How to remove a Trojan.BitCoinMiner Miner Infection

[Release] PoE Addon Launcher and Manager (PAL)


Hi there, I'm Rizlim I created: (Check the twitch URL in the readme if you don't believe me); Also here's the previous release post:
Anyhow, I'm proud to announce a project I've been working on for a little bit, namely, an Addon Manager and Launcher for Path of Exile!
Here's a video showcasing the base features:
First things first, there will be bugs, this is the first time I'm releasing this to the public so I'm expecting it to not work for 50% of the people trying it, that's just how it is, that being said please report bugs either on this post, /PoEAddonLauncher, create an issue on github or just DM me somewhere on the internet.
Now let's get down to business.

What is working

  • Downloading and updating Addons
  • Downloading and updating Filters (Through Filterblast API)
  • Launching Addons when you want to launch PoE
  • Launching Addons from the installed tab
  • Adding your own addons (Through repositories)

What is planned?

  • Better way to add Addons and Filters
  • Add your own Repositories/APIs
  • In-game overlay for using website based tools (i.e. Vorici Calc)
  • In-game overlay version of PoE Level Buddy (yes, I'm reviving it)
  • Downloading and updating user generated Soundpacks
  • Probably a dedicated server rather than letting github do everything.
  • C# Version
    Now that we've had that, how do I install / use it? I've created a video just for that! Watch it here:
What addons are currently available?
Where can I download it? *
Why should I trust you to not install some weird viruses / hid some bitcoin miner?
  • The code is fully open-source so have a look for yourself, I also hope that having made POE Level Buddy at least gives me some credibility.
Ok, then maybe I can trust you then what about any random addon tool maker that can just add viruses / bitcoin miners / ransomware / whatever.
  • I will ofcourse not just let anyone upload anything they like, I'm only adding tools that are proven to be legit and working.
    What if they add some bad software post-release?
  • I ofcourse can't guarantee what anyone does with their programs, all I can do is remove the software from our listings, as with everything on the internet, don't just download everything make some effort to understand what you are downloading and what it could do.
Will you allow closed-source addons in PAL? * Right now I will not allow closed-source software in the Official Repositories, once I've released custom repositories as a feature, users could make their own repository with their closed software. So, the only way to get closed software through PAL will be through adding your own repository.
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Malwarebytes Premium Trial has ruined Windows for any other Antivirus, incl Windows Defender.

So I had some high Chrome CPU usage and decided to give old Malwarebytes a go, they offered a Premium trial, so why not.
Helped find the bastard that was causing it (blocked the webservers, showed a popup). An Extention I was using to block ads decided to start using a browser bitcoin miner, which apparently is "legit" so while Windows Defender and MB both didn't flag it or found a virus, hijack, malware or PUP... it at least gave me the direction to where to try and fix it.
Removed the Extention, problem solved. So a week later the trial is up, and it's time to remove MB again and go back to Defender... download the MB removal tool, MB gets removed. Yay
Or so I thought, turns out it screws up Windows BIG TIME. Defender refuses to turn back on. My Google-Fu is strong, I've spent two days going over all the "fixes", registry edits, group policy, you name it I've tried it, but Defender refuses to protect.
What I have found is many people have suffered the same fate thanks to MB.
Worst of all, I downloaded Bitdefender free in an attempt to at least keep my guard up, but no, that refuses to protect my system too.
While MB is great, I will never recommend it ever again. It's done more damage to my system than any malware or virus in the last 7 years.
I did more research and looks like the issue is more on Windows side, as it's supposed to bring Defender back up after other Antivirus has been removed, but there seems to be issues with this.
I found a batch file that attempts to resolve issues with Windows Update (as Defender refused to update, and so did Windows), and while it kind of worked, it still didn't resolve the issue. Protection options in Defender was still grayed out.
Then I had to take the plunge and do a Windows 10 "Repair Upgrade", using the Media Creation tool. I got the latest Windows, initiated the Setup from the USB stick while still in Windows and chose the option to "Keep Files and Settings".
So basically it just lifts up the couch and sweeps clean underneath.
Took 15 min and Windows is up and running, everything is working 100% and I don't have to reinstall any of my Game platforms. Defender is back and working fine.
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JC3 XL SEYTER has bitcoin miner!

Installation took about 8 hours on my pc. I was sleeping, anyways it looks like try to install these files when directx and other visual thing came up. Be carefull you dont want your pc to be victim.
Im suggesting to *scan your computer if you installed any SEYTER repack*, scan with Avira Free or Malwarebytes Free. Both working nice.

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes, Avira or AVG from their site.
  2. Scan your C:(Windows) drive and wait for it to find Miner files.
  3. If there is check folder name and go manually there or delete from antivirus-antimalware.
  4. You should really delete that folder.

A: NO.
**MakeItYours9** Check your "Task Scheduler" I've found an ISSCH reference there and deleted it. 
I can confirm that at least early RotTR Seyter's repack contained malware. I've put an investigation on rutor. And magnet links for rustorka (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e41e3e6b8ce4701792f1b3a4ca4f5c43034626ae) and rutor (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:112b33845accf5d39ed92d2bee58bb2d2b307d66) are still active, so anyone can make sure, that game-7.bin contains the virus installer, while EXEs are different for two magnets. Why exactly Seyter made it and not some other uploader? It's simple. Seyter uses modified FreeArc, made by this tool: When you generate a new FreeArc copy with FA_Protect, you enter the password, it's unique. And the archives, created with your version of FreeArc won't be compatible with original FreeArc. And game-7.bin can ONLY be extracted by using unarc.dll in Seyter's repack. As all other his archives. So only Seyter could create that bin. One more thing. Both setup.exe's have the same size. But if you make byte-comparision, you'll see that they are different. First I've made xdelta between them, and xdelta file was ~16 KB. Then I ran both installers and made memory dumps with Process Explorer. Then looked for installer section (Inno Setup leaved many traces in memory). I've checked the number of unpacked archiees, and found out, that game-7.bin is only unpacked in rutor (not rustorka) version. Then I've found the password for that archive (555, while other bins use 9im6rXzBCM0zAAfnfesw). You can download the unpacker here: When you extract setup.exe from game-7.bin - DO NOT RUN IT, until you know what you're doing. If you have friends who can deal with such stuff - hand the file to them. When I knew that setup.exe resides in game-7.bin, I searched for it in rutor setup memory dump. And have found that it extracts to user local app data folder and then silently runs. ISSCH.exe install in pretty random folder, so it can be anywhere. So yes. It's 100% positive, that it was the Seyter, who did the infected repack. His idea was to blame others for infecting his reuploads, cause Rustorka installer CONTAINS the bin-file, but never runs it. He's a moderator on Rustorka and a friend of Rustorka's admin, Markus. And that's why he don't shit at home, but feels comfortabe to infect his uploads for other sites. After my investigation (and CPY crack release) he updated his repack on Rustorka, and removed notorius game-7.bin. But Internet remembers everything, and the magnets are alive. Avoid any Seyter repacks in the future. If you don't like my repacks, stick to one of those: RG Mechanics RG Revenants Xatab RG Catalyst As myself, they never put malware in repacks and you'll be safe. Now, when I registered on Reddit, you can ask questions about my repacks if you have some.
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I think there's a bitcoin miner on my PC.

Hi Guys.
I was just trying to make some space on my PC for Fallout 4. I ran WinDirStat to determine what applications were taking up the most space on my PC, when low and behold I find about 15GB of files stored in the folder /AppData/Local/ethash.
Looking up ethash online, and the only thing that comes up is a bitcoin mining library. Further investigation revealed another folder AppData/Roaming/eth that seems to contain libraries and executables for the miner.
Now, I've run both malwarebytes and Avira scans on my PC but both report no issues. I'm just wondering what to do next.
I can delete both folders but if my PC is infected they will probably just get reinstalled. My larger worry is that neither of my antivirus/malware solutions detected the issue. I cannot even identify the trojan to search for a specific virus removal tool. Has anyone any advice?
Thanks in advance for any response...
Edit - OK, finally got it using Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. I am however quite suprised that both Avira and Malwarebytes missed it. Might be time to reconsider the security software I use.
Thanks for your help...
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An Enormous List of Thing I'd Like to See in Watch Dogs 2 (if it happens)

These aren't in order of importance, just sorted by categories. Some ideas just have a few examples and can be expanded upon. This list is mostly gameplay changes; the story, characters, graphics, etc. aren't covered here. This list is massive, so if a category is boring the hell out of you, feel free to skip it but please check out the next one; not all of them contain huge changes.
As for the player's inventory:
This is a big change, likely the biggest so far. Remove the current crime, gang hideout, and convoy systems entirely. Introduce the CtOS Alert. The CtOS Alert presents itself like a crime, giving only a location on the map. This location isn't preset like crimes; it can be in a ton of places, be different sizes, and move around. Arriving at the location, you will have to use your eyes and cameras to find out what kind of alert it is.
-A few people in the area have crime/victim probabilities. This is Chicago (or whatever city the sequel is in), more than one person per-block has a grudge for or from another person. The probabilities react to their proximity to a victim, if they pull out a firearm, or if they start shit-talking someone. The player will have to keep track of 2-3 people to see which one the perpetrator is. This one is inspired by Person of Interest.
And that's that. CtOS Alerts would be rarer than crimes are now, but not too rare, and there may be a few available at one time.
Neutral or volatile reputation could lead to a a mix of these, or they just won't occur.
Coffee Shops: Coffee (Focus and sprint speed boost until you drain the focus or sprint for a total minute), Bagel (Damage threshold boost until damage is taken)
Fast Food: Soda (Same as coffee but diminished effect), Burger (Damage threshold boost until damage is taken, sprint speed nerf until you sprint for a total of 1 minute)
I'm not trying to turn this into a survival game here, there's no (No) [NO] {NO} need for some stupid hunger system. But the ability to sit down and eat would be appreciated.
Add. More. Craftables. Seriously, 3 explosives, some pills, and a radio? How about:
By multiplayer, I mean invasions, not the other gametypes.
These changes, in my opinion, would reward players for hiding in plain sight and staying on the move instead of hiding behind dumpsters, since that would be a dead giveaway.
These are a few things, large and small, that I would be pleased to see in a sequel to Watch_Dogs. Of course more changes could and should be made, but overall I think these are pretty good. Let me know in the comments if these ideas are excellent, could be tweaked, or if I should never impose my horrible opinions on this forum for the remainder of my life. Also, please point out any typos, since I probably missed a few and I may elect to x-post this to /gaming or /games after reviewing their post guidelines.
Thanks for reading!
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Constant Malware problems recently despite (what I thought was) solid defense measures. Also, suggestions for security suites.

Firstly, I should point out that I am by no means any sort of computer expert so even though I think I am practicing some pretty safe internet usage there is the possibility I am very wrong.
Over the last month or so, I have been having a lot of problems with malware. At first, my laptop's fan starting running at top speed and it sounded like it would take off like a helicopter. I found that there was a bitcoin miner in my system. Removed that and now Malwarebytes keeps finding a trojan in the Firefox.exe which is sucking up all the cpu usage. I remove the problem then in a day or two it comes back again. Needless to say, my internet and laptop in general is running extremely slowly and is crashing a lot. I have no idea how or why.
Let me explain my current practices to keep my laptop safe:
On top of these programs I RARELY use P2P programs, I don't open attachments from people I don't know (I rarely open them even when I do know them) and I don't use porn websites (I know it's hard to believe but am lucky enough to have an amazing girlfriend!).
My laptop is only 1.5 years old. I keep Windows 10 and all my programs up to date.
I really have no idea what I am doing wrong or why this problem has only just come up recently after have no problems whatsoever for over a year.
Also, am not sure if this is connected or not, but in the last couple of days, have been having some problem with my battery. It is plugged in but the system is saying it is not charging, however, the percentage isn't going down. It has been stuck on 98% for the last few hours now. Not going down, not going up.
I am starting to think that I will dish out some money and grab a proper internet security suite. So advice of which is best? Was thinking Bitdefender Total Security 2016 for anti-virus, Malwarebytes for Anti-malware. Any suggestions for the firewall?
So yeah, sorry for the very long post but I would really appreciate any advice.
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ESEA client basically a virus

So the ESEA client would mine bitcoins on computers without the owners consent. ESEA admins even admitted it.... I don't trust esea after this. renalucario 's post in /games Note that this story is still developing: ESEA Statement has been released! Full post at the bottom of this post or click here to read on ESEA Member unisolsz discovered that the client required to play on ESEA was running a bitcoin miner. After players were complaining about virus alerts being set off from the client and unusually high GPU usage and BSOD errors. The thread he made regarding this can be found here ESEA admin, lpkane admits that it was an "April Fools joke" that was mistakenly left in the client that ran for only 2 days. He claims only 2 bitcoins were mined in total (Roughly around $280 USD) and that it would go towards a prize pool. Source He later corrects that it was running for 2+ weeks and actually raised 29~ bitcoins (around $3,602.21 USD) and to apologize awarded all current ESEA premium members a free month of service and that all the money raised will go into the prize pool. He also claims that all bitcoin mining code was removed from the client. Source #2 Bitcoin miners use up 100% of GPU processes and lead to a lowered hardware lifespan, and can actually damage it permanently. Link to /GlobalOffensive discussion: UPDATE: Someone has pointed out that the bitcoin address that lpkane posted a picture of in his first post is different compared to the address he lists in his second post. Very strange... UPDATE #2: I should clarify that no one that was affected lost any money of their own. It was a poor choice of words for me to say that he 'stole' the money. I was referring to the fact that people that were affected most likely saw an increase in electricity usage, and could possibly have had their computer's hardware damaged. Their computers were used without their consent to 'mine' currency, all of which went to the ESEA admins. UPDATE #3: I was contacted by GGTY886 that informed me that he had posted a thread regarding the mining two hours before unisolsz had posted his that was locked by an admin. Located here There is also a thread located here by a user that discusses the symptoms of the miner. He also sent me a recording of a conversation with an ESEA admin discussing the issue which can be listened to here: The Recording His PM in full in case you're interested: I actually posted a thread before unisolz that actually exposed the bitcoin mining. I posted 2 hours before his thread, and my thread was locked. Also, one day prior, this guy posted about the symptoms of the mining: recording with ESEA Admin: UPDATE #4: Others have pointed out that this isn't the first time lpkane has mentioned mining bitcoins through the ESEA client: Source UPDATE #5: In a thread dated 4/9/2013, lpkane posts in a thread discussing bitcoins: and you wonder what the client does when you're not in a server.. Source post #23 UPDATE #6: If you've been affected by this, you can file a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): With this information: E-Sports Entertainment, LLC 62 Rensselaer Drive, Commack, New York, 11725, 631-804-5253 UPDATE #7: Another image that was requested to be added to the OP showing lpkane's comments on bitcoin mining on September 18th, 2012. UPDATE #8: Craig Levine "Torbull" (owner of ESEA) has posted this statement on the forums regarding the situation: The first I learned about any of this was last night (on any scale). I had no idea any of this was going on. Needless to say I am completely embarrassed, disgusted, and ashamed. For the past ten years, I've tried to do nothing more than to act honestly and be an upstanding leader in the gaming community and with some bad decisions by some trusted people it has been thrown out the window. I'm wrapping my mind around this whole thing and we'll release a formal response, but for the time being just know that this wasn't some ESEA / company wide scam. I'm committed to doing whatever possible to rebuild the trust we lost through this whole fiasco. Source Post #608 Some more information from Craig: Post #632: It's a failure on my part to have the proper oversight to have prevented this from happening and it will be addressed. My primary concern at this point is community trust and how that was destroyed. We need to understand the situation, take the appropriate action with those responsible for it, ensure we have things in place to prevent this from happening, and address anyone who incurred physical damages. How we rebuild the trust of the community in the immediate aftermath and long term future is going to be a different discussion that we need to have as I walk through this all. Post #710: Standby for a more formal response with information about the situation and recourse for those impacted. Post #742: the facts of the situation are beyond what has been shared to this point. We're going to do everything in our power to address the issue of what happened, the broken trust with the community, and any physical hardware damage. Information coming soon, but this is obviously something we take incredibly serious. Post #802: the money will be going somewhere much more righteous than the prize purse in addition to the prize purse Post #810: why would we risk our business and livelihood on making some inconsequential amount of money on Bitcoins I assure you that I and the larger ESEA entity had no knowledge of this. We're working to figure out what happened to respond accordingly. Post #829: His (lpkane's) response there was done more playfully than seriously. We would never knowingly allow this to be done to our community and I'm looking into all of the details for how this happened. Post #886: We will be setting up a mechanism to address anyone who's computer parts were damaged through this process UPDATE #9: PrincessChoadzilla has posted a analysis of the three bitcoin addresses ESEA admins used to collect the bitcoins here and found that there has been 1 bitcoin that is still not accounted for by lpkane. IMPORTANT UPDATE: ESEA Statement has been released: Throughout the history of gaming and e-sports, there have been scams and straight up theft by players, teams, event organizers, and even “sponsors.” Over the past ten years ESEA has prided itself on being an upstanding member of the gaming community by providing a high quality service, paying out prize money, and being upfront and transparent with you, the community. We worked hard to build your trust and often took the longer, slower, and more meticulous road than others. That approach has paid off as we had success with our premium service and league. Over the two weeks we failed our community. ESEA’s goal is to provide our community with cutting edge technology and tools. Whenever possible, the management and owners at ESEA initiate private tests on potential new products and tools that might interest our community. With the whole fervor around Bitcoin, we did conduct some internal tests with the Client on only two of our own, consenting administrators’ accounts to see how the mining process worked and determine whether it was a feature that we might want to add in the future. We thought this might be an exciting new tool that we could provide to our community. Ultimately, we decided that it was not. On April 13, 2013, after the initial tests, ESEA informed those involved in the test that we were killing the project and they should stop using the beta test. It came to our attention last night, however, that an employee who was involved in the test has been using the test code for his own personal gain since April 13, 2013. What transpired the past two weeks is a case of an employee acting on his own and without authorization to access our community through our company’s resources. We are extremely disappointed and concerned by the unauthorized actions of this unauthorized individual. As of this morning, ESEA has made sure that all Bitcoin mining has stopped. ESEA is also in the process of taking all necessary steps internally to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. The owners and management at ESEA all apologize to each of you that were impacted by the recent events and intend to make things right. ESEA has issued a free month of ESEA Premium to all of our community members who were enrolled in Premium for the month of April. We also ask anyone who has experienced any physical damage to their computers to open an ESEA support ticket. In an effort to maintain complete transparency, we have released all of the Bitcoin wallet addresses as well as data dumps of the wallets themselves. The value of the mined Bitcoins was $3,713.50 and ESEA will be donating 100% of the $3,713.55 to the American Cancer Society. ESEA will also match 100% of this amount for a total of $7,427.10 donated. ESEA is also increasing the Season 14 League prize pot by $3,713.50. As a team, we work hard to create cool things and we’ve worked even harder to consistently do things the right way. While it’s incredibly disturbing and disappointing that this happened, we’re committed to improving ourselves and rebuilding trust with our community.
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How to remove crypto mining malware(CoinHive) hack from your WordPress, Magento, Drupal websites How to Remove BitcoinMiner Remove Program:Win32/CoinMiner BitCoin Miner Virus/Trojan on Free Online Streaming websites Bitcoin Miner - What is a Bitcoin Miner? - Video

They use different instruments, and one of such tools is the miner virus. Nonetheless, Bitcoin mining is a record-keeping service that is carried out via computer processing power. The transactions are documented in the Blockchain that works as a public ledger. The Blockchain’s completeness and consistency are regulated in a state that is unalterable by the miners, and it is continuously ... Removal assistance: If you are experiencing problems while trying to remove "bitcoin virus" malware from your computer, please ask for assistance in our malware support forum. Post a comment: If you have additional information on "bitcoin virus" malware or it's removal please share your knowledge in the comments section below. Der BitCoin Miner-Virus oder der BitCoin Mining-Virus ist eine gefährliche Malware, die möglicherweise Ihre CPU und / oder GPU verwendet, um die BitCoin-Kryptowährung durch illegales Mining abzurufen. Cryptocurrency Miner greifen immer wieder auf Computer zu und versuchen, mit ihren Ressourcen Einnahmen für ihre Entwickler zu generieren. Obwohl diese Art der Infektion BitCoinMiner heißt ... BitCoinMiner virus removal guide What is BitCoinMiner? BitCoinMiner is a generic name for various cryptocurrency-mining viruses. On first glance, the name suggests that these viruses mine only Bitcoin cryptocurrency, however, cyber criminals also attempt to mine other cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, Ethereum, etc. Research shows that most BitCoinMiners are distributed using spam emails and ... Find out how to remove BitCoinMiner from your PC. Manual and automatic BitCoinMiner removal details provided. Free scan available. Get rid of BitCoinMiner RIGHT NOW!!!

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How to remove crypto mining malware(CoinHive) hack from your WordPress, Magento, Drupal websites

Remove bitcoinminer from your PC - BitcoinMiner is a Malware that was designed to force your computer to mine crypto-currency that is called Bitcoin. When... Bitcoin Miner Malware Incredibly Stealthy! - Duration: 3:58. The PC Security Channel 71,401 views. 3:58. How To Spot If Your Computer Is Being Used To Mine Cryptocurrency Coinhive - Duration: Sometimes, you might wonder why some websites give you free access to very recent movies and TV series with very high quality all for Free. You should know Nothing is for Free. You probably have ... bitcoin miner, bitcoin gpu, cuda bitcoin miner, python opencl bitcoin miner, bitcoin miner software, bitcoin miner virus, bitcoin miner download, bitcoin miner windows, online bitcoin miner, Blockchain explorers:,, To do a SHA 256 on a string of text: T...