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The 25 Controllers You Will Work With

1) The private pilot turned ATC who should’ve probably stayed a pilot. Has to explain in the moment why the crossing restriction you just gave is “tough”.
2) The bearded guy who spends too much time talking about breweries. Loves a baseball team a million miles away from your facility.
3) Old guy #1, ‘rule guy’. Has to point out every rule ever and when it’s not being followed.
4) NATCA BRO. No explanation needed.
5) Black chick #1 who axes like she’s a victim the moment she arrives at work. Never is assigned a challenging position.
6) Black chick #2, who everyone likes because they crush it at pot-lucks and is just an overall good person and controller
7) The ‘FAA is really not that bad’ guy who bids a supe job 1-2 years after making CPC.
8) The guy who blames every problem in the world on how bad TMU/TMC is. Goes down the drain fairly often.
9) The guy who is totally chill and normal but just hates that one facility / sector, who then yells out how bad they are that day.
10) The super religious guy who tries to blend in ::church activity whatever:: into a conversation that had nothing to do with religion.
11) The 57 minute break guy, who thinks they’re doing it to ‘screw the FAA’.
12) Old guy #2, who trains all.of.the.time, who ends up with the person who should’ve washed out but got certified thanks to good ole’ old guy #2
13) Old guy #3, who knows the exact date and time they hit eligibility, and has to promote this fact at least 3x a week.
14) Shift swap / leave guy - “hey man, would it be cool if” is how every text you’ll ever receive from them starts
15) Transfer guy. Came from somewhere, knows a little bit too much about NCEPT, will be gone in a year
16) Finance / side hustle guy. Can give you the oral history of each TSP fund for the last 10 years. Not only trades Bitcoin, but that new thing no one knows about.
17) My Last Facility Guy. Needs you to know every fucking thing about the last place they worked, and ‘wonders’ why ‘we’ can’t do it that way
18) White chick #1, with a 24/7 flirtatious attitude yet marries someone who has nothing to do with ATC
19) White chick #2, dates controllers from your facility, and other facilities, and maybe even that one retired guy
20) Quiet guy. You know nothing about him, no one does. But he’s been there for 10 years on the same strange RDOs. Seems nice.
21) Golf guy. Titleist hat, goes to driving range when it’s too fucking cold out, bids all their leave around golf outings to Phoenix or some old person retirement city with a golf trail.
22) Workout bro. Nah he doesn’t just do CrossFit, he mixes in cardio and ju jit su because there’s gotta be balance. Blows up the bathroom every shift.
23) Spanish guy. Yeah so what English is his third language and when he gives a re-route it’s painful for everyone involved. Dios mio.
24) The Certified Professional Traffic Dodger. Somehow knows when to short break or long break, knows who is up, knows where the weather might be. Gets super friendly with front lines who assign him ELMs during a weather event.
25) The savant. The guy who doesn’t get rattled, who you can count on to not fuck up. Gets off position after a nightmare session and starts playing their nintendo switch like nothing happened. You wonder if their pulse ever crossed 75.
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How can I quit forever. I’m 18

So I turned 18 February 1st but have been gambling online since I was around 13 using bitcoin casinos and such. I’ve had a problem since I started and have compulsive tendencies. since I started I have probably gambled away around 20-30 grand maybe a lot more. But a couple of days ago I bet for the first time legally in bovada and ended up winning 50k which may make me positive overall(I think maybe I’m delusional because I’ve lost so much). I want to quit forever but I had a relapse yesterday we’re I put 1000 dollars in bitcoin into a website and lost it all and the only thing that stopped me from putting anymore was the fact that All my money is pending between my bank and my bitcoin. Furthermore when I had 40 grand in my bovada account I went down to 5000 in around 10 minutes before making it back and I was scared after I told myself I would cashout. I cancelled 9 withdrawals to continue gambling despite being “content” with the amount I had. I don’t know why I’m still gambling I should be content with the amount of money I have and I want to stop forever because I know what losing 10 grand in a day feels like after playing all day to get there. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop forever after a win especially now that I’m positive I don’t want to ever lose this money and it’s a good cushion for my independent life. I realized that I’m lucky and that god is telling me to stop but I’m scared because I even blew away my grandpas 3 grand I got for my 17th birthday in one night after telling him I was going to use it for stocks and him even giving me a list of his favorite stocks.
My family doesn’t seem to understand the gravity because they give me a monthly allowance and when I ask for more I never tell them it is because I lost the 1000 gambling. I have admitted to gambling away thousands but my parents don’t seem to care that I’m scared for myself and just told me to stop doing that.
I’m a varsity basketball player. Fit. Workout. Have a girlfriend. And not addicted to anything besides my juul. I’m from a very wealthy family and Litterally have no idea why I gamble I don’t need money I never have but every time I have anything I gamble it away. I’m worried that I’m fucked in the head because I’ve always gambled and have never never had any consequences from it.
If anyone has a similar life or experience please let me know and share your story and tips for how you stopped.
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Me (27M) Can't Get Over Ex (25F) of 2.5 Years After. Have Improved So Much. Can't Get Her Out of Mind.

This is a doozy. Hoping if anything just typing this out will act as a letting go for me. Please let me know your thoughts.
Backstory: My ex and I met as we were working together and was love at first sight for both of us. She was going into her senior year of college and I was a few months into my first year of work. She would drive nearly every weekend to see me (~50minutes) and we'd have a blast together.
After about 6 months I moved overseas for 5 months while she was finishing up undergrad. Once away I very quickly realized how much she meant to me and committed right there and then that this is my person. We video chatted, texted and communicated as much as we could. I flew back for her graduation with her family and we took an AMAZING 2 week vacation together through Europe.
She ended up moving right down the street from me and after a month or so I was finally back stateside. We hung out and enjoyed each other every chance we got but I was also starting to pick up some bad habits (smoking weed) more on weeknights than going and spending the night with her.
I had a one month pilot with my dream job position. I knocked it out of the park and received an offer, however, it involved considerable travel and I turned it down 1) due to it not being exactly as it seemed by 2) because I wanted to be with her.
That winter she gave up going to her family's Thanksgiving to be with mine. As a trade off I gave up Christmas with my family to go on a 2 week tropical vacation with her family. I made sure to get her a $450 necklace for Christmas and this is where things really started to come to a head.
1) I was stressed with work and had gained roughly 20 pounds in a very short amount of time and frankly couldn't stop talking about work as it was eating (literally) away at me. I'd also invested a large amount of money into Crypto (2017 boom) and had a lot of luck but was shut out of my account on Coinbase and became a part of the class action suit against them for bitcoin cash price manipulation. Long story short, I lost ~$35k over those 2 weeks without being able to access my account and I was too ashamed to tell her. (Still trying to recoup those loses and she still does not know that happened)
Then, I probably had the toughest conversation of my life with her mom saying that she was acting different and that her sisters were not having enough sister time and I wasn't paying enough on the trip (again, I was invited and gave up the holiday with my family and paid the airfare). Had it not been a winter storm going on I would have cut the trip short. Her mom was very set in her ways and her entire family would cave to her so my ex naturally didn't do much in the ways to help me. I've never, ever had issues with parents not liking me before and to this day I'm still taken aback by the confrontation. I offered to pay for lunches and dinners and probably dropped close to $1,500 overall that trip on group activities and meals.
We get back and things continued on. Between her and I, everything was seemingly great with a new role at work I was excited about and us spending more time together.
That took a nose dive around May of that year where I came to the realization I needed to quit my job. However, having gone through the leadership program I was in I was too committed to just do it and wanted to "man-up" and get through it (lose-lose not matter what). It was during this time I was taking 2 MBA classes and stressed as all hell so I was looking to food, weed and vaping (she never knew about this) to cope. I gained weight back and was all around miserable to be around.
End of June she told me I was not invited back on the family trip this next year as well as being overall more distant. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times we had been intimate leading to the next point.
I had a friend's wedding in early July which she could not attend due to another family event. Here is where I reached peak low in my entire life by cheating with a guest of a guest (still don't know the girl's name) mainly because she gave me attention that I'd been looking for for a long time. I was probably the drunkest I'd ever been that night.
Driving home I pulled over and cried for nearly an hour straight asking myself how I could do this to the person I loved so much and was saving for a ring for and how I would tell her. I committed right then and there that I would quit my job and get healthy.
As selfish as it was, I couldn't bring myself to tell her for nearly two more months. I was still in an incredibly low state and was grasping to anything I could. I was looking at condos for her and I to move into as well as talking about options outside the state before I eventually had two great options for work 1)out of state far away and 2) in the same town but much better company and pay than previously.
It was then that I finally told her about the wedding night and the vaping. I did it in such a terrible way because I was finally, finally feeling positive about my life after receiving offers for work and didn't at all fully think about the blow I was about to give.
After that I tried to rekindle things and did 30-day no contact. We had a few 'dates' after that where we were talking and thoroughly enjoying each other again.
1) One date early on she mentioned going to another guy's house, smoking and hooking up with him. I get it and whatever this doesn't sway me.
2) Again, after a few drinks she admitted that she didn't even want to be around me when I was really struggling that summer - she didn't know what to do. I believe this but I also just simply needed her period. Walks, dinners, laying with me - being intimate.
I ended up taking the job locally mainly because I still felt there was a chance at us getting back together. During this same time my apartment was robbed and she was genuinely concerned for me offering to stay at her place (tried to be macho and denied it) and ended up moving ten minutes away (no longer right down the road from her). After that we went another month without talking and then saw each other at a work event and agreed to go on a nice date.
Date went super well and the restaurant was about a 5 minute walk from my new place. I had been doing nothing but Crossfit and intense cycling the 3 months we broke up so she mentioned how great I looked and we had probably some of the most mind blowing sex we'd ever had and she spent the night. The next morning she took off and and we texted a bit before she left on her family vacation (that I wasn't invited to back in June) and then that stopped.
I was feeling mopey a few months later after having traveled to China and all over with my new job and sent her a long email and she said to just text her to meet up. I never did as I met someone several weeks later. It was a distance thing and she was incredibly caring and understanding. I didn't know it at the time but I was absolutely using her as a rebound thinking this is everything I wanted when in reality I wasn't close to being over my ex. I ended this last summer after several months.
It took until December 2019 to finally delete her from social media and personal photos from trips.
Fast forward to now and it's been roughly a year since that email and 16 months since we were official. I've been through roughly 30 hours of 1:1 therapy analyzing some past trauma that has made me realize how I acted the way I did as well as trying to get over the relationship. This on top of literally weeks of self improvement podcasts and thousands of articles.
I did my first half-Ironman competition and am now training for a full this year. I went from 32% body fat to 19% and put on nearly 14 pounds of muscle doing crossfit. I'm in probably the best shape of my life. Whenever I feel like I can't wake up for an early workout I just think of her and it gets me right up. Likewise if I have a dream about her at 3am, I read a self-help book until 5:30 and then go work out.
On her side I know through friends that she's been with someone she went to college with since at least June of last year. I don't know if they're still together but they took a trip together in October and she looked happy.
My job has been great. I still have bad days mainly because I'm so tough on myself (working through this still but have come light years since where I was) but I have much better coping mechanisms and have learned how to separate work from life.
However, I'll be the first to admit I don't have much of a life outside of work, working out and continuing to progress my knowledge in my industry. I have a good group of core friends where I am but I'm one of the few single people and work simply isn't challenging and growing me anymore.
I don't have anything keeping me to the city anymore and can explore other options but a part of me still can't seem to dismiss the idea of getting back with my ex and want to reach out. I keep putting off seriously considering other options and moving mainly because I know I'll be leaving her behind possibly forever.
Reddit, am I crazy? What do you think?

Tl;dr - Ex and I dated for 2.5 years and had amazing travels and time together. Had issues with her family and I went through a lot of personal/work turmoil. Cheated on her but ultimately worked on myself relentlessly over the last year and a half to where I know I am a much better person. Still can't get over her and want to reach out.
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Successful people aren't Demi-Gods with insane willpower and incredible productivity skills. They are normal people who understood the importance of the small seemingly insignificant daily disciplines. They understood how these disciplines leveraged with time could make them unstoppable

The Slight Edge

So what separates those who become successful in life with those who achieve nothing. The answer is in the simple daily decisions we make. Leveraged over time. The answer is the Slight Edge, a concept popularised by Jeff Olson, and his book called ‘The Slight Edge’, (must read btw)

Animated Video Post

Before we die, we would have made millions of decisions throughout our lives. Many of these decisions being seemingly insignificant during the moment; Deciding to go for a jog on a rainy day or sitting at home and watching TV, Reading a self-improvement book or PK’ing some noobs in the wildly.
We often believe in the Quantum Leap fallacy, the idea that success happens after huge bursts of willpower or some sort of divine intervention. You have seen it before, the friend who joins the gym for a month and expects to look like Dwayne Johnson. How about your other friend who invested in bitcoin and now patiently waits for his billions?
It’s easy to see why this happens, we live in an instant gratification society. We assume that results should come quickly in everything we do. If we want it, we get it. If you want some food you can hop on Uber Eats and order the burger, if you want entertainment you can hop on YouTube and watch an endless amount of prank channels, if you want a Vinyl wall decal of half an Asian businessmen Amazon can deliver that to you within 3 days. No really, you can buy that shit… It’s got pretty good reviews too. The moral of the story is that our brains have been programmed to expect results fast, it’s even in our movies. You watch Rocky and you can see some bum become a boxing champion within the span of 2 hours.

The Truth About Success Isn't Sexy

Well, the truth about achieving things in life is not so sexy, it’s nothing like the Rocky montages. This isn’t a movie. Success stems from the mundane, it stems from the boring choices that you make daily that don’t appear to matter much.
Having one cigarette at a party doesn’t really matter much, it most likely won’t do anything to your body. How about having that one cigarette a few times a week multiplied by a couple of years. Brah, now your lungs are exploding inside your fucking chest like Walter White.
How about making the choice to exercise three times a week, every week? You do it for one week and not much changes. You leverage those 3 workouts per week over 5 years and you look better than 95% of the population you might even add a couple of years to your life.
That’s the Slight Edge, every single decision you make regardless of how small it might seem in the moment when leveraged over time creates your life. You are always moving slightly up and getting better with time or you are moving down and degenerating.
An easy way to illustrate this is by understanding the 1-degree mistake. In aviation, precision is a must and if a plane flies 1 degree off course it will miss its target by 92 feet for every mile it flies. If a plane flies from New York City to Los Angeles and is off track by 1 degree, that plane is going to end up being 50 miles off course. You need to respect your daily decisions as seriously as a pilot respects his bearings.

Pizza girl

I remember ordering pizza the other day, when I opened the door to grab it I was shocked at what I saw. The girl delivering the pizza was a girl I went to high school with, the last time I had seen her was 5 years prior, back when she had an athletic body, fast forward to now and she was severely overweight. I wondered how she let herself go like that?
Then it hit me! Right before high School finished she told me about scoring a job at Pizza Hut. Clearly, she didn’t get obese overnight, but you multiply all those nights in which she took some left-over pizzas home and leverage those nights with time and you get an extra 60-100 pounds to her frame.
So, why does this happen?
Look, no one wants to get fat or get lung cancer, but human beings are notoriously myopic. We have a hard time grasping abstract concepts such as the effects that small actions have when leveraged over time. It is much easier to grasp the effects of big actions, it’s easy to understand how doing drugs could ruin your life, but it’s hard to comprehend how the Pepsi you drink every day might have the same effect on your health in the long run. It’s easy to understand how gambling at a casino can affect your finances, but it’s harder to understand the long-term effects of your credit card debt or student loans. Our brains always default to the easy concepts that they can understand, while omitting things that are slightly complex. Now consider this, the things that will improve our lives are easy to do:
• Meditating for 15 minutes a day is easy
• Reading a non-fiction book for 20 minutes a day is easy
• Exercising for 30 -40 minutes a day is easy
• Getting 0.1% better at your craft a day is easy
• Saving a little bit of money/ putting some in investments is easy
However, all these things are just as easy not to do. Your biology is against you. Your body wants to preserve energy for survival. Your body doesn’t know that you are no longer in the stone age, it doesn’t know that you have goals and aspirations. It doesn’t give a flying fuck about your higher ideals, so your default mechanism is to resort to the easiest option- not doing anything, staying in bed and watching videos about ‘$17 fried chicken vs $ 500 fried chicken’, (is anyone else addicted to this Buzz feed ‘worth it’ series?)

Areas To Focus One

So, what can we do to have the Slight Edge work in our favour? The first thing we can do is to bring more awareness into what we expose ourselves to in our lives. I have four main areas that everyone should focus on:
• Stimuli
• Associations
• Food
• Mission


You should take some time to consider what type of stimuli you are allowing to seep into your life. I am talking about: The shows you watch, the music you listen to, the websites you visit, the books you read, and anything media based. Consider everything, are these things elevating you? Making you smarter, more aware? Or are you becoming numb, disengaged to life because of these things?


The people you hang around with, how do they influence you? Do they make you step up and become the best version of yourself, or do they disempower you? Are they achieving things in their lives and making things happen or are they 1 degree off course and bringing you down for the ride? Sometimes the people we hang out with are killing us slowly, perhaps it’s time you re-evaluate your circle of friends.


Yes, yes I know your KFC double down burger is delicious but is eating a burger with two pieces of deep-fried chicken for buns every day really serving you? When was the last time you got your blood-work checked mate! Your cholesterol must be higher than Shaggy from Scooby Doo. You guys do know he was high throughout the whole show right? Pay attention to the things you put into your body daily, if you keep eating and drinking the way you do what would you look like over the next 5, 10, 20 years? Some of you might not even last that long with the shit you are eating.


Do you have a mission in your life? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? A doctor? The best league of legends player in Oceania? Consider your daily disciplines, are you doing the small tasks daily that are needed to realize your mission? Will your vision be realized or are you waiting for the quantum leap to happen like in the movies?
The slight edge is real, it’s based on mathematics, it’s so simple and yet we ignore it. It’s time you start paying attention to your daily disciplines. It’s not exciting, but the small things are what build up to shape our destinies. When you look at any success story, don’t be so quick to play the luck card. Investigate and see if the Slight Edge was at play, it usually is, it’s just that no one wants to talk about it.
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Tommy Chong Interview on incarceration and cancer - how cannabis helped.

Tommy Chong has been around so long that he’s a cannabis icon, not just to baby boomers who fondly remember the Cheech and Chong albums and movies, but also to the zillions of fans of That 70s Show, where he starred as Leo (an old hippie who sells weed1). More recently, Chong appeared on Dancing With The Stars, as well as doing voice acting in animated TV shows and even children’s films (Ferngully: The Last Rainforest and Zootopia) over the decades. While some of today’s cannabis activists have derided the Cheech and Chong culture because of their perpetuation of negative stereotypes, it’s important to remember that those albums and movies were all for fun, and that – at the time – those stereotypes did not even exist. While prohibitionists have indeed attempted to use Cheech and Chong movies as “proof that stoners are lazy and stupid”, the joke’s really on them: Cheech and Chong are actors, no matter how much marijuana they smoked in real life, and “Up In Smoke” is no more a documentary of stoners than “Airplane!” represents a true look at life in airline cockpits.
Few news stories have made it clear, but Tommy Chong is a quiet hero who chose to go to federal prison in 2003 to protect his family. From Wikipedia (emphasis ours): In 2003 Chong became caught up in two American investigations, code-named Operation Pipe Dreams and Operation Headhunter, which tried to trace drug traffic and users through businesses selling drug paraphernalia, mostly bongs. Operation Pipe Dream was run from Pittsburgh. US Attorney for Western Pennsylvania Mary Beth Buchanan oversaw the case. The estimated cost of Operation Pipe Dream was over $12 million and included the resources of 2,000 law enforcement officers. Fifty-five companies that sold drug paraphernalia over the Internet were the subject of the investigation, and Nice Dreams was one of them. Chong was charged for his part in financing and promoting Chong Glass/Nice Dreams, a company started by his son Paris. His case never went to trial, as his attorney negotiated a plea agreement with the US Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania’s Office. He admitted to distributing 7,500 bongs and water pipes on the Internet through Nice Dreams, a family company. Chong agreed to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute drug paraphernalia in exchange for non-prosecution of his wife, Shelby, and his son, Paris. Chong cooperated with the government and was the first of the Operation Pipe Dreams defendants to plead guilty. Then we have Chong’s incarceration and cancer. In the interview, Tommy talks about the prison that was built over oil fields, and that’s true, but it understates the case. The entire town of Taft, where the prison is located, is actually located over the oil fields, as well as several nearby towns. When you factor in the toxic waste dump, it’s easier to understand why lots of people in that area have become suspicious that it was located in a poor Hispanic area, and why many babies have died or been born with mortal defects there.
By the way, here’s where the prison is located, and here’s the dump. You can easily zoom out, and turn the satellite/Google Earth data on, and see how the dump is right up the valley from the prison, so that the air will blow straight down there under the right conditions.
The facts revealed in this interview will likely surprise and even upset some people, but it’s good to remember that Tommy Chong is still with us, and that there are undoubtedly few people on the planet as committed to cannabis as he is. – DF Tommy Chong smokingTC: This is Tommy Chong speaking.
OH: Hello Mr. Tommy Chong! How are you? TC: I’m very well, thank you. How are you?
OH: Okay! I’m really happy to talk to you for Beyond Chronic today. First of all…how is your health, man? TC: Good! Yeah, I just got a clean bill. Just had my blood test, everything’s good, looks like I’m cancer-free at the moment., so that’s good news.
OH: That’s awesome news! Since we’re mostly a medical website, can you give us some details about how you were using cannabis for your cancer and when you started using it medically?
TC: Well, I’ve been using cannabis, you know, for many, many years now, over 50 years. And I’m not a huge smoker, but I smoke it when I got it, you know, one of those kind of guys. A few years ago, I got put in [prison] for bongs…that was in ’03. And I think that’s where the cancer started, because the [prison] was built near a toxic waste dump near Bakersfield, over an old oil field, where they used to hold the oil. And they have a thing there called “Valley Fever“, which is a wasting disease. When I was incarcerated, every time the wind blew, they would make all the inmates go inside because of the bad quality of the air.
And so it was during that time, you know, when I got out of jail, then I started having symptoms and then I went to the doctor, and I found out I had prostate cancer. It’s a slow-acting cancer, so after a biopsy and a few consultations with different experts, we decided to not do anything. And then move forward to around 2013 or 2014, I got asked to be on a show called Dancing With The Stars, and it was physically very taxing, a lot of stress. And I think that’s where I contracted the cancer of the rectum.
And up until then, for my prostate cancer, I was doing a very holistic diet, you know. A lot of green, a lot of vegetables. I quit eating meat, I quit drinking alcohol, and I think it helped. But when I was diagnosed with the rectal cancer, that was right after Dancing With The Stars. I had a choice of going strictly with the cannabis – which I was talked out of. I have a lot of friends who are doctors, and they talked me out of it. They said that no one has survived rectal cancer with marijuana. So then I opted for the operation, and the chemo treatment, and the radiation…as well as the cannabis. Now, I think more than anything, the cannabis has helped me heal, because once I was operated on – you know, it was a five hour operation – and they closed off the rectum, and they gave me a colostomy bag. And I lost some 30-odd pounds, almost 40 pounds. So I was quite skinny. I went down to almost 130. And so I ended up coming back from that. TC: And so right after the operation, as soon as I got home, I got off the hard drugs and I got on to the marijuana. And it helped me right off the bat. I had no appetite in the hospital; that’s where I lost all my weight. But as soon as I got home and started smoking pot, I got my appetite back.
And then the other thing I learned while I was recovering in the hospital: I was in a lot of…discomfort, you know, from laying immobile for 5 hours while they operated on me, and then laying on my back after that to recover. And so I asked the doctor if it was OK if I did crunches, you know, like abdominal work. Because I could do that, I could do planks, I could do a lot of exercises laying on my back. And the doctor gave me the green light. So I would spend a great deal of my time doing crunches, and ab work, and working up a nice sweat. And so I think that really helped with my recovery, because it was within a month that I was walking and playing golf and getting back all the weight I’d lost. And now, like I said, I’m cancer-free.
I was injecting some cannabis oil right after the operation, to help with my healing. But that’s untested, and I stopped doing it, because I was a little worried about injecting anything in my body without knowing exactly where it came from, and everything.
I smoke a little pot, every day, and I’m healthy as can be. I just finished a golf tournament yesterday, and I did the whole 18 holes. I need to rest quite a bit, you know. Whenever I do anything, I need to take 15 or 20 minutes, maybe longer, to regroup.
But I’m dancing tango, and I’m playing golf, and I’m quite active, you know, and for my age and everything, and what I’ve gone through, I’m very happy. And I look good. I can not only do that workout, but I can do upper and lower body workouts with weights. In fact, I’m working on an exerciser that’s going to be on the market, for old people. For guys like me that have limited abilities to work out and stay in shape.
More than anything, the weed really helped with my mental state, because marijuana works on the brain. And if anything, it soothes the brain. You know that old joke about potheads having bad memories? Well, the bad memories are like pain, discomfort, and fear. So you lose all that, and the body reacts by healing faster and stronger. Tommy ChongOH: Wow (long pause, because this was pretty heavy).
Well, I’m really glad to hear you’re better, because when I heard the cancer came back, it sounded pretty dire. So this is very good news.
TC: Yeah! In fact, a lot of websites had me [as] dead.
OH: Well, all these guys are trying to make money off of any damn thing, you know.
TC: (laughs) Yeah, yeah, that’s a lot of hits, isn’t it?
OH: Yeah, I wasn’t even going to bring up what happened to you in 2003, because you really got railroaded on that one.1
TC: Well, I have no real proof on that, but my wife and I both agreed that I was healthy when I went in, and unhealthy when I came out, so that’s the only conclusion we could reach.
Although the diet was good. I had a special friend, you know, that worked the garden, we had our own garden, so I was eating healthy. But it was just the atmosphere that I was around, that toxic waste dump that they built the prison on, I’m quite sure that had an effect.
OH: Oh, yeah. And also, just being in there is so much stress, even if you weren’t in one of those nasty prisons where guards beat the shit out of people, it’s still very bad for your whole approach to life when you’re sitting there in a cage like that.
TC: It can be. You know, I actually turned it into a religious retreat, because we were allowed to…well, if you kept your nose clean and you behaved yourself, you had a lot of freedoms. Because it was minimum security; “Camp Cupcake”, we called it. It’s a Bernie Madoff kind of prison. And I was treated like a celebrity, so I never had that kind of stress. But the stress on my family…my wife having to fend for herself in this world…and that [eventually] worked out really well. But having the federal government come after you for something as innocuous as water pipes, you know…that was a little much.
George Bush, he paid the price. He’s in disgrace now, so the karma really came back on those guys. And [as far as] the cancer…I look on everything with a very optimistic eye. Because I’m a body builder by trade, you know, that was my intent all my life. As soon as I discovered weightlifting, all I wanted to do – my plan in life – was to work out, lay on the beach, and get high…smoke dope. And that’s really what I’m doing.
OH: Well, that brings up another idea…the election couldn’t get much crazier. Have you thought of running for president?
TC: (laughs) Well, first of all, I’m not American-born, so I couldn’t pass that test. What I did, I endorsed Bernie Sanders, but you know, my take on the election is that I lived through Nixon and Reagan. We survived Nixon and Reagan and George Bush, and so we can survive anything that comes along. But I really sincerely believe that Donald Trump and the Clintons made a deal, and Trump said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get you elected. Just watch me.”
OH: Well, it’s pretty crazy out there, that’s for sure.
So your name is synonymous with smoking, but because you’ve been very concerned about your health, I was wondering whether you use a vaporizer at all.
TC: I use a bong. I kind of came up with my own bong made out of kombucha bottles. You know, there’s a kombucha that I really like, it’s a fermented drink that they sell in Whole Foods. And the bottle makes a perfect water pipe, because you can take it apart and clean it real easy.
So my preferred method of ingesting my medicine is the Tommy Chong Not-A-Bong. I don’t call them “bongs”, because they’re more like art pieces. Just before I got busted, I had an art show with my bongs, and I called them art, and the Feds never touched me! (both laugh)
OH: Man…you just can’t really get into their heads. They’re in some other world. All of us heads from the 60s kind of gave up on legalization back in the 70s after NORML screwed the pooch with that crazy shit that went on. So what can you say now that it’s finally starting to happen?
TC: Well, you know, everything takes time. There’s a big shift in our whole way of living, and it started maybe 10 years ago when [smartphones] came into existence. Up until then, we were at the mercy of the press, and so-called experts that would tell us what to think and how to think. But now the [smartphone] has freed everybody, and so everybody gets better. No matter what you say, people will check you out on their phone. My take is that legalization [started coming about] because of that.
So, because they found out that marijuana works well on little babies with epilepsy, Sanjay Gupta of CNN did a big report on that. And when they found out that marijuana does have medical uses, it debunked all the myths and all the lies that the establishment had spread around about marijuana.
Marijuana: The New Bitcoin? And so the policies have to change, because everything is exposed. We see the corrupt prison system, we see the corrupt police system, we see the corruption in the government, from the top on down. You know, it’s built based on lies. However, the marijuana industry itself, because it was an underground industry, showed us the way we could exist on this planet. Because marijuana has become like currency. Anytime you grow a crop like marijuana, or wheat, or corn, or anything that people consume on a daily basis, you’re [getting] into a huge economic area. By making marijuana illegal, the agricultural people can’t grab hold of it like they did with corn and wheat. So those companies are scrambling around trying to get hold of it, but they can’t, because it’s a cottage industry, and it will always be a cottage industry. Because the minute the big companies try to make it their own, like they did with soybeans…like Monsanto, they put their own patent on seeds, and you can’t do that with marijuana.
And it grows everywhere in the world. And it really is currency, if you think about it. Like when Mexicans sneak across the border, they’re more apt to carry a bag of pot then they are a fistful of money. Because the pot can be exchanged for money, anywhere in America. Anywhere in the world! You got a bag of pot, there’s someone who wants to buy it from you. So in a weird way, marijuana has [become] and is becoming the new currency of the world.
OH: I know some people like Bitcoin, and some people like good seeds, right?
TC: (laughs) Yeah! You can smoke it, you can eat it, you can wear it, it’s a perfect plant!
OH: I’d love to talk to you all day about weed, but your PR people really want me to ask about your new emoji app.
TC: Well, the emoji…there again, it’s like Bitcoin. It’s a way of selling my brand, with a very easy price on people. But it’s my brand, it’s my signature, it’s who I am. My emojis are spreading around the world very quickly, and people are picking up on them.
OH: It’s very cool.
TC: Yeah, they’re very cool. I think I’m the first to do weed-friendly emoji.
OH: What about your Chong’s Choice strains?
TC: How Chong’s Choice came about…we were approached by people who wanted to do strains. Like there’s a strain out in Colorado called the Chong Star, after Dancing With The Stars. But that’s only one strain. And what we did was we got a business partner who came in and put a distribution center for us: Chong’s Choice. All the top growers in the different states, they contact us and we make sure that they’re vetted, that what they grow is the best. And once we find the good growers, then we put our brand and packaging on it, and it hits all the dispensaries, and eventually it’ll be hitting the public, as the laws change.
But right now, like the Marlboro Man, I’m gonna have the Chong’s Choice brand for pot. OH: And who better, right?
TC: Who better?!
OH: Yeah! And it’s 4:20, man. It’s 4:20 PM and I’m talking to you. It’s great.
TC: Isn’t it great? Yeah! Something good always happens at 4:20 for me.
OH: Well, I don’t want to keep you. I just want to say…thanks for being you.
TC: (laughs) Oh, you’re welcome, my friend. Call me any time.
OH: Thanks…and here’s my catchphrase: Nugs and hugs!
TC: Ha, nugs and hugs, I love that. Take care.
OH: Thank you!
This was shared with us at /CBD by the owners of www.beyondchronic.com. We talked with them, and they were willing to let us put the article on here completely. They are a great site, and have good articles. This was the full interview. Read more about it here. http://beyondchronic.com/2016/06/tommy-chong-beyond-chronic-interview-part-one/
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Training report -Warburton Lad - Monday 4th December

After a weekend of rain of almost Biblical proportions across my adopted state, it's a pleasure to have a distraction from the carnage caused by the torrents. At one stage, I considered going to my local hardware to get 40 cubits of timber and start constructing a twenty-first century Ark. On the passenger list for my Ark, I would make room for two of every kind of bird and beast, with the exception of Carlton supporters, road ragers and those people who don't enjoy watching Goggle Box.
It's another cool and overcast Monday morning in Melbourne and the journey to The Vatican on Olympic Boulevard for Magpie fans is uneventful, this time in my beloved Leyland P-76. At the stage of life The Lad is at, even the simplest of joys are something to be savoured- seeing those who represent our club working so hard on individual and collective improvement is one such joy. On that note, nothing annoys me more than those fans who attend our games and criticise our players. As Teddy Roosevelt once proclaimed, "... It's not the critic who counts, but the man in the arena, splattered with sweat and blood but getting it done..!!"
In the seven days since I last experienced 'Nirvana' ( in the football sense), I have read an interesting biography of American General George Patton. 'Blood & Guts' as he was known by his troops once famously said, " If everyone agrees, then someone isn't thinking!!" This gave me pause to recall something I've noticed, but not reported on, from the past two sessions. At the end of the trainings, Buckley and his coaching cohort gather in the middle of the oval for a five to ten minute debrief. Discourse such as this gives Bucks' henchmen the opportunity to give feedback to the senior coach on the session just completed.
The oval is looking an absolute treat- even after the deluge, and it's surface is like a billiard table ( only with four pockets instead of six) and it's hard to imagine a better facility for our players to ply their trade on. A solitary runner runs lap after lap on the public running track inside the fence; her slight physique a direct contrast to the trim, taut and terrifically toned torsos of the Magpie players. Incongruously, for a summer training session, it's a mere fifteen degrees, there is a sprinkle of rain and the lights are on!
This week is notable as there are more senior players returning to work on the track. Fabulous to report that Ben Reid, Josh Thomas and Adam Treloar are out there amongst it. On his way to the rest of the playing group, Bucks stops and gives a hearty welcome to these players. There are a myriad of reasons why a player may miss training with the senior group: illness, specific weight training sessions, injury treatment to name a few, but today, the group is almost totally present in number. And they work with great energy and enthusiasm; when one hears the friendly banter amongst the playing group, it's clear that this is not an Ashes Test.
The group are showing enormous discipline in being on the track and prepared to start training at the allotted time. Like any footballers, they love latching on to a Sherrin and indulging their skills prior to the formal training beginning. Giving Daniel Wells a Sherrin is like handing a surgeon a scalpel- the instrument of choice is used for the purpose it is designed and his incisions are precise. One can almost envisage Wells slicing through the middle of the MCG in a big final, hitting up a Magpie teammate on the lead- hopefully this happens in 2018.
The gentle warm-ups cease abruptly and the players run to allotted areas on the ground- there is a discipline and attention to detail here that is very evident. Jeremy Howe stated on 'The Grind' last week that the players were up for the intensity that each session involved. I have watched the Magpies preseasons for many years and have not seen such a tough start to the preseason slog since Tom Hafey took the reins at the end of 1976. It may seem somewhat masochistic, but the players seem to be enjoying the 'real' nature of the drills. Players accept that they will be hit hard if they dally on disposals.
Stephenson certainly has 'wheels'- in a warm up he speedily picks up a loose ball and drills with precision, off either hand penetrating handballs. Great to see the captain fully- involved and getting heaps of encouragement from Sidey and Dunn at the first break in drills. There is a new face in the group- not sure who it is, but he looks like a cross between Gwilt and Chad Lidell with early Heretier Lumumba hairdo.
The drills today are arduous- taxing the endurance of the players under close pressure- the so-called ''Match-Sim". One of the toughest rotations the players are asked to perform involves running around the confines of the square playing 'keeping s- off by foot. Tyler Brown shows sublime skills by foot, hitting moving targets with ease, under pressure.
Another rotation has other newbies, Stephenson and Murphy working on contested drills with seniors such as Cox and Grundy under the watchful eye of Lockyer. This is played with less players than the other drill and the sharpness of Varcoe, Wells and Kirby stands out.
Between rotations, the players run a very sharp half lap, on group heading to the Rod Laver goals, the other to the Yarra River end before meeting in front of The Glasshouse Cafe. Daicos and Fasolo lead one group in whilst Smith and Greenwood ( left knee strapped) head the other group. As they pause in front of me, I catch a glimpse of Magden- this lad is very solid and certainly seems 'body-ready' to play AFL.
Anthony Rocca throws a ball in from the boundary in front of me and Tyler and Fasolo contest the ruck. The ball finds its way out the back to Moore who takes off at top speed, but is run down by Stephenson who wins the plaudits of the group. Crocker excels in this activity- able to alternately find the Sherrin on the inside of packs or get loose to receive as an outside player.
The drills are interchanged very quickly, it's hard to keep track, but in the next one, the player in front must protect the ball on the ground from a player behind him by intense shepherding. Tyler Brown is pitted against Lynden Dunn. The senior man instructs the newbie on how best to position his body- Brown is outmatched physically, but wins praise for his persistence.
Another throw-in from Rocca pits Mihocek against Magden- their two bodies clash hard and the spillage falls to Pendles . The only thing slicker than Pendles short, back and sides hairdo is the handball he sends to the fleet-of-foot Daicos whose foot pass hits Rocca in the middle of that gigantic chest. The next contest in ruck is between McLarty ( in head gear) and Mihocek. Determined to reverse a previous loss in a contest, McLarty out bodies Mihocek and then breaks away from the contest at speed.
A large group alternates between centre half forward and wing simulating ball ups. In one such scenario near goals, Buckley instructs the first player to receive the knock out to shoot on goal. Fasolo roves beautifully to a well-weighted Cox tap and drills on the right foot from forty out-goal...
It's now 10-30 and the group have been at it for over 75 minutes. The lift in intensity from previous weeks in terms of running is patently obvious. Bodies, young and old, are being put under strain, but this scribe hears nothing but encouragement. Rookie Appleby seems a naturally gifted runner and also quite adept with ball in hand. Hine described him as a multidimensional defender with elite endurance. Nothing The Lad has seen today would doubt what our recruiter said. In a reprise of the final drill of last week, half the group run laps at full pace, passing to coaches placed around the boundary. Kirby is busting his gut during this drill, his passing of the ball precise. Not sure if Mason Cox reads Nicks, but his foot is intercepting the ball closer to the ground on the short kicks and today his passes travel through the air faster, his McGough 'helicopter-kicks' nowhere in sight.
The entire group, less those in rehab, now play a practice match in an area no bigger than a soccer pitch. Reds versus Blacks. The ball is kicked in from full back by Crisp to Magden whose floater is intercepted by Moore. However, the ball is turned over and finally ends up with Broomhead who snaps truly. A minute later, Broomhead crumbs off a Cox spillage and snaps his second. Although, technically, the game is played as a rolling scrum/ pack, it would appear that Smith is playing forward ( and doing well) and Moore forward. Murphy is moving extremely well and his kicking is very slick, driving the ball forward with precision. He is also very mobile- I think he has a promising future, once his body fulfills the promise playing at this level demands. In keeping with the past few weeks, tackling is both evident and encouraged a few players on the Black team underestimate the closing speed of Varcoe who punishes their lack of peripheral vision/ awareness. An unselfish pass from Blair allows Broomhead a third goal. From the resulting centre ball up, Cox floors Grundy, the ball ends up with Smith who then hits Mason with a precise pass to the Quiet American who had charged forward from the centre.
An indecisive Mihocek then clears long from defence, the ball spills to 'Black' Howe who takes on Murphy. The youngster refuses to let last year's 'real' Mark of the Year winner pass and the resultant free results in a goal and pats from his peers.
The back half match-ups are interesting: McLarty on Mayne, Howe on Tyler Brown, Magden on Murphy and Crisp on Kirby. The younger men are by no means disgraced.
Match practice ends with another boundary sprint. Of concern to me is Grundy pointing to his lumbar region and being worked on by the club physio. Thankfully, he regains his feet and resumes his place with the squad. By this time, the younger players have taken position up near Olympic Boulevard and are working on handball and short kicking. The senior players are down at the Yarra end. After the rain, the Yarra resembles the Ganges river of India.
De Goey, Callum Brown and Lynch continue to run laps, of the oval, their honest commitment to being at peak physical fitness by the start of practice matches is really impressive.
A large group works on a 'perpetual motion' goal kicking drill. This is a real tough drill as players must run, dodge and kick at goal under pressure whilst fatigued. No stand outs, but Murphy simply never misses and Lynch is a fine kick for one so tall. Two groups of four under the watchful eye of Boyd, Bucks, Harvey and Longmuir play handball keepings-off- the loser has to sprint forty metres and then win the ball back from a resting group of four. Varcoe continues to tackle teammates like they owe him money! Inspiring effort from the former Cat star.
Kirby, Pendlebury, Hoskin-Elliot and Phillips make a formidable quartet in this drill. They are quick of hand and elusive and make the other foursomes work hard to dispossess them. Cox, who has the wingspan of an A380 Airbus is a huge asset to his group which includes Broomhead and Crocker.
In one exercise, a pinpoint pass from Smith from over 40 metres hits Buddha Hocking on the chest- the former Cat veteran then feeds the ball back to Smith with a 25 metre handball which Smith accepts without breaking stride. It really is true what they say- form is temporary, but class is permanent.. It's clear that even at 49 years of age, Hocking has lost none of his immense football ability or class.
Ben Crocker continues to impress; first on the track and frequently the last off it. He has a tremendous work ethic. Whilst his 2017 was poor, he showed promise in 2016 and appears hungry to be a regular player in 2018. He can often be witnessed being advised by the assistant coaches and senior teammates- it's important to remember this lad is only 20 years of age. Track watchers may notice Crocker working hard on one aspect of his game at training and wonder if he will ever make the grade. At times like these, we need to exercise patience and remember the beautiful words written by Bryce Courteney in his seminal novel, 'The Power of One'; "The largest waterfall begins with a single drop of water!"
Tommy Langdon continues to emerge as a young leader. Although his tonsorial choices have raised more eyebrows than a Hollywood facelift Clinic, his importance as an organiser of the back half appears to be growing with every session. If Langdon was a crypto currency, he could be the Bitcoin player of 2018!! Supposition on my behalf, but I wonder if Langdon has been receiving mentoring from Captain Marvellous, Nick Maxwell, who is back at the club in a Leadership and Culture role.
AAMI Park provides an imposing and evocative backdrop to the training session. A Lynden Dunn torpedo punt seems to go from one end of its bulbous curved roof to the other. One wonders whether the AAMI stadium, with its attractive architecture and innovative hybrid structural system of shell, arch and cantilever, will ever attain the cult-status or place in people's hearts of a Windy Hill, an Arden Street or our own beloved Victoria Park.
Few players polarise our supporter group more than Jarryd Blair, but his effort on the track this morning was first-rate. It may be an optical illusion, but Blairy appears a little quicker this preseason- he certainly has returned in great condition although as I write this, he is given a few minutes back massage.
Draftees Murphy, Stephenson and Tyler Brown work under the watchful eye of their coaching mentors. It would appear to this observer that these three boys will play predominantly in the VFL in 2018- their physiques are a fair way off that which would enable them to perform without enduring a physical beating at the highest level. Rookies Magden, Mihocek are also present and working hard for their chance at the big-time. Oxley and Wills walk lap after lap- no limp evident on either player.
It is always a thrill to see a player like Adam Treloar shine on the track- with 122 games under his belt and coming off a season in which he was nominated for the All-Australian squad, it's not hard to see how this 24 year maintains his status as an elite player in the AFL. Like Taylor Adams last week, Treloar has seemingly set himself the goal of taking on the difficult disposals by foot or hand. His capacity to consistently hit targets warms the cockles of my heart.
Josh Daicos and Fasolo have clearly been set a huge load for this session. In between participation in selected drills, they alternately sprint and jog laps. Both players appear somewhat quicker than 2017. Similarly, Rocca and Gotch work the Lanky Yank to the limits of his endurance- he does not shirk the physical burden he was given. It's actually a tad comical to see the diminutive Brad Gotch roving to Mason Cox- one could be forgiven for thinking that one had wandered into the land of Lilliput made famous in the wonderful Jonathan Swift novel, 'Gulliver's Travel'.
After a very solid two hours on the track, the younger Pies are taken aside by Lockyer who explains the match-sim being done by their senior teammates. McLarty is a revelation in this drill and his strong intercept marking at full back and penetrating kicking are a joy to behold. Aish, Broomhead and Adams are ferocious around the packs and Grundy and Cox are strong combatants in the ruck. All the while, Lynch runs laps....!!
Maynard leaves the track at 11-30, having performed splendidly as usual. Some players exude leadership- he is one such player, his uncompromising approach fabulous to see. The senior players are now doing shuttle-runs. Gut busting, but not as bad as might have been if the weather was in the thirties, rather than the teens. Shortly after, Kirby joins Maynard, having completed a very good workout.
The remaining players now play an East-West practice match, from wing to wing, rather than goal to goal. Whilst the intensity begins somewhat slower it soon heats up as Dunn catches Smith in a crunching tackle. Scharenberg out points Crocker physically in a one on one, but pressure from the yellow team forces another turnover. Langdon is superb in this drill and it would appear a new team edict of playing the corridor is forcing him to be less conservative with his disposals out of the back half. It is certainly exciting to watch; Langdon's contests with Crocker are excellent with the number eight shading him slightly.
You cannot stop a retired player having a shot on goal, but Bucks two skidding drop punts from seventy metres out fade in transit and the air conveyance drift through for behinds... The final match practice takes place in the central corridor of the field. Twenty four players remain and contested ball and quick disposal are king. Pendlebury is in Rolls-Royce form, no sign of discomfort from him. His clearing kick hits up McLarty. The big defender has an unusual gait, ( he runs like he is holding a toothpick between his knees), but he is quick over the ground and a good decision maker.
The clouds close in once more but the floodlights bring a pleasant glow in the gathering gloom. The players continue to work hard, drilling foot passes of either foot to waiting coaches, after almost three hours, the players head for the change rooms and a well-earned shower.
And so, my beloved P-76 and I head for the hills- hopefully in less than the two and a half hours it took to get to training! I reflect on another impressive training session by the Pies. We appear to be making great strides in terms of organisation on field and the players are looking in fine fettle. There is an energy and apparent camaraderie in this group which makes the heart glow with pride.
I'd be interested in the thoughts and reflections of other Nicksters or observers of our training . I take no offence if others disagree with my reports; as General Patton said, "If everyone agrees, then someone isn't thinking!!"
Floreat Pica dear Magpie friends.
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4.1.20 Falcon Workout Sixpack Workout 20 Minuten mit Mitch 20 Min Workout! BEGINNER 20 min Home Workout to GET FIT! Crypto Currency Training 1 I Bitcoin - The Basics I Romina Flummi

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4.1.20 Falcon Workout

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Bill Gates interview: Bitcoin BTC Event, Financial Crisis & Microsoft updates [April 28, 2020] ... 20 MIN MORNING WORKOUT (NO EQUIPMENT BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT!) - Duration: 20:26. Fraser Wilson ... Sixpack Workout 20 Minuten mit Mitch ... BBP Workout mit Mitch // 25 Minuten - Duration: 26:59. Peoples The Fitness Community 919 views. New; 26:59. Ernest Goes to School YouTube Movies. Comedy; 1 ... In this 20 min beginner workout, we will do home based low impact exercises that are aimed to keep you fit and lose excess body weight. These exercises can be done by all age groups to increase ... Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey interview: Bitcoin BTC Event & Twitter updates [April 30, 2020] ... 20 Minute Upper Body Dumbbell Workout - Great For Beginners - Duration: 25:33. ACHV PEAK Recommended ...