends the Triangle.

This is LowPro again https://www.tradingview.comLow%20Pro/
I Tend to Trade in TIME segments... Long, Mid, and Short term and tread each as their own individual market. This is How I break down current price action to make an educated decision.
Part 1 (Daily) Longterm) Bullish. Long Term, news is bullish, fundamentals are bullish, and the long term trend is still in play. A Measured move from a bullish breakout would top out around $880
Part 2 (4 Hour - MidTerm) Undecided. "note the 3 bullish trend lines. The long term from last year's crash is not broken, nor in the recent midterm Closed wick from $360, however the open wick from $340 is.
Part 3 (1 Hour - ShortTerm) Bearish We are still in the short term bear market, and now overbought. Nevermind I guess Bitcoin wants to break the Bearish trend today on Stamp at least! I'm cool with it!
Note - The blue line on the short term is Monday when the Auction Results are released... Right at the end of the Triangle.
Also note Long term has Bullish MACd Divergence While short term has Bearish MACD Divergence
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Bitcoin DD - strap in for weekend pump!

Alright guys, decided to contribute to the community and share my dd on bitcoin.
I'm looking for long positions going into the weekend. My idea is that they will sucker in buyers with another pump in these next 2 days.
Mental game to let the FOMO kick in and wait for the cash transfers on monday. Bags will be dumped into buying strenght and I'm aiming for a settlement around 280$.
Idea and tradingview chart -
tl;dr: buy 336/360 - sell 460/500
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TradingView France - YouTube TRADINGVIEW TUTORIELS - YouTube Bitcoin Trading Lessons & Day Trading Tutorials - YouTube #TradingView #3 Compare/Add Symbol

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