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The Great Gold vs Bitcoin Debate: Casey vs Matonis

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The Story and Voice of the Tezos Community

You can read the following text alongside our original Community Statement here.
About the Tezos Community
The grassroots Tezos Community is comprised of contributors, developers, Community leaders, prominent crypto technologists, thought leaders and researchers and key industry investors. Together, we have risen up to help the Tezos Foundation overcome its current paralysis and fulfill its mission to support the Tezos protocol. Through online forums and meetups around the world, the Community has united and is galvanized in its request that changes be made to the Foundation immediately.
What we are doing and why
We are gravely concerned about Mr. Johann Gevers and his failure to realize the purpose of the Tezos Foundation. These concerns are clearly enumerated in this Community Petition. The petition has now garnered almost 1,400 signatures, from 95 different countries, including some from eminent people in the wider crypto Community. The Tezos Community wishes to expose the gravity of Mr. Gevers’ mismanagement and the need to make changes immediately to ensure that we realize Tezos’ astonishing potential.
In addition to the Petition, the Tezos Community Organizers have released two position statements, “The Tezos Community Condemns the Foundation Investigating Itself,” which called out the conduct of the Foundation’s self-evaluation as deeply disturbing amid reports here that Mr. Gevers would play a key role in reviewing evidence against himself, and “The Tezos Community Statement on a New Tezos Foundation Board Member,” which, upon the resignation of board member Mr. Guido Schmitz-Krummacher, called on the board to unanimously elect a new board member who is a demonstrably competent executive, highly respected in the crypto Community, and completely independent with no prior dealings with current or former board members, and reiterated its call for Mr. Gevers to resign or be dismissed immediately.
While a board member, Mr. Schmitz-Krummacher never addressed the Community, but upon resigning, he joined an online Tezos Community forum and posted inconsistent and incomplete statements on his actions during his tenure, which he subsequently deleted and revised. This disturbing, questionable behavior severely diminishes Mr. Schmitz-Krummacher’s credibility as he speaks about internal Foundation matters. In addition, these prior statements, which he has since deleted, failed to provide comprehensive answers to specific questions he was asked online, such as: what was the cause of leaks of internal Foundation matters to the media; why the complete and final Foundation audit had not been made public; why Mr. Gevers was allowed to review evidence against himself when obviously there was a conflict of interest; and, why there had not been a unanimous statement from the board clearing Mr. Gevers of the impropriety he denies. At this point, the behavior of the board is so questionable that if the audit is released the Community is concerned that it will be presented in an incomplete or redacted manner so as to protect the interests of Mr. Gevers and possibly of Mr. Schmitz-Krummacher as well.
Pattern of misconduct by Mr. Gevers
Through its determined and passionate efforts, the Community has come to learn about a pattern of disturbing conduct by Mr. Gevers. These are enumerated in the previously mentioned petition, and through personal stories of Community members and former colleagues of Mr. Gevers. The following are a few of these stories and represent a clear and consistent pattern of disturbing behavior by Mr. Gevers.
The Tragedy of Monetas
Mr. Gevers’ now bankrupt venture, Monetas, is a prime example of his appalling mismanagement and willingness to manipulate his financial backers with incomplete and false statements. Recently, Mr. Gevers praised the progress of Monetas to his investors, announced his expectations of profitability in Q2 2018, while only days later Monetas bankruptcy was announced. This means that Mr. Gevers praised the progress of Monetas though he perfectly knew that his venture was over indebted and that bankruptcy was imminent. Here is how he represented the matter to investors.
Furthermore, a key member of the Monetas team has bravely stepped forward to describe the mismanagement of Mr. Gevers. For now, because Mr. Gevers has a history of making threats of retaliation against people who have worked with him, this person wishes to remain anonymous.
Most of the management and employees resigned in 2016 because we could see that Johann was an incompetent CEO, running the company into the ground. I am not surprised at all that Monetas eventually failed. Johann has treated employees and investors very badly. He harmed a lot of people.
Monetas had terrible governance. Johann set the company up in Anguilla, and granted himself sole and single handed decision making powers in all matters. The other shareholders, Board members, or management had no ability to make decisions.
Monetas had very competent managers and advisors who attempted to put the company back on course. As soon as anyone was getting traction, Johann declared them the enemy and part of the ´dark forces´ that are hell bent on destroying Johann and Monetas. One example was a very experienced and highly regarded Swiss banker and entrepreneur, an excellent talented manager who came in as Advisor, and selflessly threw himself into saving Monetas - working practically full time (despite being paid only for a few hours of advisory work). He made a great impact quickly. Johann soon declared that he was ´part of the dark forces against him´ and that ´his aim was to destroy Monetas´. His advisory contract was soon cancelled.
Many Monetas employees had serious financial problems because the company did not pay their salaries, often for months on end. We usually found out that the company was unable to pay salaries by checking our bank accounts and noticing that there was no incoming salary payment. When the company had liquidity problems, Johann almost never warned us in advance so we could at least make arrangements, almost never mentioned it when the salary payment date came and went without payments being made, and when we asked him when salaries were going to be paid, he repeatedly told us of that were due soon and would cover the salary payments. These investment inflows typically did not materialise. We eventually realised that when Johann made these promises, this was on the basis of either no ongoing investor conversations, or only extremely tentative ones that could never have had anything but a small chance of materialising, and none within the timeframes that Johann indicated. Eventually, we did not believe Johann´s statements, but early on, many of us got into financial difficulties trusting what Johann had told us.
When Johann caused someone harm, he seemed to show no hesitation prior, nor guilt or remorse in hindsight. The only thing that seemed to concern him was how he would be seen as a result.
Johann has an inflated view of himself. I have heard him make the following claim, ‘I add a thousand times more value to this company than anyone else working here.’
Tezos Foundation
The same deplorable pattern of behavior is repeating, as Mr. Gevers has so mismanaged the Tezos Foundation that it has failed to fulfill its stated mission, as categorically detailed in the Community Petition. The same animus that he showed towards former advisors who tried to help save Monetas he now aims at Kathleen & Arthur Breitman, the Tezos founders. Mr. Gevers’ paranoia of “the world is out to get me” drove him to leak internal Foundation matters to the press in an attempt to defame Kathleen & Arthur Breitman. After Arthur Breitman submitted a 46-page confidential complaint to the foundation, requesting that it be handled internally with discretion, Mr. Gevers leaked it to the press. Furthermore, when Kathleen & Arthur Breitman requested indemnity against the pending class action lawsuits, Mr. Gevers leaked the matter to the press.
Contributors to the Foundation expect and understand that the Tezos Foundation is obliged to fund the development of the Tezos protocol before its launch. As President of the Foundation, Mr. Gevers bears ultimate responsibility for meeting this obligation, but he has yet to approve funding to the core development team, forcing Kathleen & Arthur Breitman to fund the development alone. This pattern of Mr. Gevers forcing people who work with him to take money out of their own pocket, as happened with Monetas, is repeating at the Tezos Foundation.
On August 10, 2017, the Tezos Foundation announced a $50 million development fund that excited many Community members. No additional details were given past that initial announcement, and no funds were ever distributed. In addition, the Foundation announced that its “spending plans will remain...similar to the numbers outlined in the Tezos Overview document,” but the spending plan has not been implemented.
On September 30, 2017, the Tezos Foundation announced that it would build out the core development team as well as additional “organizations to house teams working on the core protocol, building out the developer experience, and crafting products and applications.” Despite this broad ambition, only Board Member Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons frequently offers support and encouragement to the development team, as seen in twitter posts featuring photos with him and the team, and the core team confirms that Mr. Pons is doing all that he can to help prepare the Tezos network for launch. Mr. Gevers, on the other hand, has been mysteriously absent. Such a profound lack of leadership demoralizes the team and the larger Community.
Since September 30, 2017, the Foundation, under the leadership of Mr. Gevers, has failed to provide an update to the Tezos Community.
Community member and well-known leader, Jonas Lamis, through his own time, effort and expense has hosted a Community website and produced videos on the progress of Tezos. He also coordinated some meetups which the Foundation should have initiated and funded. Mr. Lamis received specific email approval from Mr. Gevers to host a meetup. In this email Mr. Gevers clearly represented that the expense would be reimbursed. Mr. Lamis submitted a request for reimbursement to Mr. Gevers, which has gone unanswered for more than 4 months and counting. The disregard, disrespect and callousness by Mr. Gevers does not go unnoticed by the Community, which highly values Mr. Lamis’ contributions, and follow the same pattern of behavior he exhibited at Monetas, his now bankrupt venture.
We do not support or encourage the class action lawsuits that are pending against Tezos in the United States, which we denounce as without merit, and we offer our full support to Kathleen & Arthur Breitman and the core developers. The Tezos Community admires their heroic work despite difficult circumstances.
We call on the board of the Tezos Foundation to immediately fulfill its mandate to “promote and fund the development of the Tezos protocol,” and for Mr. Gevers to resign or be replaced, and if needed, for the Swiss Foundation Authority to forcefully step in and make changes to the Foundation that are necessary to fulfill its stated mission. The Swiss Foundation Authority has clear responsibility and authority in the matter and exists for the purpose of making sure that the Foundation fulfills its charter. We denounce in the strongest terms the disrespect, disregard and utter contempt which Mr. Gevers has shown to the founders of Tezos, Kathleen & Arthur Breitman, and call on the board to repair its relationship with them.
We reiterate the essence of the Community Petition here:
Call to the Press
We call on all reputable journalists and media to take up the untold story of the Tezos Community and its reasonable and sound requests for a resolution. We regret that the united voice of the Community has barely been heard in news outlets while Mr. Gevers’ views and leaks of internal Foundation matters have received large circulation in the media. We call attention to Mr. Gevers’ ties with Thomson Reuters, as both Monetas and Thomson Reuters were founding members of the recently formed Crypto Valley Association, which Mr. Gevers initiated. Nevertheless, we are confident that Thomson Reuters, as well as other media outlets, will be professional and objective in accurately and adequately publishing the views of the Tezos Community.
The Tezos Community is incredibly optimistic about the potential of Tezos. Arthur Breitman and the core team of developers are doing heroic work moving forward despite difficult circumstances. With changes to the board, Tezos will move forward and reach the incredible potential that it has to revolutionize the blockchain sector.
The good name of Zug, Switzerland, known as “Crypto Valley” may well become known as “Klepto Valley” if the Tezos Foundation, with Mr. Gevers at its head, is allowed to take contributions from individuals all over the world and fail to use them for its stated mission and purpose in a timely manner.
The Tezos Community Petition Organizers
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Co to jest USDQ i Q DAO? Kompletny przewodnik od PLATINUM ENGINEERING. Czysty Co to jest USDQ i Q DAO? Kompletny przewodnik od PLATINUM ENGINEERING
Mihaill Kudryashev, inżynier front-end w PLATINUM ENGINEERING , napisał ten artykuł, starając się podnieść świadomość na temat USDQ , stablecoin , który jego zespół pomaga rozwijać. Wśród największych korzyści, USDQ przynosi pełną decentralizację i możliwości predykcyjne. Wkrótce będą jeszcze w pełni wspierane stabilne monety: JPYQ, KRWQ, SGDQ, HKDQ, CNYQ, RUBQ w ramach Q DAO governance. Powoli ucząc się więcej o blockchains, Mihail skutecznie przekształcił niejasne pomysły w skuteczne rozwiązania front-end z silnym interfejsem użytkownika / UX. W swoim zespole pomógł wielu startupom kryptograficznym usłyszeć swój głos w powstającej globalnej społeczności kryptograficznej. W tym artykule Mihail analizuje kluczowe korzyści, jakie użytkownicy czerpią z korzystania z USDQ.
USDQ zapewnia stabilność, bez potrzeby angażowania starszych źródeł finansowania
Jak monety USDQ i Q DAO działają w ekosystemie?
USDQ jest zdecentralizowaną stablecoin , która wykorzystuje algorytmy, aby zapewnić większą stabilność i niezawodność. Jest wspierany przez Bitcoin (kolejne 10 najlepszych kryptowalut zostanie dodanych w przyszłości). Elegancki system umieszcza wszystkie transakcje na blockchain i umożliwia użytkownikom wykonywanie transakcji transgranicznych i pośrednich w dowolnym czasie iz dowolnego miejsca. Jest on powiązany z wartością USD, tj. 1 USDQ zawsze równa się 1 USD. Projekt ekosystemu zapożycza się w dużym stopniu z ułamkowych systemów bankowych. W skrócie, USDQ jest stablecoin skierowany do klienta, a Q DAO to wewnętrzna moneta „operacyjna”; razem pomagają stworzyć stabilną bezpieczną przystań dla każdego, kto chce zabezpieczyć się przed szalejącą zmiennością rynków kryptograficznych.
Wprowadzenie do Q DAO i USDQ
There's a number of factors that prevent mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The biggest factor among this is high volatility, seen in crypto. Bitcoin, the oldest and most popular coin, has been fluctuating with prices oscillating between 20,000 and 3,500 in just one year of 2018. No potential adopters, be it merchants or individuals, would be happy with suffering huge losses that such drastic changes can entail. And it's this high volatility that USDQ is set to address, bringing stability and convenience.
Tether (USDT) is probably the most well-known and widely used stablecoin. However, it has been embroiled in various controversies from the very start with no end to these in sight. Although the system is supposed to assure the 1-to-1 fiat reserves for all Tether units created, the website content has been recently changed to say that the issuer views not only cash in the bank, but also various loans to other companies, as the reserves. Both regulators and crypto enthusiasts have voiced concerns, which might bode ill for Tether in the months to come.
USDQ works differently. Here, the stablecoin is pegged to US Dollar and backed by Bitcoin (+top 10 other cryptocurrencies in future). It's similar to lending operations and fractional banking systems. Overcollateralization is used to mitigate potential unexpected changes in assets prices.
The USDQ ecosystem is highly transparent as all of the operations are recorded on the immutable Ethereum blockchain, open to review by anybody and at any time. The smart contracts bring automation to business processes and eliminate the need for middlemen to assure trust and prevent abuse.
In order to determine how viable USDQ will be in the future, we need to discuss the two tokens used within the ecosystem.
Review of Q DAO and USDQ
Q DAO is governance token, entitles holders to participate in voting for new decisions. Importantly, holders are interested seeing Q DAO's prices growing and thus they are incentivized to thoroughly review proposals and deliver the best decisions. In this way, Q DAO imbues higher democracy and decentralization, on which many current crypto projects lag.
In addition, all the fees, charged for the system use, can be paid only in Q DAO.
In order to create USDQ, a user needs to transfer Bitcoins into a Collateralized Debt Contract (CDC). This will automatically trigger the smart contract to generate USDQ and send it to the user. In order to change USDQ back into crypto assets, users need to pay back the amount of USDQ they input and the fees, chargeable in Q DAO Tokens. Whenever this is done, USDQ is automatically destroyed and the Collateralized Debt Сontract is closed.
In addition by getting USDQ directly at the company's website, users can trade in USDQ on secondary markets. It's as easy as trading Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other coin.
Traders can store both coins in their wallets, assuring higher security. The stability and ease of use for USDQ open up wide ranges of adoption for both businesses and end consumers alike.
What makes USDQ stand apart
The main difference between projects like Tether and USDQ is complete transparency and openness in the inner workings of USDQ. All the data is easily accessible on the blockchain and there are no rumors or controversies as to the reserves held by the team, potential conflicts of interest or hidden agendas.
The CDС mechanics ensure that it's impossible to create fake units of USDQ, as smart contract can be activated only after an amount in Bitcoins is input. The development is being done completely transparent. Interested parties can review the smart contract, presented on the website. The audits and peer reviews were carried out to assure the highest quality of smart contract. The website-based scanner enables to track all the data about each and every transaction, including time, amount and collateral size.
In addition, should a "black swan" event occur, i.e. a drastic fall in Bitcoin prices, Q DAO is sold on secondary markets. Bitcoin value is liquidated to make a USDQ buyback procedure, which prevents any losses on the part of the system's users.
Additionally, PLATINUM BLOCKCHAIN ENGINEERING which is helping to develop the ecosystem is working hard to build up long-term partnerships with stakeholders in the crypto industry. The more liaisons the team wins, the better outlook for USDQ will be.
Why do we need stablecoins anyway?
Different assets produce varying levels of volatility in prices, when compared to each other. For instance, the purchasing capacity of US dollar has reduced over time with 1 USD from 1913 equaling 24 USD today (2019). This happens due to inflation 3-10% per year.
In comparison, Bitcoin almost tripled in value in 2018 and then fell down by as much. Thus, fiat currencies are more stable, when compared to cryptocurrencies.
Stablecoins don't attempt to fight inflation. Instead, coins like Tether and USDQ peg themselves to US dollar, bringing relatively higher stability to crypto trading communities. One of the most famous transactions with Bitcoin is when a pizza was bought with Bitcoin back in 2010. At that time, the pizza ended up costing just a couple of bucks, but today it costs millions. Although stablecoins continue to be impacted by inflation and exchange rates that come to them from fiats they peg themselves to, they are nowhere near the mindboggingly high volatility of crypto assets.
One of the major use cases for stablecoins like USDQ is concluding long-term contracts. For instance, when using a popular decentralized platform Augur, users can bet on the price of oil in 5-10 years. The problem is that you won't only have to account for future changes in oil prices, but also for prices in Ethereum or Bitcoin that you use to make the bet. USDQ solves this problem elegantly and without much trouble. Using it, users don't have to consider future changes in Bitcoin prices and they can concentrate on what they've come here for - betting on future events. And they don’t have to worry about technical details as it’s easy to purchase USDQ and use for trader’s purposes.
Betting industry is just one of the many use cases, where USDQ can bring benefits. It can be successfully used for any transactions done across borders and long-term financial contracts. Virtually, USDQ opens up new opportunities any time value is exchanged and volatility has a negative effect.
Bottom Line
USDQ has a high potential to democratise transactions between companies and individuals globally, bringing fast execution and low volatility. The "PLATINUM BLOCKCHAIN ENGINEERING" is working hard to enable and improve various features in order to help USDQ to take leading positions on crypto markets.
Here are the main ecosystem’s features:
The system uses two tokens (USDQ and Q DAO) in order to tackle volatility, while staying on the blockchain.
USDQ is always pegged to USD 1:1. In order to come into line with as many national exchanges as possible and enter other markets, the company will issue other tokens pegged to the national currencies. For example, there will be CNYQ (for Chinese Yuan), KRWQ (for South Korean Won), as well as JPYQ (for Japanese Yen) at the early stage.
USDQ brings higher decentralization, driving this important vector in the development of crypto industry.
Q DAO holders are interested in seeing the coin grow and succeed, thus they will work hard to review and pick the best proposals for the system to move forward.
Taking into account these beneficial features, there's no question that USDQ will become a viable alternative to other fiat-backed cryptocurrencies like TUSD, USDT, GUSD, USDC etc. Competing with other stablecoins, both already operating and just being developed, PLATINUM ENGINEERING will roll out the new features and underlying tech solutions that'll help propel the coin.
USDQ is decentralized stablecoin, which uses algorithms to offer higher stability and reliability. Fully on-chain and monitored by high-speed AI robots, ecosystem offers reliable defences against malicious acts and attacks. First run in line of fiat-pegs, USDQ is brought by PLATINUM ENGINEERING Team, looking to edge together innovative solutions in collateralization, using stabilizing mechanisms for high-endurance stablecoins. Soon there will be even more fully backed stable coins: JPYQ, KRWQ, SGDQ, HKDQ, CNYQ, RUBQ under USDQ brand. Fully anonymous, USDQ breaks limits out of this legacy world.
PLATINUM ENGINEERING values your opinion and welcomes you to continue the conversation on Telegram or Facebook, where the company’s development team is always ready to help you find solutions to pressing issues. Working on projects like USDQ, Michael has gained an invaluable suite of skills and insights, enabling to roll out high-usability UI/UX with tight deadlines and lack of clear expectations as to user behaviors. The team has successfully produced white-label wallets, stand-alone fundraising platforms, as well as integrated fundraising ecosystems. Any startup looking for a reliable partner to help execute a success-story will win from a free consultation with the PLATINUM ENGINEERING team about potential solutions to their needs and issues.
This overview may not be fully exhaustive and does not assess the viability of any project, nor its team legitimacy. Readers should conduct their own due diligence before using or investing in any of the listed Stablecoins. This article represents the author’s opinions only and should not be considered investment advice. All described functionality in the article is still under development, it can be changed/processed. Please follow the updates.
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2019 Smart Contracts Global Market Size, Status and Forecast -2025

2019 Smart Contracts Global Market Size, Status and Forecast -2025

Smart Contracts

The smart contracts is one of the application of the Blockchain technology that lets the organizations, government, legal bodies and even individuals to exchange the monetary values, properties, shares, bonds involving a value and a contract in a clear way avoiding any conflict without the need of a middlemen.
The factor that hold the growth of the smart contract is the tendency of it to define the rules and regulations of an agreement but also automatically enforce any of the obligations.
View Full Report : https://www.reportsandmarkets.com/reports/global-smart-contracts-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025

In 2018, the global Smart Contracts market size was xx million US$ and it is expected to reach xx million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of xx% during 2019-2025.
This report focuses on the global Smart Contracts status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
The study objectives are to present the Smart Contracts development in United States, Europe and China.

The key players covered in this study Monax Industries Monetas Blockstream Coinbase Bitfinex BlockCypher Chain Coinify ApS BitPay GoCoin
Market segment by Type, the product can be split into Bitcoin Sidechains NXT Ethereum

Request For Sample : https://www.reportsandmarkets.com/sample-request/global-smart-contracts-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025

Market segment by Application, split into Banking Government Management Supply Chain Automobile Real Estate Insurance Healthcare
Market segment by Regions/Countries, this report covers United States Europe China Japan Southeast Asia India Central & South America

The study objectives of this report are: To analyze global Smart Contracts status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players. To present the Smart Contracts development in United States, Europe and China. To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their development plan and strategies. To define, describe and forecast the market by product type, market and key regions.

Request For Discount : https://www.reportsandmarkets.com/check-discount/global-smart-contracts-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025

In this study, the years considered to estimate the market size of Smart Contracts are as follows: History Year: 2014-2018 Base Year: 2018 Estimated Year: 2019 Forecast Year 2019 to 2025 For the data information by region, company, type and application, 2018 is considered as the base year. Whenever data information was unavailable for the base year, the prior year has been considered.

About Us:
Reports And Markets is part of the Algoro Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Reports And Markets features an exhaustive list of market research reports from hundreds of publishers worldwide. We boast a database spanning virtually every market category and an even more comprehensive collection of market research reports under these categories and sub-categories. The Reports And Markets team prides itself in being the chosen source for market research reports, report customizations services, and other ancillary services such as a Newsletter service and corporate service for large organizations

Sanjay Jain
Manager - Partner Relations & International Marketing
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Ph: +44-020-3286-9338 (UK)
Ph: +1-214-736-7666 (US)
Ph: +91-703-049-0292 (IND)

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MonetaGo bitcoin exchange is live with 28 currencies!

Welcome to MonetaGo! The future of money. Global bitcoin exchange live in 40 countries with 28 currencies in 25 languages.
Deposit and withdrawal methods: • EUR - SEPA transfer to a dedicated client EU bank account. • BGN, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, GBP, HKD, HRK, HUF, JPY, NZD, RON, RUB, SEK, and TRY - International Wire transfers to our EU bank. • AUD - EFT to a dedicated client AU bank account. • SGD - FAST or GIRO to a dedicated client SG bank account. • INR - IMPS, NEFT or RTGS to a dedicated client IN bank account. • ZAR - EFT to a dedicated client ZA bank account. • CAD, MXN, HKD, USD via local interbank transfer coming soon.
MonetaGo Advantages • Get paid to trade. Market makers earn 0.1% rebate on trades. • Trade multiple currencies. • Send multiple currencies. • With Fixed-Value Bitcoin, you can fix the value of bitcoin to any of our 27 fiat currencies to protect its value against volatility. • State-of-the-art security. • Rigorous compliance program.
www.monetago.com [email protected] @monetago
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Financial System v4.0 – The Evolution of Money

Nature never intended Man to be generous. Well, don’t get me wrong. Humans are generous but only to a point. And only till the generosity massages one’s ego. This lack of generosity is what gave birth to financial transactions. I give you something I have and you want. But what do I get in return? This is the question that is at the heart of everything we do and have ever done.
The Barter System: Exchange of Goods
The earliest transactions involved the exchange of goods. So when George the very first, came out of his cave one fine prehistoric morning to give John (the very first) a spear tip he had been working on last evening, he got a deerskin purse in return from John to keep his tools in. That was the beginning of what is now known as the “barter system,” or the exchange of goods as a means of financial transactions.
While the above story is a figment of my imagination, I’m sure you get the point. As humans turned towards an agrarian age, the earliest forms of barter included grains, vegetables and livestock. When humans started moving about from one region to another, traded goods became a medium of exchange. I’ll give you my salt if you give me your spices.
The Rise of Commodity Money
As human civilization became more complex, there was a felt need for a more uniform medium of exchange that could get things done faster. This gave rise to “commodity money,” objects that have their own intrinsic value as well as have value as a medium of exchange or, money. Precious metals or cowry shells fall under this definition. Gold, silver, bronze and copper became popular as money and coins were minted to give them their specific value. The first recorded minted coins were found in Lydia in present day Turkey. Gold and silver were used by Egyptians and Mesopotamians, respectively.
This was probably a very exciting time in the history of humans when people were making a real effort to transition from goods to money as a medium of exchange. Their attempts at creating coins or bars of specific weights were the first really commendable efforts in trying to create a uniform system of financial transactions. Not only did humans start using “money” for buying and selling goods, but for other transactions as well, like fines for wrongdoing, taxes, interest on debts and compensation for breaking laws.
Between 700 and 500 BC, coins started being extensively used in India, China and cities around the Aegean Sea. At around the same time, money was deified by Romans in the form of the Goddess Moneta, from which words that mean “pertaining to money (monetary)” have evolved.
Development of Paper Currency
The development of the bank note, or paper currency, can be traced back to ancient China during the seventh century. They were officially introduced by the Song Dynasty in the 11th century. While the American bill says “In God We Trust,” the Chinese paper money had a more ominous statement on it – “All Counterfeiters Will Be Decapitated.” Paper money soon became popular in Europe during the 13th century. A paper note was inherently without any value in itself. It was cheap to manufacture and yet it could be deemed to have a set value that was printed on it. The idea was enticing. No more carrying hefty amounts of coins or blocks of precious metals.
Paper money ruled the international financial markets for, like, ages. Paper money made international trade easy and governments started trading in currencies of other nations. The more powerful and stable a government, the more powerful its currency.
Introduction of Credit Cards
The move towards “digital money” was necessitated by a burgeoning economy that was blurring geographical and political barriers. While the concept of using a worthless instrument to denote money dates back to the time of the Mesopotamians, approximately five centuries ago, it wasn’t until 1946 when a smart individual by the name of John Biggins introduced the Charg-It card. Biggins was a Brooklyn banker who in his immense financial wisdom introduced to the world the ancestor of the now ubiquitous credit card.
The first credit card to be introduced was the Diner’s Card, in 1950. Envisioned as a charge card for travel and entertainment, it soon caught the fancy of the general public and by 1951 had more than 20,000 card holders. American Express launched its own card that has the claim of being the first true plastic card in 1959, replacing cardboard and celluloid of the Diner’s Card. Soon, major banks started introducing their own cards in what would become true “credit” cards where they allowed consumers to carry their monthly balance forward for a nominal charge.
Money at Your Fingertips
The late 1990s saw the emergence of “mobile money” and “mobile banking.” Earlier transactions were done via SMS and mobile web. With the emergence of truly smart mobile phones, mobile banking became seamless, effortless and accessible. Bank accounts were synced to mobile phones via mobile apps that allowed people to access their accounts and perform financial transactions. Today, you can visit your friendly neighborhood grocery store, buy items you want and pay with your mobile phone. It’s that simple.
But Money is Controlled!
In all of the above cases, money as a medium of exchange is always regulated and controlled by a central authority. The Federal Reserve System, or simply The Fed, for example, controls money in the United States. A central banking system is the backbone of the global financial system. This has led to financial power being concentrated within a small group. People have no choice but to save their monies within this “financial mainstream” and perform daily transactions within its frameworks. They do not have unfettered access to their own money and often have to pay exorbitant fees for transactions.
The Era of True Democratization of Money
The introduction of Bitcoin in 2008 was nothing short of a miracle. While there was no “flash and bang” moment at the time Satoshi Nakamoto (bless his/hetheir soul/s!) published his/hetheir landmark paper, “Bitcoin: A Peer To Peer cash System,” the current scenario is for everyone to see and behold. January 2009 saw the introduction of the first bitcoins, a truly democratic, independent and incorruptible currency that has taken the world by storm; literally and figuratively. At last count, bitcoins had increased in value to almost 1000% in the last 12 months.
The source code of this revolutionary new “cryptocurrency” was blockchain technology. So radical and path-breaking is this technology that it can serve to transform almost every field of human endeavor on this planet. Today, people have taken to bitcoins and a variety of other “digital currencies” like the proverbial fishes to water and birds to air. What these cryptocurrencies offer is something that is far greater in value – the ease of accessibility of one’s own money and the ability to use it as and when one likes without any limits and obstacles, both physical and perceived.
Cryptocurrencies, one can argue, has brought the financial system of the world full circle. From the time the very first George and John exchanged the spear tip and the deerskin purse to individuals trading bitcoins in this time, monetary transactions are truly open, trustless, democratic and without any regulation. This inherent nature of money has always enamored humans throughout history and there have been many attempts to stop centralization of finance. The emergence of cryptocurrencies is a brave new attempt to go back to the original idea of money – to be a medium of exchange without being overtly controlled by anybody.
Jitendra Rathod is a Content Strategist and Writer. He is a passionate student of blockchain and believes that this technology can revolutionize human lives for the better.
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[WTS] Physical Dogecoins from Spain that contain their Face Value of 10,000 DOGE! Only 500 Minted! Plus Shibanu Dogecoins from the EU <500 Minted!

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About Physical Bitcoins/other cryptos:
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Thanks for Reading!
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AMA with Tezos on ARK slack

All welcome @breitwoman (Kathleen) and @rawzeee (Ross) from Tezos.com - today they will answer any of your questions regarding their upcoming project
breitwoman By way of introduction, I am Kathleen Breitman, the CEO of the company which created Tezos. I am tag teaming this with @rawzeee, who works for the Swiss Foundation which will be responsible for running the crowdsale later this month. Ross will handle crowdsale-specific questions.
rawzeee Hello! Greetings from Zug!
jamiec79 :wave:
breitwoman Very jealous of Ross right now, Zug is gorgeous
techbytes Welcome.
rawzeee I saw a man playing an alphorn in front of UBS today. Most Swiss thing I could've imagined possible.
arkvader Greetings from far far away....
tranzer Hi Tezos! I have 1st question, by the looks of it Tezos will be in OCaml right? Why did you decide on OCaml? Are there any advantages over other languages?
mike Hi Kathleen and Ross, good to see you.
moobox hello Tezos people
breitwoman @tranzer great question. we wrote the protocol in OCaml. It was a confluence of a few things... Pragmatically, we found a great team with an emphasis on OCaml based in France and Arthur (CTO) is a French national so it was possible to work with them pretty seamlessly. On the technical side, OCaml is a great PL for writing code that can later be formally verified. Security and consistency of execution are two principles we tried to optimize for and OCaml lends itself well to those goals. See also section 1.4: https://tezos.com/static/papers/position_paper.pdf (edited)
dr10 hello tezos
breitwoman howdy all!
dr10 How would you shortly & easy-to-understand sum-up the advantages of TEZOS to magazines and non-crypto people?
tranzer What consensus system will you use? Like PoS or some hybrid? Will there be any rewards for signing blocks?
breitwoman My TL;DR runs on two talking points -- Tezos is a new blockchain that aims to create a robust governance model by allowing token-holders to come to consensus on protocol upgrades but also preserve rules over time by using mathematical proofs. Unlike previous blockchains, it can deploy upgrades to the network in an elegant and seamless way.
@tranzer we have our own POS algo. We have nominal inflation in the protocol to incentivize participation.
dr10 So in easy words, Tezos is built to easily adapt to any technic innovations?
breitwoman @dr10 yes, it was borne out of the first alt coin craze when everyone deployed a new token to instantiate even the most marginal improvement
dr10 okay
breitwoman Tezos wants to preserve network effects while keeping pace with innovation
dr10 Your whitepaper has very tech-heavy language. So I'd like to ask questions that are stupid and simple. :smile: What are the three crypto-currencies that are most similar to yours and yet why is Tezos different?
breitwoman Yeah, the position paper is more accessible
dr10 yeah i've read them all
breitwoman 1. Decred. Though they don't push automatic upgrades and they can't introspect on the protocol. 2. Dash. Though they also don't push automatic upgrades, can't introspect, and I think their funding model is a little backwards. 3. Ethereum has a lot of similar technical goals but no formal, on-chain governance model. We made our protocol with a bigger emphasis on formal verification and security.
someonesomeone Hi guys!
dr10 thank you! and hi someone :smile:
In your position paper you state "Tezos truly aims to be the last cryptocurrency." No matter what innovations other protocols produce, it will be possible for Tezos stakeholders to adopt these innovations" - Can Tezos implement any future innovations within its code? Wether its a new programming code, artificial intelligence or implementing big data of anything?
i wondered about that
i am a no-coder so I dont grasp everything
tranzer How much do you aim to raise in your ICO will there be any minimum or maximum? Will it be normal proportional auction or fixed price per token?
breitwoman @dr10 obviously limitations to anything that a blockchain can do... it can't solve poverty or hunger, but we made the code with a very modular design that allows for a lot of flexibility
someonesomeone @breitwoman do you plan on doing a smartbridge with Ark? Or any other partnerships with them? :wink:
dr10 yeah but I am wondering about future innovations like artificial intelligence, if that can somehow be implemented.
breitwoman @smartbridge good question. I like Ark but I'm not familiar enough with what they're up to... open to all sorts of things though!
dr10 My theory is that these future innovations will be interconnected by cryptocurrency
breitwoman @dr10 So, our CTO is a bona fide expert in AI and he doesn't think there are a lot of synergies with AI and blockchains
dr10 What is block target time? What is transaction speed? How many confirmations are needed? Couldnt see that / find that... maybe I oversaw :smile:
breitwoman but we'll keep our eyes peeled
dr10 okay
someonesomeone @breitwoman cool. Ark is doing a great job from what I can gather and I am pretty sure that I will also invest into your ICO, since your project also looks very interesting
breitwoman @dr10 I think that's all referenced in the white paper, which was recently updated!
soporificprose Can you answer Tanzer... I have same questions.
breitwoman That's a good question for @rawzeee
dr10 okay, maybe I oversaw. I have read them all. no problem
In your Whitepaper you state "Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptonote, etc. can all be represented within Tezos by implementing the proper interface to the network layer." Does this mean you try to interconnect all those cryptocurrencies? (edited)
breitwoman @dr10 we're targeting 1 minute between blocks. We haven't set a blocksize yet, but we'll her on the side of caution at first. It's better to raise the blocksize through the amendment mechanism once we are confident in the network's throughput.
jakethepanda Will users be able to issue asset tokens and build on top of Tezos?
breitwoman @dr10 no, that's more like Cosmos... a different but cool project
dr10 ark is doing that too
rawzeee There is no minimum or maximum, though if only a few million were raised stakeholders would be asked whether or not they wanted to offer another TGE (Token Generation Event) to newcomers. Fixed price of 1 BTC to 5000 XTZ (tezzies), plus a descending bonus from 20% to 0% in 5% intervals every 400 BTC blocks. The entire TGE lasts 2000 BTC blocks. tranzer How much do you aim to raise in your ICO will there be any minimum or maximum? Will it be normal proportional auction or fixed price per token? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 7:12 PM
dr10 I didnt find on that one, or didnt look too deep. What are the references of you and your team members? On what projects did you work before?
breitwoman @jakethepanda yes, they will but we think it's a better idea to propose those features that you'd find in an appcoin as a first class citizen
rawzeee Yes, was typing the answer up! It's posted now. soporificprose Can you answer Tanzer... I have same questions. Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 7:15 PM
breitwoman @dr10 I'm a pretty open book... I've worked in finance at a hedge fund and a VC, then in consulting... Arthur worked in high frequency trading for many years at places like Goldman and Morgan. Our developers are very academic
dachshund what type of role/influence do your initial investors (polychain, etc) have in the overall governance of the network, if any
dr10 What is the Payment for ICO? Paying in ETH or BTC or any other and how much will one Token cost?
breitwoman Technically, none. We sold a nominal amount of tokens to a large group of people. They have the same status as any other participant but got a slight discount over the crowdsale price for tying up their capital for several months.
techbytes that include Tim Draper?
breitwoman I solicit their advice a lot though... it's a really savvy bunch and I was a one-woman band on the operational side.
raolin Hey Kathleen - has your team given anymore thought to the post ICO mission? Roadmap? Additional team expansion?
soporificprose Are they restricted from selling for a certain length of time?
breitwoman no
@raolin check out our outline at the end of our presentation https://www.tezos.com/static/papers/Tezos_Overview.pdf
tranzer How much was sold to those pre-ico funders?
breitwoman All in here guys: https://www.tezos.com/static/papers/Tezos_Overview.pdf 612k at an avg 31% discount
rawzeee I listed the BTC ratio above. It's 1 BTC for 5000 XTZ (tezzies) plus a bonus or lack thereof based upon time periods. If you choose to use fiat Bitcoin Suisse AG who is administering the TGE (check their rates and your jurisdiction) they will peg it to BTC. Ether is pegged to BTC and will be accepted at the median (from Poloniex, Kraken, and GDAX) of the last three trade prices utilizing the ETH/BTC pair before the timestamp of the Ethereum block at the time of contribution. It’ll be offered on a best-effort basis and for convenience. If you want certainty contribute with Bitcoin. Otherwise you accept the risk that the exchange rate you'll get may not be precisely what you see on the screen at the moment of your contribution. You may also use other coins via ShapeShift. (edited)
dr10 you will hit poloniex, kraken and gdax?
rawzeee That is referring to the peg of ETH to BTC.
all XTZ are pegged to the BTC price for the TGE.
dr10 ah ok
rawzeee I'm an acronym storm over here!
dr10 Is there already some plan or future business relationship with merchants, exchanges or anything that Tezos could be used as a payment method? Anything you want to share already?
dachshund What were your considerations when deciding to make the ICO un-capped? Any concerns regarding the impact there could be on the price once this starts trading (i.e. no price discovery)
breitwoman @dr10 we've been talking to two exchanges for several months. I'm pretty confident Tezos won't have trouble on that front. I have two partnerships in the works that I'm excited about but shouldn't discuss yet.
soporificprose Curious whether pre-ICO investors paid with BTC or fiat?
breitwoman @dachshund it's primarily about fairness and distribution.
ryano Are you familiar with BOScoin? They once were also using ocaml not sure if they stuck with that. Any comments on the benefits relative to each other
breitwoman @soporificprose fiat
dr10 Can everyone that holds a Tezos token vote on a proposal? Do they have to pay or temporaily lock in the Tokens? How does it work? It sounds like everyone can vote directly, right?
ryano Also i thought Tezos was using delegate proof of stake is this no longer or never was the case ?
breitwoman @ryano that's news to me. I have not gotten a straight answer from them on any technical questions
rawzeee The reasoning for the uncapped TGE here is that the platform is almost entirely done (not an ICO for a white paper) and it is desired that a robust network is built rather than a few fast fingers buying up the entire TGE in minutes or hours. This is particularly important given how governance will work on Tezos.
breitwoman @ryano we are using delegated proof of stake, @dr10 that means you can delegate your responsibilities to someone else if you don't want to be an active participant
dr10 I see
What is the Prediction Market about that you want to implement regarding "Futarchy"? I didnt get that right away
mike Tezos form of DPoS looks very similar to proxy voting, like Liquid Democracy.
breitwoman @mike yes, it is
good catch
soporificprose So their 30% discount was based on the price of BTC at that point? That would make it a much bigger actual discount yo current BTC to 5,000 TZE
breitwoman @soporificprose pardon? no, it was all denominated in dollars
the sale is denominated in BTC
mike I want to add that to Ark at some point as well.
dr10 What is the practical advantage to decentralized, atomated upgrades - compared to lets say Litecoin's Segwit Process?
breitwoman @dr10 yeah I'd read this piece from Robin Hanson first http://mason.gmu.edu/~rhanson/futarchy.html ... but basically you'd run a predicition market with a prompt like "What do you think would be the best feature for Tezos" with many choices and whatever gets the popular vote would be implemented.
dr10 And this predicting/voting will happen inside the wallet?
mike ryano has some very interesting ideas on ranked voting. Have you looked into ways to combine ranked with proxy voting?
breitwoman @dr10 we think defaults matter. upgrading protocols is cumbersome in existing blockchain implementations and it causes stasis
tranzer Is wallet and whole network already developed (since you said platform is ready) ?
sibars @rawzeee Sorry newbie question: Can you please explain in details how the TGE will work on day one?... I download the wallet fist, send you my BTC and then you send me the Tezzies?
breitwoman @mike not closely. we think our first implementation, a straight vanilla two phased vote, is too simplistic. I'd like to discuss more sophisticated mechanisms if you've thought them through!
I know Arthur loves him some futarchy but I'm not as big of a fan
mike that would be a great discussion, look forward to exploring voting systems with you. we plan to try them on bridged chains which can be run as experiments.
breitwoman @mike that's awesome
dr10 xD
Tezos focusses also on faster smart contracts as I understood, right?
breitwoman @dr10 more secure, not necessarily faster
dr10 okay
breitwoman our smart contract language, Michelson, was created with formal verification in mind
mike That named after the Michelson of Michelson-Morley Interferometer? (edited)
dr10 And it uses ZeroCash as privacy mechanism? Or the whitepaper only compared to it and you use something different? I couldnt identify that
breitwoman @mike you got it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_A._Michelson Wikipedia Albert A. Michelson Albert Abraham Michelson (surname pronunciation anglicized as "Michael-son", December 19, 1852 – May 9, 1931) was an American physicist known for his work on the measurement of the speed of light and especially for the Michelson–Morley experiment. In 1907 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics. He became the first American to receive the Nobel Prize in sciences. (177kB)
dachshund is there something similar to "gas" in tezos that controls for computation of each program, or how do you get around that?
rawzeee @sibars No worries at all. There is a dedicated TGE site (register for updates at www.tezos.com). It'll guide you through the process. You'll generate a paper wallet (easy click through) with seed words. You can save it to a drive and/or print it (probably most secure). You'll verify your wallet number and password you created to generate it, then make your purchase to your wallet #. You can then verify it and make sure it's reflected in the wallet. It'll be simple and easy with a nice interface.
breitwoman @dr10 not yet but Zooko is an advisor and we have spoken about integration. we are more interested in STARKs, the next gen of zero-knowledge
dr10 I see
breitwoman @dachshund yes, we have the concept of gas as well
dr10 I guess you already answered that:
In your Whitepaper you say: Crypto-currencies suffer from the same fate as smartphones which are incompatible with one another; they derive their value from a network effect, or the number of users who have given it value. - ARK will connect all Crypto-currencies by SMARTBRIDGING. Can you imagine working with ARK Smartbridge in your protocol aswell?
yeah you did :smile:
sibars @rawzeee Thanks :)
dr10 More secure Smart Contracts, automatic upgrades in a DPoS model. Any other main focusses or any other attributes you want to innovate or improve compared to other cryptos?
tranzer So will Tezos offer assets on their blockchain like ethereum?
breitwoman @dr10 well, I think that covers the main talking
@tranzer we can, but we think it's more powerful to integrate at the protocol level
dachshund how has traction been within the developer community? I imagine there isn't a limitless pool of developers with the required technical expertise, so you must be expecting to take away from other networks?
mike This is a good overview as well, for those who haven't seen it, https://tezos.com/static/papers/Tezos_Overview.pdf (edited)
geops This all sounds great. The only thing that bothers me is the 1min block time. That seems like a step back compared to modern blockchains. Any goals to improve that?
breitwoman @dachshund we have a very powerful core team. we think our choice of programming language was a good magnet and filter effects. we haven't sourced from other blockchain communities
@geops yeah, that's all pretty flexible
tranzer What is your budgeting plan if you get like 20m how long will that be for? 5 years? More?
geops If you look at integrating with ARK smartbridge tech, you'll sure get lots of investors from here :slightly_smiling_face:
breitwoman @tranzer we go over this a bit in our recent presentation: https://tezos.com/static/papers/Tezos_Overview.pdf
check out the second to last page
tranzer Yeah I'd like to see that as well geops, @fixcrypt is amazing developer from what I have seen so far
breitwoman @geops yeah, totally something we should explore. we're a small team so any partnerships or serious integration have been tabled for later
But I like the idea of ARK and I like what I've seen... so very open to this!
tranzer Must say I like what I'm hearing here will definately invest a few btc
dr10 yes me too
geops definitely good ideas
breitwoman Cool, glad to hear it!
dr10 I think the future of blockchains will be in partnerships too
tranzer dr10 I think so as well that is why I invested in ARK in first place too much competiting and too little cooperation (in other projects) (edited)
rawzeee Hooray! Happy y'all may participate in the TGE.
geops maybe you guys should sit down with @mike and @fixcrypt and discuss possible future collaborations. (edited)
mike Yes, I like the vision laid out by Andreas Antonopolis of many thousands or more of specialized tokens and chains for different applications.
tranzer OK so last question from me that 20% bonus will be for entire 400 first BTC blocks when you start?
jacob breitwoman: Quadratic voting might work for Tezos (http://ericposner.com/quadratic-voting/) ERIC POSNER Quadratic voting Glen Weyl has uploaded a new version of his paper, Quadratic Voting (written with Steven Lalley), to SSRN, which now includes the completed proofs. Quadratic voting is the most important idea for l… Dec 30th, 2014 at 3:57 PM
breitwoman good question for @rawzeee
rawzeee @tranzer yes, indeed!
breitwoman @jacob yes, that's something we've considered
mike Glad to see you have Johann Gevers on board, is he active with the foundation?
breitwoman we didn't want to be prescriptive with v1, so we made it very easy to understand
rawzeee So there is about two days to get that bonus. Then 15% for the same period and so on.
breitwoman @mike yes, he's the director. and he's awesome. total mensch and very philosophically committed to our project
rawzeee I actually had a meeting with Johann today in Zug.
mike Really like Monetas, glad to see there doing well, and the creation of the Zug crypto environment is fantastic.
breitwoman @mike we went through a lot of ups and downs while developing Tezos. basically nobody cared about us for a while, until the DAO basically. Johann always encouraged us to keep going.
yeah, the crypto valley is a brilliant concept
rawzeee It's pretty magical.
tranzer You living there?
breitwoman @tranzer I'm US-based
rawzeee I'm just here for awhile. Also US-based.
nikandro Hi all, sorry if this has already been discussed, but have you spoken with any exchanges about adding Tezos?
breitwoman @nikandro yes, but it's a pretty convoluted process
one nice thing about tezos is that exchanges can act as delegates, which creates great incentives
nikandro Do you expect to have any clarity on that prior to the ICO?
tranzer How can exchanges act as delegates?
breitwoman not sufficient to make an announcement but it's really not something I worry about
techbytes really. Than perhaps Poloniex will add tezos. :slightly_smiling_face:
breitwoman @tranzer you can assign your validation to an exchange's address
nikandro While im interested in developing more than anything, I also understand that trading is a good tool for price discovery, which is critical.
ryano You shouldn't have any trouble getting on an exchange and would be a low priority area to spend your energy while in development
breitwoman they have to volunteer of course @nikandro of course, completely agree. Arthur was a market maker on Wall Street for 10 years
he thinks about this... a lot
@ryano that's what I've heard but people like to be assured that the token will have a marketplace, which is reasonable
It does take a lot of energy and I've been lagging on that front
Security and legal concerns were priority #1, we can iterate and grow the team pretty rapidly after the sale
Having the Foundation build out and assume responsibilities for promoting the protocol will be much better than my one woman band :slightly_smiling_face:
mike I'd expect Bittrex no problem.
jakethepanda First alt-coin you bought?
mike mastercoin
nikandro Sorry to push the matter, but does this mean there will be no marketplace for Tezos after the ICO?
breitwoman @nikandro apparently there will be a futures market running
mike they can't announce if they did - exchanges have NDAs disallowing coins from announcing, leaving it up to the exchanges.
djselery lol, even if they had an exchange lined up right now they probly couldnt talk about it
nikandro @djselery , right, and I'm not asking for specifics, just wondering if implementation is in the pipeline.
breitwoman @nikandro it is
insofar as we have had many conversations/back and forth and its been very positive
I can't say much else other than it's a cumbersome process
nikandro Okay, thanks @breitwoman
jakethepanda I'm sure Tezos will be on an exchange. I don't think that's even an issue.
nikandro @jakethepanda I agree, I was just inquiring about the timeline and I think @breitwoman cleared that up. Many thanks.
jakethepanda @breitwoman Pizza or Sushi?
breitwoman @jakethepanda that's relative to location. In NY, I prefer pizza. Everywhere else, sushi :slightly_smiling_face:
rawzeee ^ good answer.
jakethepanda Tesla or Mercedes?
mward So @breitwoman 5000 TEZOS = 1 btc?
and 20% discount for firat 400 btc raised
dachshund will you be growing the team in NY, is mostly based in europe?
nikandro For sure! In brooklyn, I do the dollar slice ride. Bike around to each vendor that sells dollar slices. yay, pizza!
breitwoman To drive? Mercedes. Tesla's still don't have the handle I like :slightly_smiling_face:
@dachshund they're based in Europe, primarily but I don't have any plans to leave the US
sibars by the way, who designed the Tezos logo?
rawzeee @mward no. 400 is the BTC blocks mined for the first bonus period; it's a time thing. But the ratio you've cited is correct. And then the bonus rate decreases by 5% every 400 blocks until 2000 BTC blocks are mined. (edited)
breitwoman It's a character we found by looking through some libraries. I think it's a TZ symbol from a language that uses that combination often
mward @rawzeee when will it start?
rawzeee Though not a discount. It's a bonus.
May 22nd at 6am UTC.
mward thank you
breitwoman Hey guys, I have to hop on a call in a little. 2 more questions and I'll have to wrap this up!
moobox I don't have a question but i wish your group bon chance or however the French say .
tranzer So little women in here stay a little longer :sob:
ryano Thanks for hanging out and answering questions!
jakethepanda Thanks @breitwoman
breitwoman @moobox vielen dank
@tranzer haha, I'll be back!
moobox salutes like Benny Hill
rawzeee The subreddit is where a lot of discussion happens too: https://reddit.com/tezos reddit tezos.com • tezos reddit: the front page of the internet
techbytes Great AMA session. Thanks for stopping by and answering all the questions. Good luck on the project and I look forward to investing.
breitwoman @ryano thanks for having me! and the very cordial convo
boldninja @breitwoman thank you for taking the time for this AMA - I was just lurking, but all what I would ask was answered. I wish you all the best with ICO and I hope ARK and Tezos cooperate in the future.
breitwoman Thanks guys! Yeah, feel free to bolster our Reddit
mward Aurrevoir!
dr10 thank you very much :smile:
rawzeee Yes, thanks much everyone! So long!
breitwoman @boldninja great to hear it!
@dr10 thanks for the solid qs, really appreciate it
dr10 np :smile:
mike Thanks for stopping by, both of you, and taking the time to chat with us.
look forward to participating in Tezos.
submitted by Jarunik to ArkEcosystem [link] [comments]

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Swisscoin the biggest SCAM or LEGIT

SWISSCOIN THE BIGGEST SCAM Bitcoin was the the first cryptocurrency, and the initial invention. Since then, numerous cryptocurrencies have been created, These are frequently called altcoins ( bitcoin alternative). But only 3 cryptocurrencies have made to the top:
Bitcoin Ethereum litecoin
Now there is a new cryptocurrency in the market and it’s called SWISSCOIN,created by a company from Switzerland with several partners from Germany. why Swisscoin is a bitcoin alternative and why you should invest in it, read this review and you will know.
The company is based in Canton Zug, which is the new digital financial center of the cryptovalley in Switzerland and it’s surrounded by companies such as Fintech, thought leaders as BitCoin, Ethereum, Monetas, Block Chain Source, Swiss mining and many other innovative companies in the field of cryptocurrencies. The reasons that the company headquarters is based in Switzerland is on one hand, the well-known location advantages and the supportive environment in computer science, as well as the long tradition of privacy, as cryptocurrencies are treated as foreign currencies in Switzerland.
Swisscoin start on the 4th of june 2016, and the official presentation was in Frankfurt July37-1467724637-swisscoineventfrankfurt2-06-2016-17 2, 2016, more than 150 partners from different countries attended the event.The entire management team of SwissCoin came to the meeting to elaborate on the project. and the head of the project Werner Marquetant appeared on the stage with a welcome speech.
in just 2 months over 300 thousand people have been registered and it was just the preswisscoin_event_frankfurt_2-06-2016-18launch period . And all partners who achieved great result in this period received a commemorative SwissCoin diplomas and badges, and they were awarded with not only valuable gifts, but also with some cash bonuses, such as bank checks.
An other event took place in Italy september,10th 2016 introducing swisscoin to the market, and the great opportunities that holds , also showing their plans and expectations for years to come.event-italia
it doesn’t stop here, many events will come introducing swisscoin to the world as the new bitcoin alternative holding enormous opportunities for all of us. And the witness for that is the NEXT EVENT programmed on February, 4th 2017 in Dubai.
Swisscoin is a secure and real cryptocurrency , with one goal is to make it a real payment in all online shops around the globe, and for now they have 200 M swisscoins for FREE meanning if you sign up NOW you will have 100 coins in your account for free, it’s a limited offer that you will regret if you missed it.
profit in swisscoin stays with members in the system , company doesn’t take much because it should be the peoplecoin that’s why there are free coins for new members, swisscoin is limited to 10 billions no more no less. Soon they will have a MasterCard accepted in 211 countries all over the world , transactions can be executed in a matter of seconds worldwide and it’s simple and secure . Swisscoin is a new crypto currency based on the principle of block chain of Bitcoin.
Now you have the chance to join swisscoin from the START and build a bright future and a solid investment as we missed it in Bitecoin , don’t let this chance slip away you should take it while the timing is good .
To summ up this was a brief presentation of Swisscoin and it’s company and to know what you are dealing with ann to clarify and prove that Swisscoin is not a SCAM as some individuals proclaim , It’s a real OPPORTUNITY for all of us.
Swisscoin value was 0.03€ in june,2016 and now it reached 0.08€, it will continue to climb as expected, specially when the trading will be lunched in February,2017.don’t miss your chance to be part of this opportunity and sign up https://swisscoin.eu/acelam Now . Hope you like it
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[HIRING] Monetas (Open-Transactions) is hiring C++ and Go developers

Want to work on open source? On one of the coolest Bitcoin related projects (opentransactions.org)? Believe in a better world through crypto?
Join us!
We are looking for people who share our values, believe in Bitcoin and are highly skilled. ATM we're mainly looking for software engineers, specifically C++ and Go developers. But later this year we will need all kind of people, so send us your CV anyway!
Help us to change the world!
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re Improving resistance to transaction origination harvesting | Justus Ranvier | Mar 20 2015

Justus Ranvier on Mar 20 2015:
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Subject: re [Bitcoin-development] Improving resistance to transaction
origination harvesting
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 14:06:59 +0100
From: Arne Bab. <Arne_Bab at web.de>
To: justus.ranvier at monetas.net
Hi Justus,
I read your proposal for a bitcoin darknet (friend-to-friend), but I’m
not on that list, so it would be nice if you could relay my message.
Wladimir J. van der Laan wrote:
Experience with other networks such as Retroshare shows that … in
practice most people are easily tricked into adding someone as
This argumentation does not apply to the friend-to-friend connections
in Freenet, though, because in Retroshare you need friends to be
connected at all, while in Freenet adding Friends is optional. They
were made optional in direct response to seeing people exchange
friend-references with strangers.
An important aspect of friend-to-friend connections is that they have
to provide additional value for the communication with real-life
friends. I had few darknet contacts in Freenet until I started using
messages to friends for confidential communication (in which freenet
traffic provides a cover for the direct communication with friends).
For details on confidential messaging as additional value see “Let us
talk over Freenet, so I can speak freely again”:
And for a description of capabilities freenet builds on top of the
friend-to-friend connections, see “Freenet: The forgotten cryptopunk
Best wishes,
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Three new cryptocurrency technologies [show ideas]

There is lots of information out there on bitcoin now, but I don't hear too much about other cryptocurrencies. I'd specifically like to hear more about three other cryptocurrency technologies.
Chris Odom and the developers of Open Transactions claim to have built a system which offers truly anonymous digital cash transactions. This is something the bitcoin cannot do at the moment. In a recent Reddit link there was talk of using Open Transactions with BitMessage to start implementing a P2P currency exchange.
I have heard a lot of interesting use cases for Namecoin, which is essentially a "peer-to-peer generic name/value datastore system", from user authentication systems, issuing stocks, to a USD backed currency. A good interview on about the system might be Hiro White, if you can get in contact with him on IRC. I'd love to know what new systems are available to use which are based on namecoin or even a intro on how namecoins can be used to create your own .bit domain name.
Ripple is the system I know the least about. I have tried to trade for bitcoins with the system, but I feel like I'm using the system wrong, or it is not completed yet. I also wonder about whether ripple is a decentralized or uses a block chain. Is there a spokes person for the project that could explain the system?
I also enjoy hearing about any of the other alt blockchains as well including litecoin, ppcoin, devcoin, teracoin, etc..
Thanks! I look forward to more big shows!
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introduzione al bitcoin BitCOIN Evo in Italia Bitcoin: Come si usa la moneta virtuale? Bitcoin come funziona - Introduzione al bitcoin Why Bitcoin - Episode 1: Money

Examine the current Moneta Bitcoin YoBit rate and access to our MONETA BTC converter, charts, historical data, news, and more. How much Bitcoin is 1 MONETA? Check the latest Bitcoin (BTC) price in Moneta (MONETA)! Exchange Rate by Walletinvestor.com Bitcoin was first presented to the world in 2009 by an anonymous identity known as Satoshi Nakamoto. As Bitcoin works on a decentralized network, it is completely free from the involvement of third-party financial institutions or central banks. The Bitcoin blockchain facilitates instant peer-to-peer transactions at minimum transactions fees required to maintain the network. The total number of ... Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, and came into existence on October 24th, 2017. The project was founded by Jack Liao, who wanted to restore the original Bitcoin ideals of Satoshi Nakamoto, where one CPU equals one vote. Bitcoin Gold allows the average user to mine for coins, without having to be part of a professional mining team. While addressing cost issues, Bitcoin ... Vergleiche 37 Anbieter von Kryptowährungen in Deutschland basierend auf Preisen, Gebühren, Funktionen und weiteren Faktoren.

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introduzione al bitcoin

Scopriamo una delle rivoluzioni tecnologiche del momento destinata a cambiare vari mercati globali, otterremo le informazioni necessarie per capire il mondo delle criptovalute (Bitcoin, Litecoin ... Il BitCoin, la moneta virtuale con rischi reali - hitech - Duration: 3:58. ... Surviving Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price Crashes & Tails Vosk Health Update - Duration: 15:56. VoskCoin Recommended ... [email protected] http://www.cnt.network/antoniomontemarano Come funziona la gestione della moneta digitale Con Giacomo Zucco, in questo primo video dello speciale che dedicherò al mondo Crypto, proviamo a sfatare 5 miti che sentiamo ogni giorno quando si parla di Blockchain (e Bitcoin) Scopri Slashers ... Il dottorando Marco Cornolti illustra quali sono le implicazioni sociali e politiche di una delle criptovalute maggiormente diffuse attualmente, il Bitcoin. Questo seminario, svoltosi nel Polo ...